Nrs 221 alterations in health iv
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NRS 221 Alterations in Health IV. Orientation Information Spring 2011 Doreen Carnvale MSN, RN MS 155 570-3396 Welcome to NRS 221.

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Nrs 221 alterations in health iv

NRS 221Alterations in Health IV

Orientation Information

Spring 2011

Doreen Carnvale MSN, RN

MS 155


Welcome to nrs 221
Welcome to NRS 221

  • This course will focus on the aging process as well as alterations in neurosensory, central and peripheral nervous system functions and National Patient Safety Goals

  • Course material will be posted on ANGEL, please contact the Virtual College if you are unable to access it.

Nrs 221 faculty
NRS 221 Faculty

  • Doreen Carnvale, MSN,RN

    NRS 221 Course Coordinator

  • Lori McMullen, MSN, RN

    Adjunct Professor, Clinical

  • Ashley Karatka, MSN, RN

    Adjunct Professor, Clinical

  • C. Lang, MSN, RN

    Adjunct Professor, Lab

  • T. Patsaros, MSN, RN

    Adjunct Professor, Lab

Medical clearance
Medical Clearance

  • All medical clearance forms should be handed in to the nursing office/Stephanie Horner by January 14th.

  • If required documentation is not turned in, dismissal from the nursing program may occur.

Course outline
Course Outline

  • The course outline is posted on the nursing website. All information regarding the course is found here. Please read it through.

  • The college lab manual will also posted on the

    college website.


  • If you have any questions, please contact me by phone, mercer e-mail or in person. Office hours will be posted accordingly. All e-mail will be via mercer


  • Office : MS 155

  • Phone :570-3396


Theory class land students
Theory Class/Land Students

  • Theory class will be on Tuesdays in MS 214 from 5:30- 8:30. Please be sure to prepare by reading prior to class time.

  • Review the Nursing Program Handbook. Signing

    page xiv and page xx means that you have read and understand the policies and content of the handbook. These signed forms must be brought to the first class. If I don’t receive the signed form you will not be able to sit for the midterm exam.

College lab
College Lab

  • Review the college lab manual and the weekly objectives. A math portion will be a part of the lab activity each week.

  • The lab instructor on Thursdays will be C. Lang. The Friday lab instructor will be Trish Patsaros.


  • Quizzes will be given at the beginning of class at weeks 1, 2, 4, and 5.(land students) The lowest quiz score will be dropped.

  • The midterm will be at the beginning of class at week 3 (both land & online students in room MS 214 at 5:30) and the final will be scheduled after week 5 lecture for both land and online students (date and time to be announced)

  • A HESI medical surgical exam for both land and online students will be given week 15 of lecture after your scheduled class (either NRS 220, 221, or 222). Please make note of this on your calendar. There is no grade assigned to this exam.


  • Review your all the policies in the handbook, especially for the following:

    • Academic Integrity

    • Attendance

    • Grading

    • Guidelines for the Use of the College Lab

    • General Policies Regarding Clinical Experiences

    • Uniforms/Dress Code

Clinical lab
Clinical Lab

  • Orientation and computer training will take place the first day of clinical.

  • Monday/Wednesday clinical: first group will have Lori McMullen at University Medical Center at Princeton (UMCP); second & third groups will have Ashley Karatka at UMCP.

  • Classes/clinical starts on 1/24 for UMCP group. Check your emails for further information.

  • Wednesday/Thursday clinical with Doreen Carnvale at Robert Wood Johnson.

Written project
Written Project

  • A written assignment will be due at week 4. It will be a revised version of a concept map with a written component. Guidelines will be distributed during theory class.

Testing dates
Testing Dates

  • Final Exam

  • All exams in room MS 165 starting at 5:30 PM

    Session 1- Friday, February 25th

    Session 2- Friday, April 8th

    Session 3- Friday, May 13th

    All finals will be held in the evening. Time alotted for the test will be 75 minutes.

Closing remarks
Closing Remarks

  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns. You have all my contact information. We will be using the mercer e-mail for all e-mail correspondences .

  • All the faculty are here to help you succeed.