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Right Size and Type of Cruiser Longboards PowerPoint Presentation
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Right Size and Type of Cruiser Longboards

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Right Size and Type of Cruiser Longboards
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Right Size and Type of Cruiser Longboards

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  1. Right Size and Type of Cruiser Longboards for Skaters

  2. As a passionate boarder you may be looking to roll high with your speedy footwork and having as much fun as you can have while cruising around or going downhill. That's what our cruiser longboards are meant for. These longboards are the best types of board available for skaters who don’t necessarily want to do fanciful tricks, and rather are interested for a quality balanced and speedy rolling board. You can have cruiser longboards made with different materials like walnut, bamboo or common materials such as classic maple. Each of our cruising longboards is designed differently, and choosing the perfect board is a fact of knowing what size, style, shape, pattern and price you are searing for. With a wide variety of cruiser longboards and electric longboards, you will never feel disappointed, no matter you’re a fresher looking to learn riding your first longboard or a professional hunting for an exclusive one for an addition to your valuable collection.

  3. We at Boards on Nord have the best collection of longboards and skateboard components built with blend of features like strength, elegance, speed and versatility. Our products include all the latest engineered skateboard and longboard supplies including complete longboards, custom longboards and hardware parts. We carry electric longboards and cruiser longboards from many popular global brands that you would like to ride for the sake of fun and excitement. If you need fantastic looking longboards for cruising around anywhere, we have the best selection on offer. From unique patterned plastic skateboards and bamboo boards, to mini boards, we have everything for your purchase. Our unlimited selection makes sure that you will quickly find the longboard perfectly matching your cruising needs and style.

  4. We provide an unequalled collection of electric longboards and cruiser longboards. Seeking for cruising pleasure and fun on longboards? We are ready to serve you. Our products also include board decks and accessories, giving you the option to customize your cruise board in your own creative style. Don’t you want your hands to get hurt in the time of cruising? Go through our present collection of sliding gloves. We also have custom apparel to let your show your passion of longboarding in this world. You can even go for our gift certificates to add to pleasure of your longboarding extremist.

  5. Contact Boards on Nord and have the best cruising longboards (http://www.nordboards.com/globe.html) matching your style, budget and competency level. We always provide great value longboards on sale. So, have a look at our products online!

  6. Our Contact Information: Boards on Nord 641 Nord Ave. Suite D Chico, CA, 95926 By phone: (877) 614-6673 Calling from Canada: (530) 899-1455 E-mail Address: NordBoardsCustomerService@gmail.com http://www.nordboards.com/