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Koger Propst, President

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Koger Propst, President - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Access to Capital. Koger Propst, President. Status of Banks in Colorado. Main Street Businesses and Community Banks Caught in a Sub-Prime Trap Caused by Wall Street Most are Now Healthy Regulators and Public - Everything a Bank

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Koger Propst, President

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Access to Capital

Koger Propst, President

status of banks in colorado
Status of Banks in Colorado
  • Main Street Businesses and Community Banks Caught in a Sub-Prime Trap Caused by Wall Street
  • Most are Now Healthy
  • Regulators and Public - Everything a Bank
  • Dodd-Frank – Solved Some Problems, but Harms Customer Access to Credit
status of banks in colorado1
Status of Banks in Colorado
  • Dodd-Frank - Mortgage and Other Rules – End of Judgment Banking?
  • 40% Colorado Banks Self Identified – Not in Business Five Years
  • Why you Should Care…
is your banker your partner
Is Your Banker Your Partner?
  • A Partner Makes Strategic Decisions
  • A Partner Shares in Operational Decisions
  • A Partner Equally Shares Risk
  • A Partner Equally Shares in Upside Return
  • Partner’s Interests are Fully Aligned
your banker is not your partner
Your Banker is NOT Your Partner
  • A Banker Advises on Your Strategy Only
  • A Banker may not Engage in Operational Decisions
  • A Banker Cannot Share in Risks – Banker Must be Right 99.9% of Time – Loans Need Multiple Sources of Repayment
  • A Banker not Share in Upside – Receives Fixed Interest whether you Return 5% or 50% ROI
  • A Banker’s Interest do not Fully Align – Your Banker Wants you to Succeed, but First Obligation is to Shareholders and Depositors
prepare to win
Prepare to Win
  • Develop Your Full Skill Set – Technical, Financial, Managerial and Strategic
  • Network – You Need Friends
  • Do Your Research
  • Build Your Business Plan
  • Develop Plan B, Plan C and…
prepare to win1
Prepare to Win
  • Build a Key Support Team
  • Build Appropriate Financial Depth
  • Build Personal and Business Liquidity – You will need it!
  • Be Realistic
dealing with bankers advice
Dealing with Bankers - Advice
  • You Have One Mission – Long-Term Profits
  • Long-Term Profits Make all Other Goals Possible
  • Be Realistic
  • Picking the Right Banker – It Matters!
  • Bank’s are Regulated Institutions
  • No News is Not Good News – Communicate!
dealing with bankers advice1
Dealing with Bankers - Advice
  • When Win…Don’t be that Guy
  • Build Financial Depth and Liquidity
  • You and Your Banker Cannot Outsmart the Market – Homebuilders…
  • Don’t Chase Irrational Competitors
  • Build a Company that is Good in Good Times and Great in Bad Times
dealing with bankers advice2
Dealing with Bankers - Advice
  • If Win, Don’t Assume it Makes You an Expert in Everything.
  • Even if Your Banker Believes It!
  • “Play Above the Death Line” – Jim Collins in “Great by Choice”
  • Know Your Competencies