pertemuan 8 writing routine and positive messages n.
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Pertemuan 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages PowerPoint Presentation
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Pertemuan 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages

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Pertemuan 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pertemuan 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages. Matakuliah : J0012/ Komunikasi Bisnis I Tahun : 2008. Audience Reaction. Eager/Interested/ Pleased/Neutral. Displeased . Uninterested/Unwilling. Message Opening. Main idea, good news, or request. Neutral buffer statement.

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Pertemuan 8 Writing Routine and Positive Messages

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    1. Pertemuan 8Writing Routine and Positive Messages Matakuliah : J0012/ Komunikasi Bisnis I Tahun : 2008

    2. Audience Reaction Eager/Interested/ Pleased/Neutral Displeased Uninterested/Unwilling Message Opening Main idea, good news, or request Neutral buffer statement Attention-getting statement/question Message Body Necessary details Reasons/justification, bad news, positive suggestion Arousing interest, building desire Message Closing Cordial comment or statement about specific action Cordial close Request for action Choosing the Approach

    3. Analyze Situation Revise Adapt to the Audience Gather Information Produce Select Medium Proofread Compose the Message Get Organized Distribute Three-Step Writing Process Planning Writing Completing

    4. State Request • Support Request • Close Message Routine Requests

    5. Use the Right Tone Assume Audience Compliance Use Specific Language State the Request

    6. Explain the Request Stress Reader Benefits Ask Questions Support the Request

    7. Specific Request Contact Information Appreciation and Goodwill Close the Message Three Important Elements

    8. Action and Information Recommendations Claims and Adjustments Types of Routine Requests

    9. Problem Statement Details and Explanations Specific Actions or Solutions Claims and Adjustments Expect a Fair Adjustment Remain Positive Be Professional Document all Correspondence

    10. Recommendations • State the request • Support the request • Provide a résumé • Show appreciation • Provide instructions

    11. The Main Idea Details and Support A Courteous Close Routine Replies and Positive Messages

    12. Types of Routine Replies and Positive Messages • Requests for information or action • Claims and adjustment requests • Recommendations • Informative messages • Good-news announcements • Goodwill messages

    13. Who Is at Fault? The Company The Customer A Third Party Claims and Requests for Adjustment

    14. Candidate’s Full Name Position or Objective Nature of the Relationship Why You Are Writing Relevant Facts or Evidence Comparison and Evaluation Recommendations

    15. Informative Messages Reminder Notices Policy Statements Upcoming Events Shipping and Returns New Procedures Sales Discounts Workplace Changes Company Developments

    16. Careful Wording Legal Advice Relevant Information Public Relations Good-News Announcements Direct Approach Employment Offers News Releases

    17. Pick Newsworthy Events • Minimize Verbal Clutter • Focus on One Subject • Focus on Specifics • Stress Important Ideas • Exercise Restraint • Keep Statements Brief • Follow Industry Practices Effective News Releases

    18. Congratulations Appreciation Condolences Fostering Goodwill