growth of the new nation n.
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Growth of the New Nation

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Growth of the New Nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Growth of the New Nation. US History, Unit 1 Mr. Peal. The new country Grows. …SIZE – the U.S. spreads to the Pacific Ocean …WEALTH ($)– factories, railways, cities …NUMBER OF PEOPLE (population) Including SLAVES …FREEDOM Women Slave. America Grows in size.

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growth of the new nation

Growth of the New Nation

US History, Unit 1

Mr. Peal

the new country grows
The new country Grows
  • …SIZE – the U.S. spreads to the Pacific Ocean
  • …WEALTH ($)– factories, railways, cities
  • …NUMBER OF PEOPLE (population)
    • Including SLAVES
    • Women
    • Slave
america grows in size
America Grows in size
  • Louisiana Purchase, 1803
  • Texas, 1845
  • Oregon, 1846
  • California, 1848
  • Gadsden Purchase, 1853
louisiana purchase 1803
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
  • Bought in 1803 from France
  • Doubled the size of the county
  • Explored by Merriwether Lewis and William Clark
    • Slow and dangerous
    • Cross the Rockies
    • Reached the Pacific
texas becomes a state
Texas becomes a state
  • Was Spanish for 300 years
  • Settled by Americans because of…
    • Cotton
    • Cattle raising
  • Before long, more Americans than Texans
  • Conflicts:
    • Mexicans were Catholic, Texans were Protestants
    • Americans had slaves, Mexicans didn’t like slavery
  • War
    • 1836: Mexicans attacked a fort called Alamo and killed all the Americans
    • 1845-8: War with Mexico to make Texas a state
  • Oregon territory attracted families because of forests and farmland
  • Included parts of Canada, Idaho, Wyoming
  • Followed the Oregon Trail
gold discovered in california 1848
Gold discovered in California, 1848
  • Where the 49ers got their name.
  • People came from Europe, China, and the east
  • California grew quickly. San Francisco became a city
indian removal 1830
Indian Removal, 1830-
  • Indians were “removed” because Americans wanted their land after gold discovered in Georgia.
  • Congress and President Andrew Jackson made Indians in Georgia and other states live west of the Mississippi.
  • Americans felt superior…thought they had a mission
manifest destiny
Manifest Destiny

Notice: Indians; what the figure has in her hand; types of transportation

Painting by John Gast

the u s economy grows
The U.S. economy grows
  • Definition
  • Causes
  • Effects
industrial revolution
Industrial Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution was a change from
    • farming to factory work
    • From living in countries to living in cities
    • From hand-work to machine work
  • It began it England. It started in America when people like Samuel slaters built English-style factories in the U.S.
  • It required many new workers, a lot of money, and plentiful natural resources
impact of cotton factories
Impact of cotton factories
  • Cotton factories in England and America needed American cotton.
  • Slaves grew cotton.
  • As the need for cotton grew,
    • The demand for slaves grew
    • The demand for cotton land increased
  • The number of slaves increased from 700,000 in 1790 to 4 million in 1860.
  • Southern (cotton) states wanted to expand west. The South wanted new states to be slave trades.
growth population
Growth: Population
  • Population growth
  • Migration
  • Growth of slave population
growth freedom
  • Abolitionism
  • Women’s suffrage