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Mobile Traffic Information System

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Mobile Traffic Information System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Traffic Information System. An Interactive Mobile Gateway Application. Introduction. Traffic information ahead of time is useful Georgia Intelligent Transportation System provides information on But what if you are on the go?

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mobile traffic information system

Mobile Traffic Information System

An Interactive Mobile Gateway Application

  • Traffic information ahead of time is useful
  • Georgia Intelligent Transportation System provides information on
  • But what if you are on the go?
  • What if you don’t have a laptop?
  • Cell phones: mobility and functionalities!
  • Users can submit traffic information they have into the database
  • Users can query today’s traffic information stored in the database
  • Real world function: Users can view brief incident reports in wml from the official Georgia ITS website!
problem statements
Problem Statements
  • The web server is also the DB server, so…
  • Direct communication between cell phones and the interface ASP.NET page?

No, the web server is on a dirty network!

  • Must have another application on a 130.127.x.x as a bridge to the ASP page.
  • does not serve php
  • Deck-IT cell phone simulator
  • WML
  • PHP
  • WML embedded PHP
  • ASP
  • MS SQL
  • Bash script
implementation keys
Implementation Keys
  • PHP: fopen(“hogwarts/aspx?var=value”,’r’);
  • This triggers the asp page and activates it with variables passed in.
  • The file pointer then contains whatever ASP page writes using Response.Write
implementation keys ga its
Implementation Keys (GA ITS)
  • Automatic download from GA ITS
  • Bash script with lynx command
  • Taylor the file
  • Set up the cron job
  • PHP again, use fopen to read this file, prints out between wml tags
results and demonstration
Results and Demonstration
  • All functions are implemented correctly
  • Try query and GA ITS with Deck-It
  • If hogwarts is down, try GA ITS only
  • I believe the present solution is the simplest, and cleanest. It does not involve SOAP.
  • However, if I had access to a fully functional php server, things would be greatly simplified
  • I learnt how to make wml, php, and asp communicate with each other.
future works
Future Works
  • This application set can be easily extended to many business applications for users to communicate with their company’s private (or not) DB and/or Web server(s)
  • Would like to refine information and tell GA ITS about my application to display info for cell phone users. They currently do not provide web services or wml pages.
  • Thanks to Georgia ITS for providing consistent xml.gz file for educational downloading