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PS. Dept meeting 1/12/17. People -. Two new faces – D. Tapp – Linac G. Donaldson - Booster People should have goal settings entered in workday Merit increase have gone out – I think. Pre acc update. Source A: Still having issues with high extractor spark rates

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  1. PS Dept meeting 1/12/17

  2. People - • Two new faces – • D. Tapp – Linac • G. Donaldson - Booster • People should have goal settings entered in workday • Merit increase have gone out – I think

  3. Pre acc update • Source A: • Still having issues with high extractor spark rates • Had failed extractor cable • Currently having solenoid gas valve problems • High leak rate • Large excursions in pressure • Rebuilt valve, pulser seems OK at this time • Source B: • Operational since startup • Some internal sparking (anode-cathode) • Beam current low 60mA because of extraction gap • Failed extractor cable • Projects: • Current regulated arc modulator: • Working in test stand, final testing before sending boards out to get made • Solenoid gas valve pulser: • Initial design running in test stand. • A couple of mods need to be checked out then have boards made • Need to order supplies (0-300V) • Designing circuit to detect extractor sparks, then inhibit DTI trigger • Should greatly reduce the amount of energy dumped into the source during sparks

  4. Linac Report Jan/2016 Jan/2017 Linac Overview Linac Report Department Meeting

  5. Linac Report Linac Overview <EffLinac> =~ 90% <Ibeam> = 23.2 mA <Uptime> = 97.5% Linac Report Department Meeting

  6. - L3 Communications – San Carlo unit is closing down! Not profitable – stakeholders want to demolish the factory and sell the property – make more $$. • Decision was made to move the equipment to a branch in Pennsylvania. • Our vendor left L3 and moved to CPI. Situation is not very promising for long term support on this equipment. • 2017 Look-Ahead • PIP Work • Installation of Laser Notch system • Installation of 2 Marx Modulator • Proton Source • Maintenance on the LE and HE stations Genera l Ac t i v i t ies Highlights Good news… • Installation of full size Marx Modulator in LRF5 • Marx working flawlessly in LRF1 And not so good news… • KRF2 pulse transformer (PT#1) • Rebuilt by Stangenes ($$$) (twice) • Klystron • S/N 004 rebuilt by L3 • Yet to be tested S/N 004 & PT#1 combination does not hold voltage!(< 90kV) • S/N 017 – failed (gun assembly) • S/N 05-R1 being rebuilt • S/N 016 – next to be rebuilt Last year news Linac Report Department Meeting 1/12/17

  7. Overview of last 30 days of Booster running HEP

  8. Booster Beam to Numi 11/11/16 – 01/11/2017

  9. Booster Beam to BNB • 11/11/16 – 01/11/2017

  10. Booster Downtime 12/11/2016 – 01/11/2017 • Excellent uptime! Averaging < 2 hours of downtime per week. • Running more beam intensity out of Booster at a faster rep rate, ~13Hz, then ever before. • Maintaining a beam efficiency > 90%

  11. Total Protons Delivered by Booster over one week, 12/11 – 01/11

  12. Booster BLM plot while running beam to Numi and BNB

  13. What’s Happening in Booster? • New blood in Booster Group, welcome Geoff Donaldson Operations: • Always tuning to reduce losses • Improving cogging with MI/RI • Making changes to allow laser notching starting next month • Running on a new digital damper system with new software • Commissioning new LLRF system • Installing BRF21 BRF cavity, currently testing for 20Hz • Building cavity 22, install during long shutdown or before (hoping) Studies: • Measuring tunes (LOCO) to improve the Booster orbit for much efficiency (coming soon) • One-Shot Bhat studies to improve capture and transition crossing • Collimator studies to optimize/redesign collimator system to reduce losses. Current studies plan being written.

  14. FY17 • PIP continues • Goal of 2.4E17 pph • New shielding assessment • Start to operate at ~14 Hz • Laser notcher • Power switch to master sub • Feb 15,16 • Summer shutdown planning starting – Joe! • Two Modulators • Two Booster cavities • Beyond – PIP 1+ • Depending upon funding • More flux out of PS • Can we reach 2.7E17 pph • 800 KW on NOvA target? • Can we reach 900 KW? • What direction will the DOE go? • PIP II funding? • LBNE funding? • Lab Funding?

  15. ES&H - Safety • We are now one lab – safety completely re-arranged. • AD really does not have a ES&H department anymore – reports to 7th floor safety • New faces – most of whom I do not know • PS has not had any notable safety issues • Safety walk through with new people in about one month – will see how it goes….

  16. Budget - • Really up in the air – • I have no idea what is going to happen • Signs are not promising • Will do what I can to keep people informed

  17. Mech Support • MS – rearranged their department • Did not help us • We have a new ME department engineer and water tech for Booster • We had no real input into this – just told who… • I want to know about MS requests/issues for our department

  18. Misc • 50th anniversary • May require us to improve Linac/pre-acc gallery

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