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Starting over

Starting over.

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Starting over

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Starting over 11:30 pm EST, October 7, 2008So, I thought about my presentation and realized things have changed A LOT since the spring. We’ve learned from lots of experimentation and are building on successes. And, now there’s a social element… Scratch the presentation and start over (note to self: argh) Excerpt from Steve’s Blog

  2. An introduction

  3. Communications & Marketing

  4. What we produce ‘06 to Summer ‘08

  5. Video: ‘06 - Summer ’08 • Regular student and faculty profiles • Occasional features • Event coverage • The Spot newscast

  6. Where that video goes

  7. What I think we do different

  8. What I think we do different We’re producing in a YouTube world.

  9. What I think we do different The client is the producer. The videographer focuses on videography.

  10. What I think we do different Our videos don’t live on an island.

  11. What we do different

  12. What we do different

  13. Experimentation What worked, and what didn’t.

  14. Experimentation • Production values • Production by interns • Sending cameras with regular students to capture their experience • Soliciting student-produced content • Recycling content from local media • Repurposing content from other departments at IUPUI

  15. 2008: Building on successes What worked, and which institutional priorities can we support?

  16. 2008: Building on successes More cowbell interns.

  17. 2008: Building on successes

  18. Is anybody out there?

  19. Is anybody out there? • Video is distributed to: • Youtube • Campus websites • iTunes/iTunesU • Several other podcasting websites • Podcasts.iu.edu • Digital signage • Campus cable television • Education access cable television

  20. Is anybody out there?

  21. A (pod)cast of hundreds Steve Hodges, IUPUI

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