turn down that music before you lose your hearing by mr hall and george stanza n.
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“Turn down that music before you lose your hearing!” by Mr. Hall and George Stanza. PHEOCS Investigation. Ask any teenager and they will let you know that they have… (intro – paragraph 1). PHEOCS Background Information. Answers to questions (paragraph 2-4).

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turn down that music before you lose your hearing by mr hall and george stanza

“Turn down that music before you lose your hearing!”by Mr. Hall and George Stanza


ask any teenager and they will let you know that they have intro paragraph 1

Ask any teenager and they will let you know that they have… (intro – paragraph 1)

PHEOCSBackground Information

answers to questions paragraph 2 4

Answers to questions(paragraph 2-4)

PHEOCSBackground Information- Contacting live experts

materials list here

Materials List here

PHEOCSDesigning experiment


MATERIALSComputer with LoggerPro softwareVernierLabquestMotion DetectorFlat tableFlash drive3 or more boxes (provided by teacher)iPad

PHEOCSDesigning experiment


2. Setting up Labquest and sensor.

    • Turn on the Labquest by pressing red power button.
    • Plug the white connector plug into the DIG 1 port that can be found next to the red power button. Take care to line up the tapered end to the tapered slot. If it doesn’t seem to fit properly without forcing it please see a teacher.
    • Once plugged in, the motion sensor will begin making a clicking noise. You will also notice that the Labquest will begin to provide a position measurement.
    • Touch this measurement reading with you finger to pull up an option menu that includes (Zero, Reverse, Change Units)
    • Select Reverse. A check should appear to the left and you should notice that the position measurement now reads a negative distance.
    • Next select the duration button on the right to pull up its menu. Change the duration of data collection by pressing in the white box that has a number there. Change this number to read 60 and press done. Then press OK.
    • Now switch to the graphing mode by pressing the graph icon on the upper right (graph with a red wiggly line on it.)
    • If two graphs appear press the word graph at the top to pull up its menu. Select show graph followed by select Graph 1.
    • Your LabQuest and data logger is now ready to collect data.

PHEOCSDesigning experiment


Lift up the portion of the motion detector sensor that is hinged and make sure the grayish white button is switched toward the person and basketball.

Lie the sensor flat on the table extending the sensor over the edge so that it is in line with switch and person/basketball icons. See the images below

PHEOCSDesigning experiment

procedures 3 rd page

Procedures (3rd page)

PHEOCSDesigning experiment

c ite your resources

Cite your resources

PHEOCSCite resources