History 1 tugu pahlawan gedung rri and red bridge
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History 1 (tugu pahlawan, Gedung RRI and red bridge) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History 1 (tugu pahlawan, Gedung RRI and red bridge). By Yuta Lesmana 6D. What is historical building.

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What is historical building
What is historical building

Any building or structure designated under a local government landmark or historic district ordinance, or entered in the National Register of Historic Places, or listed in the Oregon State Inventory of Historical Sites, Buildings, and Properties Approved for Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places by the State of Oregon Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation.

Tugu pahlawan
Tugu pahlawan

Tugupalawan is located in Tembaan Street. It had built for the agenda of giving high respect to all warriors that had killed during big encounter to fight against ally army being hitchhiked by NICA, which wish to occupy Surabaya in 10 Novembers 1945.The first stone long had done by Ir. SOEKARNO the first RI President who consorted by Surabaya Mayor, DoelArnowo in 10 Novembers 1951. One year later, the Heroes Monument had opened by Ir. SOEKARNO on 10 Novembers 1952 witnessed by Surabaya Mayor, R. MoestadjabSoemowidigdo, with the location of precise above the ex- building of Raad Van Justitie area or High Hall of Justice in colonization of Dutch, which at occupying of Japan era applied as Kempetai building or Japan military police . Finally, this building was breakdown because it had hit by ally artillery gunfire. The gateway towards the Heroes Monument area, has built to looks like Bentar Temple, which is then called as Bentar Gateway. SepuluhNopember Museum built to clarify the existence of Heroes Monument to study the network of 10 November 1945 encounter event in Surabaya.

Gedung rri
Gedung RRI

Previously, the building was called Building Radio wegSimpang Surabaya is now called the Youth (Surabaya Center). In the house is on from 28 - 30 October 1945 battle between Surabaya with Allied fighters. In this battle many casualties, especially among the people of Surabaya. Since the function of the building is very important RRI Surabaya, then controlled by the Allied forces. On October 29, 1945 as a result of the anger of the people of Surabaya, burned and resulted in the deaths of all Allied forces in it.

Red bridge
Red Bridge

Red Bridge Area was a trade area that grows as the consequence of PakuBuwono II Agreement from Mataram with VOC by 11 Novembers 1743. After that, Surabaya resided fully in Dutch power. Now, its position as the center trade is always taken place. Change of its physical happened around year of 1890-an, when its constrictor fence with the river changed from wood becomes iron. Now the bridge condition connects Rajawali Street and Kembang Jepun Street in north side of Surabaya, almost same with other bridge.