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Science Fair

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Science Fair . Title. Reflective of what your testing-on topic Fun Engaging Capturing peoples attention Hot Cans Heat Homes. Testable Questions. Should be in question form Tells what you are trying to find out Measureable

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Presentation Transcript
  • Reflective of what your testing-on topic
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Capturing peoples attention
  • Hot Cans Heat Homes
testable questions
Testable Questions
  • Should be in question form
  • Tells what you are trying to find out
  • Measureable
  • How much heat can an aluminum can solar panel generate to warm a garage?
  • Statement
  • Answers the testable question
  • Prediction-take the I think…. OFF
  • Can be wrong
  • Must be done before completing the lab
  • The aluminum can solar panel will warm the air by 10 degrees F.
  • List items used
  • Step by step directions that you followed
  • Allows someone to duplicate, create more trials, more accurate data
  • Must be numbered
  • Pictures
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Diagraphs
  • Diagrams
  • Graphs
  • Two or more of these
  • Displays measurements and data
  • Analyzed the data
  • What did I learn
  • Tell the story the data is giving you
  • Ask a new questions
  • I wonder……
  • I conclude that…..
  • The temperature went up 30 degrees but it was not a lot to warm the large garage.
  • What additional knowledge did you gain
  • Three paragraphs about your topic
  • Read about solar panels regular panels, homemade panels, panels on roof tops
  • References from research
  • References for activity ideas
  • Water Cycle song, wetlands, Fontenelle Forest, pollution, pH, turbidity, water quality, water cleaning process, percolation rates, well water, flooding
  • Weather tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, charting, climates, clouds, patterns, dirt devils, sun dawgs, acid rain, snowflakes
  • Light reflections, refractions, colors, lens, telescopes, eye ball, circuits, rainbow, Northern Lights, sunlight/starlight/moonlight
  • Sound reflection, sound waves vibrations, mosquito ringtones, ear, sonic booms, sound barrier, speed light/sound,
  • Ecosystem food chains, food webs, owl pellet, environments, producers consumers, decomposers, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores
  • Rocks cycle, fossils, rock readings/characteristics, types, geologic column, time, carbon dating/half life, crystals
  • Soils erosion, deposition, Pangaea, earthquakes, volcanoes, seafloor spreading, hot spots, mudslides, continental drift
  • Magnets circuits, poles, earth’s magnetic field, attraction/repulsion, electromagnets, motors solar powered
  • Electricity electrons, conductors, insulators, protons, neutrons, currents, energy resources solar, wind, fossil fuels, biomass conversions, nuclear,
  • Biomes invertebrates, adaptations, classification, habitats, toothpick prey, endangered species, hybrid animals