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What are the Meta-data Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the Meta-data Issues

What are the Meta-data Issues

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What are the Meta-data Issues

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  1. What are the Meta-data Issues Jerry West, D.Sc. Manager, ADL Co-Lab Testbed

  2. Meta-data Issues • Organizations need to restructure catalogues, course database architecture to combine Legacy systems with Learning • Is ADL SCORM meta-data suitable? • What is the value-added with SCORM ? • Will SCORM provide adequate descriptions of the objects you are dealing with? • What additional translations are required? • ADL Co-Lab needs feedback on meta-data adoption to advance specification development of SCORM Repositories • How to engage in useful dialogue?

  3. ADL Challenges • Content • Publisher centric • Learning • Teacher centric • Knowledge • Human centric Digital Publishing Virtual Learning Codified Knowledge • Knowledge Objects • Performance centric • Content Objects • Author centric • Learning Objects • Learner centric Individualized Learning Lower Cost Increased Productivity Meta-data Objects New Content

  4. Object approaches Convergence eLearning Personalization Dynamic content assembly Object approaches Enterprise content Knowledge Management Learning on Demand Source: SRI Consulting Business Intelligence

  5. Corporate Content Application Specific Profiles “ Raw” Information Application Aggregate Collections (Stories, Courses , Data Objects Objects Assemblies Books, Movies) ( Learning Objects , ( Lessons , Media Support Objects, Chapters, Units, Elements Marketing, Brochure, etc.) Reference, etc.) Audio Procedure Process Text Principle Procedure Principle Concept Theme Objective Objective Process illustration Concept Summary Fact Animation Overview Fact Overview Summary Terminal Enabling Objective Objective Simulation REUSABILITY + MOST + - LEAST - CONTEXT - LEAST - + MOST + Source: Autodesk

  6. Publisher Learning Object Model Break eLearning courses down into modular “object” format eLearning course object-based content object-based content object-based content object-based content Reuse learning assets in other object-based content Swap in new learning objects for easy maintenance

  7. Why is SCORM Important ? …To provide standardized advanced high quality education and training that can be tailored to the individual learner anyplace, anywhere, anytime (ADL Initiative 1999)

  8. Meta-data Specifications/Standards IMS Learning Resource Information Model XML Binding Learning Objects Metadata Specification- IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee ( Dublin Core ARIADNE-Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe IMS Global Learning Consortium-

  9. SCORM CONTENT AGGREGATION MODEL Meta-data XML Binding Best Practice From IMS RUN-TIME ENVIRONMENT Content to LMS API From AICC Course Structure Format - Derived from AICC Meta-data dictionary From IEEE Content Packaging From IMS Content to LMS data model From AICC

  10. General Life Cycle Meta-Metadata Technical Education Rights Relation Annotation Classification So, Why is SCORM Important? • Content Aggregation Model • 9 Categories • 56 Meta-data Elements • 7-15 Mandatory* • 41-49 Optional* *Raw Media/Content Meta-data dependent

  11. Current Adoption Model?

  12. SCORM Meta-data Top-Down Adoption Model Formalize Education Business Cases/Rules/Enterprise Model Interagency Review of Enterprise Information Model (EIM) Interagency Review of Information Model to Optimize Reuse Semantic Mapping of EIM to IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Assessment of Mandatory Elements Required for Search Develop Applications Programming Interface for Meta-data Search

  13. Evaluation Criteria • SCORM Meta–data Conformance Mapping • Associations between Enterprise and SCORM Mandatory Elements • Percentage of SCORM Mandatory Elements Covered • SCORM Optional Meta-data Mappings • Associations between Enterprise and SCORM optional Elements • Percentage of SCORM Mandatory Elements Covered

  14. DITIS – SCORM course meta-data mapping DAVIS – SCORM asset meta-data mapping

  15. IRS Evaluation Summary

  16. Looking Ahead

  17. Meta-data Adoption Strategies • Department of Defense • Defense Audio Visual Information System/Defense Instructional Technical Information System/DAVIS/DITIS • Army Learning Object Architecture (ALOA) • Visual Information Management System (VIMS) • US Federal Government • Internal Revenue Service • Other • ADL CO-Lab hosts MedBiquitous Meta-data Forum • Navy Integrated Learning Asset Repository System (NILARS)

  18. Cisco’s Distributed Content Meta-data Repository Strategy Employees able to search across repositories and upload objects to SME repositories….. Meta-data Search Capability Authors Authors E-Learning Repository Marketing Repository General SME Repository Source: SRI Consulting Business Intelligence

  19. PfP Challenges • ISN/GCSP development of Uniform repository of legacy plus LO • Understanding of Business Rules and information models across organizational components • Semantic mapping of information model across organizational components • Extension to LOM • Adoption of SCORM for mandatory elements

  20. Connecting ADL Communities