the effects of hearing impairments on reading comprehension n.
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The Effects of Hearing-Impairments on Reading Comprehension PowerPoint Presentation
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The Effects of Hearing-Impairments on Reading Comprehension

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The Effects of Hearing-Impairments on Reading Comprehension - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Effects of Hearing-Impairments on Reading Comprehension
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  1. The Effects of Hearing-Impairments on Reading Comprehension Jessica Potter

  2. “Despite a few exceptions, it has been documented since the beginning of the formal testing movement in the early 1900s that many students who are deaf or hard of hearing do not read as well as their hearing peers.” -Trezek & Wang

  3. The Question • How does hearing impairment effect reading and learning through literacy? • Aurora has a hearing impairment along with her two sisters.

  4. Meet Aurora 8 years old

  5. Strategy • Using an IRI (Informal Reading Inventory) I will be able to determine if Aurora can reach a higher level of comprehension by reading silently than if she read aloud. • Step 1) Give IRI with reading passages aloud and then comprehension questions • Step 2) Give IRI with reading passages read silently then comprehension question

  6. Products & Results • I hope to find that silent reading will increase her comprehension level because she will not have to focus on referring to her spoken word throughout the passage. • Hearing and Speech are often linked and Aurora has slurred speech thus comprehension may be skewed

  7. Part 1 - Reading aloud • Graded Word Lists • The beginning to any IRI • Aurora reached 5th grade successfully at 95%

  8. Part 1 – Reading Aloud • Comprehension Passages • The second part to an IRI • Aurora reached 4th grade before showing signs of frustration • Questions missed were fact questions (1 inference) thus she could not generate an answer from previous knowledge

  9. Summary Thus Far • Aurora is at 5th grade Word List and 4th grade Reading Comprehension • “It is hard for me to understand what I read sometimes. Like I don’t remember.” - Aurora

  10. Starting into Part 2

  11. Was there an increase? • YES! • One level up – Reading Comprehension Level 5 • Less frustration when missed three questions at Level 6 • More energy and confidence through silent reading

  12. What does the research say? • Use an auditory-oral approach • Learn to use the hearing they have along with lip reading and contextual clues to comprehend • Show pictures, stop and check for comprehension, ask for retelling and reinforce details

  13. Hearing and Phonics • Phonic based learning can help children with hearing impairments in early elementary grades increase their reading comprehension. • Word recognition, picture support, phonemic awareness reinforcement through correct pronunciation

  14. How can I help? • Aurora’s father is a fencing coach and he will be receiving a packet filled with stories and pictures to help Aurora increase her ability to grasp details and comprehend WHILE she’s reading. • Sometimes parents need a little guidance!