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Metal Embossing PowerPoint Presentation
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Metal Embossing

Metal Embossing

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Metal Embossing

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  1. Advanced 3-D Art Metal Embossing

  2. Visual Arts Standards: • 1.5 Analyze the material used by a given artist and describe how its use influences the meaning of the work. • 2.1 Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design. • 5.2 Create a work of art that communicates a cross-cultural or universal theme taken from literature or history.

  3. Materials: • Copper-coated aluminum foil (approx. 38-gauge), stylus tools, embossing molds, India ink, colored Sharpie markers

  4. Materials: • *All students will need to provide a functional object of their choice for this project, such as a plain picture frame, box, 3-D letter, or an empty tin can. You can make your item from scratch using chipboard or cardboard, buy something at a craft store (typically these items cost no more than a couple dollars), or repurpose an item from home.

  5. Objectives: • To create a very detailed and decorated design for a functional object • To use repoussé and chasing to create a metal embossing • To work carefully with the metal so you don’t poke a hole through it!

  6. Vocabulary: • Embossing= A mark or decoration made with a raised design or symbol; a type of relief sculpture

  7. Metal Embossing • Embossing consists of two different processes of shaping sheets of metal: repousse and chasing

  8. Vocabulary: • Repousse = creating a raised relief design on thin metal sheets by pressing from the reverse side • Chasing = designing on the front of the work by sinking the metal (opposite of repousse)

  9. Famous works made by repousse

  10. The Great Dish, or Great Plate of Bacchus, from the Roman Mildenhall Treasure

  11. Project Requirements: • Design includes some lettering (such as a word or name) • Entire surface is covered with a variety of relief designs • Metal is wrapped neatly around the object and flaps glued carefully to the back/inside • Metal is “aged” using India ink or colored using Sharpie marker

  12. Examples Small papier-mâché or wood craft box Plain picture frame Papier-mâché 3-D letter

  13. Copper side finished with colored Sharpie Aluminum side finished with India ink

  14. Due Dates: • Mini embossing practice: Thursday 2/2 • Functional object brought to class: Friday 2/3 • Template for project: Monday 2/6 • Finished project: Monday 2/13

  15. Today: Practice first by creating a 3” mini metal embossing of your choice Measure and draw a ½” border on a 3” square of paper Draw your design in the center (may be a letter or any design of your choice) Go over all lines with a black Sharpie marker so that the design shows thru on the back of the paper