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Two opposing views of God

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Two opposing views of God - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Two opposing views of God. 1. A God of love True, but an incomplete picture These assume God will not judge 2. A God of hate True, but these falsely accuse Him of hatred in some circumstances (Dt. 1:27; 9:28) God hates. I God Hates Idolatry. Dt. 12:31; 16:22

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Two opposing views of God

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two opposing views of god
Two opposing views of God
  • 1. A God of love
    • True, but an incomplete picture
    • These assume God will not judge
  • 2. A God of hate
    • True, but these falsely accuse Him of hatred in some circumstances (Dt. 1:27; 9:28)
  • God hates
i god hates idolatry
I God Hates Idolatry
  • Dt. 12:31; 16:22
    • “What’s wrong w. a pillar?”
    • Dt.7:25-26
  • Is.44:19, abomination: to abhor, loathe, something that is morallyrepulsive, disgusting
  • Most “abomination” words “have the meaning: ‘impure,’ ‘filthy,’ and ‘unclean’ – that which is foul smelling and objectionable to a holy God”
  • Almost nothing makes us sick quicker than a foul odor
  • Hos.1-3
col 3 5
  • Covetousness (greedy desire for more)
    • Steals trust and affection that rightly belong to God
    • The Catholic does not believe his saints and angels are gods, but by praying to them, and trusting in them, he gives them worship
    • The ultimate penalty: Ga.5:20-21
ii god hates seven sins pro 6 16 19
II God Hates Seven Sins, Pro.6:16-19
  • Proud look – only a humble heart will submit to the Lord and obey His word
    • The proud: “I did it my way”
    • Karl Barth, three basic sins: Pride, Dishonesty, Slothfulness
  • Lying tongue – people make promises and then change their minds as if lying is innocent. Rv.21:8
  • Hands that shed innocent blood (Ps.11:5)
heart feet tongue
  • Heart: devises wicked plans
  • Feet: swift in running to evil
  • False witness: speaks lies
  • Sows discord among brethren
  • Hb.1:8-9 (Ps.45:7)
    • God of OT = Christ of NT. (Hb.13:8)
    • Ro.12:9
    • Rv.2:6, 15
iii god hates hypocritical worship
III God Hates Hypocritical Worship
  • Am.5:21-24
    • 21, do not savor = take no delight in(ESV); I cannot stand(NIV)
    • 22, the problem is not the food
    • 23, the problem is not the song
    • 24, a steady flow of water . . .
  • Mt.5:23-24; 6:2, 5, 16
    • Pharisees “have their reward”
    • Mk.12:40
iv god hates divorce mal 2 16
IV God Hates Divorce, Mal.2:16
  • NKJV: For the LORD God of Israel says That He hates divorce, For it covers one's garment with violence," Says the LORD of hosts. Therefore take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously
  • ESV: For the man who hates and divorces, says the Lord, the God of Israel, covers his garment with violence, says the Lord of hosts. So guard yourselves in your spirit, and do not be faithless
  • Even this reading makes divorce sinful (the guilty man covers his garment w. violence)
  • Footnote gives the other reading
  • Revised ESV apparently corrected this reading
mal 2 16 context
Mal.2:16, Context
  • Hebrew allows for ESV translation, but context forbids it
  • Apparently the text suffered from scribes who wanted to “harmonize” Malachi’s teaching with Dt.24:1 or Ezr.9-10
  • “Though the statement ‘I hate divorce’ may (and should) be understood as a comprehensive biblical principle, the immediate context suggests that the divorce in view is that of one Jewish person by another in order to undertake subsequent marriages”(Net)
treacherously faithlessly deceitfully
Treacherously(faithlessly, deceitfully)
  • 10, to sin against another person . . .
  • 11, to marry foreign wives . . .
  • 13-14, to divorce an innocent partner
  • 15, divorce is treachery against one’s offspring
  • 16, divorce threatens divine institution
    • “Respect your own life, therefore, and do not break faith like this”(JB)
    • Divorce is like covering one’s garment with violence(Ps.11:5)
nt forcefully agrees frivolous divorce is sin
NT forcefully agrees: frivolous divorce is sin
  • 1. Stumbling block to partner, Mt.5:32
  • 2. Disobeys direct command of Lord, Mt.19:3-6. [ONE EXCEPTION – v.9]
  • 3. Lack of love to children, Tit.2:4-5
    • A package deal
    • The greatest gift . . .
  • 4. Breaks marriage vows
marriage vows
Marriage vows
  • We promise and covenant before God and these witnesses to be a loyal and faithful spouse, to . . . “keep yourself to him / her only, until death do you part”
  • Rv.21:8, the ultimate result of treachery in marriage
mt 19 9 the one exception
Mt.19:9, the one exception
  • The only other sinless way to terminate a marriage: death