how much does an online bachelors degree program cost n.
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Cost Of Online Degrees PowerPoint Presentation
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Cost Of Online Degrees

Cost Of Online Degrees

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Cost Of Online Degrees

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  1. How Much Does an Online Bachelors Degree Program Cost?

  2. Studying require lots of investment and resources such as money, time, effort and dedication. Not everyone have the luxury of money and time to go to school and attain a degree especially today that various countries are suffering from global economic crisis and downturns. Some students are forced to work part-time jobs just to finish their degrees while some prefer to stop for a few years and work first in order to collect sufficient amount for their education expenses. Working while studying is a big decision to make and should be deliberated properly before getting into a final decision. Most students nowadays have the chance to finish their degrees even if they are already working through the availability of online degrees and programs. Online degrees can provide benefits and disadvantages as well. However, most online degrees are cost-efficient compared to actual schooling or campus-based education that is why it is preferred by most students today.

  3. Online schools and universities impose different costs or fees. Some online schools may offer degrees based on a per credit value while some may require fees per full semester. According to research, online schools and universities offer from $300 up to $600 per unit depending on the level and reputation of the school. Schools with actual campuses and offer online degrees may impose higher fees ranging from $500 to $700 per credit. In total, enrolling in an online degree program for a full year will cost you about $40,000 up to $80,000 depending on your course and the school offering the program. Campus-based degrees usually impose $800 to $1,000 per unit or credit. This means that you are going to spend between $100,000 up to $120,000 for a campus-based degree program. Before making your decision, you should also consider other factors like transportation and available time. If you have your own personal computer and internet connection, then an online degree will be an ideal option. If the school you want to enroll in will require you to drive or commute, you should compute your transportation expenses from gasoline if you are driving your own car or the cost if you prefer to commute.

  4. If the total expenses outweigh the cost of enrolling online plus the expenses for internet connection, then an online degree will most definitely be more beneficial for you. Aside from the cost, you should also consider your available time since with online degrees; you can set a specific class schedule compatible with your working schedule compared to campus-based classes that cannot be easily adjusted. To get more information about online degree costs visit