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JRN 440 Adv. Online Journalism Intro. to Class PowerPoint Presentation
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JRN 440 Adv. Online Journalism Intro. to Class

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JRN 440 Adv. Online Journalism Intro. to Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JRN 440 Adv. Online Journalism Intro. to Class. Monday, 1/9/12. Class Objectives. Lecture Intro. to course Class inventory survey Quick comment about jobs/skills Photoshop overview Basic Tools Homework assignment Ex. 1, due on Wednesday 1/18/12 by 2:05pm

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class objectives
Class Objectives
  • Lecture
    • Intro. to course
      • Class inventory survey
      • Quick comment about jobs/skills
    • Photoshop overview
      • Basic Tools
  • Homework assignment
    • Ex. 1, due on Wednesday 1/18/12 by 2:05pm
      • Feel free to do the Ex. 2 and 3 if you want to get ahead.
class topics
Class topics
  • Syllabus, schedule, lectures, homework assignments all up on class webpage
  • http://ccfacourses.cmich.edu/jrn/440/kubik
      • It ain’t pretty, but it’s useful
    • Schedule posted to web site may change a bit as the semester goes on
      • Watch this file instead of the one on the syllabus
  • Grades will be posted on Blackboard
    • As well, you’ll get back grade sheets
class topics1
Class topics
  • You each should have a folder on the U drive AND a personal web page (see home page for directions)
    • Network drive for versions of your files
    • Webpage to test out final files for project
      • Save your files i many locations
      • Save iterative names of projects (P1_1-11, P1_1-12, or P1a, P1b) in case one file becomes corrupt
      • Yes, this still happens. Even with Photoshop. If I can’t open one of your digital files, I can’t grade it.
hardware issues
Hardware Issues
  • If you do not have your own digital camera (you will be required to take “original” images for your projects)…
    • …Can check out digital cameras from JRN department (see last page on syllabus and class home page)
software and lab issues
Software and Lab Issues
  • You may be given time after lecture to work on your assignments
    • But you will need to spend the majority of time working outside of class
      • Campus open labs
        • http://cmich.edu/Information_Technology/Software_and_Hardware/Labs.htm
          • May need to contact them to see if they have the software we use in class
professional issues
Professional Issues
  • Many times, I will ask you to be ON your computer and follow along with me
    • However, if it is apparent that you are texting or e-mailing or otherwise typing, I will give you a warning. 2nd time, I will ask you to leave the class..
  • DO interrupt me as I do demos (“I didn’t get that.”)
    • DO talk to your neighbors.
professional issues1
Professional Issues
  • Attendance Policy
    • 3 free unexcused
    • 4 drop 10% - yes, this happens
    • 5 fail – yes, this happens
    • Late by 15 minutes is ½ unexcused
  • Why?
    • You will learn best when you’re here.
    • I teach best when you’re here.
job talk
Job talk
  • What is “online journalism”
    • Can be writing heavy
    • Or be video heavy
    • We’re going to focus on graphics, basic animation, mobile platforms
      • Mobile phones have spread faster than any other technology and can improve the livelihood of the poorest people in developing countries by providing access to information in places where landlines or the Internet are not available, especially in the least developed countries.
  • Online journalism is listed as a skill on job sites
    • www.monster.com
    • www.journalismjobs.com
    • www.careerbuilder.com
types of images
Types of images
  • News photographs
    • No obvious re-touched at all
      • May have cropping or color correction
      • 2 dimensional
  • Illustrations
    • Comics, charts, illustrations/drawing, computer graphics
      • Can be 2d or 3d
        • http://machoarts.com/25-stunning-illustrations-for-inspiration
types of images1
Types of images
  • Photo illustrations
    • 2 requirements
      • Audience has to clearly understand that the photo has been manipulated
      • Has to say “photo illustration” on it
      • Controversial ones
        • http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/photo_database/image/darkened_mug_shot
        • http://debbie.popphoto.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2007/03/16/timecover_2.jpg
types of images2
Types of images
  • Infographics = graphical depictions of data and information
    • May have illustrations and/or photographs in them
    • Quick way to convey a lot of information graphically
    • Examples
      • http://sixrevisions.com/graphics-design/40-useful-and-creative-infographics/
  • A HUGE number of tutorials are available on-line, use key search terms
    • Some are Youtube while others are static web pages with screen shots
    • Many are beyond “entry” level knowledge of the software
  • We have access to private tutorials through http://highed.atomiclearning.com
      • login: mcom_pr
      • password: mcomttupr
photoshop interface
Photoshop interface
  • Menu at top; options bar below it
  • Toolbar or tools palette to the left
    • One column or two
  • Document /image window with status bar
  • Palettes to the right
tutorials intro to photoshop and its interface
Tutorials: Intro. to Photoshop and Its Interface
  • First thing, go to class images web page and right click/download the any image to your desktop
  • Then <File <Open this image in Photoshop
    • Photoshop Interface, basic raster/vector, PC commands
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UYkvOu8_o0 (8 minutes)
      • Window Control Tools: Screen Modes for CS4/5 are under <View <Screen Mode
basic cs4 tools notice the triangles on buttons click and hold to reveal more tools
Basic CS4 Tools: notice the triangles on buttons (click and hold to reveal more tools)
  • Atomic learning website
    • Photoshop, Intro., B. Workspace, 2. Using the Tools panel
  • Selection Tools
  • Painting and Retouching Tools
  • Type, Path, and Shape Tools
  • Utility Tools
  • Foreground and background color palettes
    • Have to do with what tool you choose
    • Double click on them to change colors
  • Quick mask button
on your own tutorials
On your own tutorials
    • Basic Tools tutorial, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS5uh5TCXcU&feature=related (7 minutes)
  • Photoshop Intro tutorial with adding text
    • First thing, expand Layers palette
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYqJnv0ooNo (start at 1:30, go to ~4 minutes)
photoshop and layers
Photoshop and Layers
  • You have the ability to work in a layered fashion (<Windows <Layers)
  • Why is this good to do?
    • Easier to change your image
      • Think of your image as a painting… when all the paint is on top of each other, it is harder to make changes
    • Can also view/hide certain layers
  • Note: your background layer is locked (you either need to unlock it or duplicate it to have full ability to make changes)
photoshop and layers1
Photoshop and Layers
  • Ultimately, if you save your file as a non-native format (other than TIF), your file will flatten
    • So it’s always a good idea to save
      • A native file (.psd)
      • A non-native file (.jpg, .pdf, .eps, .png)
other more advanced on your own photoshop video tutorials on youtube
Other, more advanced, on your own Photoshop Video Tutorials on Youtube
  • Glamour Shot and cutting and pasting part of an image
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZVBE7a-LSA&feature=related (5 minutes)
  • Tools palette and selecting
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8xcuT48QzA&feature=related (29 minutes)
      • We’ll go over selecting in a later class in more depth