developing mobile apps with windows azure mobile services n.
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Developing Mobile Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Mobile Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Developing Mobile Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

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Developing Mobile Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

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  1. Developing Mobile Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services Pongsakorn Poosankam Microsoft Innovation Center – Manager Microsoft (Thailand) Limited

  2. Kind of Mobile Apps Offline Online Hybrid Me Thai Radio Live AIS Book Store

  3. Be hide the scene 1+ Terabytes of Data 2+ million subscribers 5,000+ registers/day 90% Thai e-Publishing reduced IT costs by 30% Scalable High Availability Save Cost Self Service Flexible Windows Azure

  4. What is Windows Azure Mobile Services? Auth Data Notifications Logging Server Logic Scale Diagnostics


  6. Getting Starteda backend for your mobile app in minutes Demo

  7. Structured Storage Structured Storage with SQL Database If using single database apps are partitioned by schema AppX.Todoitem AppY.Todoitem Manage data in Portal SQL Portal SQL Management Studio REST API…

  8. Server Logic Automatic service REST API generated for storage Dynamic Schema on/off Ability to author server logic that intercepts CRUD operation pipeline Rich querying capability

  9. REST API to SQL type mappings

  10. Server Logicadding server logic on CRUD operations Demo

  11. Push Notification Lifecycle Overview Mobile Services Windows 8 Request Channel URI Register with your Cloud Service Authenticate & Push Notification App (2) (3) (1) Windows Push Notification Service Notification Client Platform (3)

  12. Push Notifications Integrates with WNS to provide Toast, Tile, Badge and Raw notifications Portal captures your WNS client secret and package SID push.wns.* provides: clean easy object model to compose notifications Performs auth against WNS for you

  13. Push Notifications Demo

  14. Auth* Authenticate against Windows Live Table level permissions for each CRUD operation Everyone Anyone with the Application Key Only Authenticated Users Only Scripts and Admins More granular control with server side scripts

  15. Adding Authenticationhooking up Windows Live in minutes Demo

  16. Diagnostics, Logging and Scale Scale - Compute Scale out instance count Scale up VM size Scale - Storage Scale out mobile service tenant to dedicated SQL DB Scale up SQL DB Diagnostics API calls CPU Time Data Out Logging console.error(…) console.log(…)

  17. Diagnostics, Logging, Scale Demo

  18. Free Offer at Launch 10 Mobile Services 1GB SQL Database Unlimited ingress From WA Free Trial 165MB daily egress Running on shared instances Data transfer is per subscription, not per mobile service Must be deployed to US-East DC No SLA during Preview. Only small instances available. Can upgrade to a reserved instance at 33% discount from normal Pay-As-You-Go rates during Preview.

  19. Summary • Available Preview • Windows 8 • Coming soon • Windows Phone • iPhone • Android • Start $5 per month • 100 MB MSSQL • Share compute Notifications Auth Data Logging Server Logic Scale Diagnostics