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NCA TA Website: hrsa/grants/apply/assistance/nca PowerPoint Presentation
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NCA TA Website: hrsa/grants/apply/assistance/nca

NCA TA Website: hrsa/grants/apply/assistance/nca

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NCA TA Website: hrsa/grants/apply/assistance/nca

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  1. Fiscal Year (FY) 2013National Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreements (NCA)Non-Competing ContinuationHRSA 5-U30-13-001 NCA TA Website:

  2. Technical Assistance Call Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Time: 1 PM Eastern Dial-In Number: 1-888-946-7304 Participant Passcode: 7083266 Web Meeting Link: A replay will be posted within one week of the call at

  3. FY 2013 NCA NCC • Overview • Submission Process • Standard Form SF-PPR • Budget (Forms & Justification/Narrative) • Program Narrative Update • Project Work Plan • Performance Measures • Resources • TA Contacts

  4. Overview • NCAs applying for FY 2013 non-competing continuation funding must submit a progress report in the Electronic Handbooks (EHB) • FY 2013 begins July 1, 2013 and ends June 30, 2014 • Instructions for completing the progress report are available in EHB and on the NCA TA webpage at • Progress reports must be submitted in EHB by 5 PM ET on April 24, 2013 • Progress reports may not exceed 40 pages

  5. Submission Process • System-generated e-mail notifications that the progress report is available in EHB were sent to NCA Project Directors and other individuals who have non-competing continuation edit and submit privileges in EHB

  6. NCC Components REQUIRED: • Standard Form SF-PPR • Standard Form SF-PPR2 • Budget Information: Budget Details Form • Budget Narrative • Form 12: Organization Contacts • Project Work Plan • Performance Measures • Attachment 1: Program Narrative Update As Applicable: • Attachment 2: Staffing Plan • Attachment 3: Position Descriptions for Key Personnel • Attachment 4: Biographical Sketches for Key Personnel • Attachment 5: Summary of Contracts/Agreements • Attachment 6: Other Relevant Documents

  7. Budget Forms Section A: Budget Summary • The NCA grant request in the federal column is pre-populated and cannot be edited [this figure should correspond with the recommended future support figure (Line 13) on the most recent Notice of Award] Section B: Budget Categories • Provide a breakdown of the budgeted funds by Object Class Category (e.g., Personnel, Fringe Benefits) • Refer to SF-424A submitted with the most recent NCA application or the Budget Form submitted with the last NCA NCC as a reference point Section C: Non-Federal Resources • Do not provide other sources of funding

  8. Budget Narrative • Provide a detailed line-item budget that explains each cost for the upcoming budget period (July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014) • Additional narrative for the budget justification should describe each cost element and explain how each contributes to meeting the project’s objectives Line Items: • Personnel • Fringe Benefits • Travel • Equipment • Supplies • Contracts • Other • Indirect Costs

  9. Project Work Plan • EHB will pre-populate the Project Work Plan with information submitted in the FY 2012 NCA NCC • An abbreviated sample Project Work Plan is available at Project Work Plan Fields: • Goal • Objective Description • Progress Report • Activity • Expected Outcome • Data Evaluation Measurements • Person/Area Responsible • Time Frame • Comments

  10. Project Work Plan • Instructions for completing the Project Work Plan are available in Appendix A of the NCA NCC Instructions. • There are two options for reporting progress for every objective: • If the pre-populated objective will be retained, use the Progress Report field to report progress made since July 1, 2012 and edit the Objective Description field as needed to indicate plans for FY 2013. • If the pre-populated objective will be significantly changed or replaced with something completely new for FY 2013, delete the objective and use the narrative box that appears to both report progress and justify the deletion. A new objective can then be added to replace the deleted objective. Provide an update for each objective in the Progress Report text box of the form. • Additional Goals, Objective Descriptions, Activities, Expected Outcomes, Data Evaluation Measurements, Person/Area Responsible, and Time Frames may be added, edited, or deleted. Comments must be provided.

  11. Performance Measures Form • The Performance Measures Form will pre-populate with data from the FY 2012 NCA NCC • Provide quantitative and qualitative updates in the Progress Towards Goalfield for each performance measure • Do not edit information pre-populated for the four required performance measures. For these measures, complete the Progress Towards Goal field and Comments field, as applicable • Grantees may edit all data for additional performance measures and/or add new performance measures

  12. Required Performance Measures • National Grantee Satisfaction • Program Requirements T/TA • Performance Improvement T/TA • Program Development/Analysis T/TA • The HRSA BPHC 2012 Grantee Satisfaction Survey did not address the four Performance Measures. NCAs should base progress on other available data sources such as Uniform Data System information and organizational surveys. If such data sources are not available, use the HRSA BPHC 2011 Grantee Satisfaction Survey data for the Quantitative Progress Toward Goal subfield and use anecdotal evidence for the Qualitative Progress Toward Goal subfield.  • Detailed instructions are provided in Appendix B of the NCA NCC Instructions

  13. Program Narrative Update Attachment 1 • Discuss broad issues and changes that have impacted the target audiences served and the NCA, as well as overarching progress on the work plan since July 1, 2012 Program Narrative Update Items: • Any significant progress/proposed changes to the project • Any significant changes or outcomes • Any significant changes/updates to linkages or partnerships • Any significant changes/updates to the staffing plan • Any major expected changes/plans/considerations for activities beyond the upcoming budget period Note: Grantees should discuss any significant anticipated changes to their Project Work Plan with their Project Officer prior to submission.

  14. Attachments 2-6 (As Applicable) • Attachment 2: Staffing Plan • Attachment 3: Position Descriptions for Key Personnel • Attachment 4: Biographical Sketches for Key Personnel • Attachment 5: Summary of Contracts/Agreements • Attachment 6: Other Relevant Documents

  15. Important Reminders • Progress reports must be submitted in EHB by 5 PM ET on April 24, 2013 • Progress reports may not exceed 40 pages • Failure to submit the NCC by the established deadline or submission of an incomplete or non-responsive progress report may result in a delay of NoA issuance or a lapse in funding

  16. Resources NCA TA Webpage Health Center Program Requirements

  17. Technical Assistance Contacts Program related questions • Consult with your Project Officer NCA NCC Instructions related questions • Beth Levitz: or 301.594.4300 Budget related questions • Brian Feldman: or 301.443.3190 Electronic completion and submission questions • BPHC Helpline: or 877.974.2742