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Sperm Motility

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low sperm motility is one of the major causes of male infertility. The normal sperm motility for fathering a child in the first year of marriage is about 30 to 40%, men with sperm motility in this range will usually not face any difficulties in achieving fatherhood. Some tips to impove sperm motility include eating a healthy diet, quitting smoking and alcohol and also walking regularly. Visit http://www.andrologycorner.com/sperm-motility/

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Sperm Motility

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what is normal sperm motility
What is normal sperm motility?

Did you know, that the normal sperm motility as stated by the WHO 2010 Andrology Laboratory Guideline values is 40%.

Most men fear they will never father a child when their semen analysis or sperm test report shows a sperm motility range less than 40%.

This cannot be farther from the truth! Here is a saying I absolutely love.

what is the normal sperm motility for pregnancy
What is the normal sperm motility for pregnancy?

So how much motility is required for pregnancy?..

Well to be honest, all you need is one sperm to fertilize that egg at the right time. But truth be told, not all men are lucky enough for such a scenario. If that was the truth why would there be male infertility issues in the first place?

In my clinical experience, what the lowest sperm motile range below which pregnancy chances seriously fall, is about 2% to 5%.

Again the statement I make here is highly relative.

In all my years, I was able to treat only one patient who had severely low sperm motility in the range of 1 to 5%. However, this patient also conceived naturally without any aggressive fertility based therapies.

Now let us further our understanding, about spermatozoa and its motility

Sperm motility can be broadly classified as follows

Sperm that are progressively motile.

Sperms that are non progressively motile.

Sperms that are immotile.

sperm progressive motility sperm non progressive motility
Sperm progressive motility &Sperm non-progressive motility

Sperm progressive motility :

A sperm is said to be a progressively motile sperm if it moves linearly from one field to the next. This kind of movement is called progressive in nature. What this in principle means is that, the sperm is able to move from one place to another place. Both the number of sperms (sperm count) and the total number of progressively moving sperm in the semen play a key role in pregnancy.

The concept should be fairly easy to understand, remember only sperm that are able to move can reach and fertilize the egg!.

While a lot of fuss was initially made about the speed of sperm movement, we now know for a fact that speed of sperm movement is not or no longer a clinically useful tool to predict pregnancy. As long as you have at least over 32% of progressively motile sperm in the ejaculate, things should turn out normal.

Sperm non-progressive motility :

Okay, now let’s discuss sperm non-progressive motility. A sperm is said to have non-progressive sperm motility if it moves in circles, or if it simply vibrates around a set point. Non progressively motile sperm may become progressively motile over a later period of time. But we do not know to what extent this phenomenon occurs.

Hence for all practical purposes, the total sperm motility in a given sample = sperm progressive + non-progressive motility. Total sperm motility gives us a good sign of the total number alive sperms in the semen.

immotile sperm
Immotile sperm

Immotile sperm as you can clearly understand from our very definition, simply means that the sperms are not moving or mobile.

A very important distinction has to be made here though, just because a sperm is not moving, it does not mean it is dead!!!. When a semen analysis report shows a higher range of immotile sperm, most people think or tend to assume that the sperms are all DEAD.

But that is absolutely not true!. Which is exactly why in a semen analysis report we have a separate section to assess sperm vitality.

All said and done, immotile sperm do not contribute to the chances of achieving a pregnancy. Having over 80% of immotile sperm in the semen is definitely strongly associated with male infertility.

Also interestingly, some men suffer from sperm flagellar defects, this also results in immotile sperm.

the causes of immotile sperm are summarized below
The causes of immotile sperm are summarized below

Oxidative stress from poor lifestyle habits can result in immotile sperms

Smoking and excess alcohol consumption can lead to immotile sperms

Hormonal deficiencies can lead poor sperm count and immotile sperm

Sperm tail defects can also be genetically inherited can also lead to immotile sperms

Cystic fibrosis is a genetically inherited condition is also associate with immotile sperm

Kartageners syndrome is also associated with immotile sperm

Sexually transmitted infection can also increase the percentage of immotile sperm

Excess heat exposure can also increase the proportion of immotile sperms

Numerous other sperm production problems due to genetic mutations in the Y-chromosome can also lead to sperm immotility with extremely low sperm counts.

how to increase sperm motility
How to increase sperm motility?

Exercise, exercise and keep exercising to improve sperm motility

Eat lots of Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables

Take the prescribed antioxidants from the right male infertility specialist

Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pant pocket

learn more about sperm motility
Learn more about Sperm Motility?

Visit our website at http://www.andrologycorner.com/sperm-motility/