WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review Meeting Brussels, 22 April 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

wp vd c optical core networks final review meeting brussels 22 april 2008 n.
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WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review Meeting Brussels, 22 April 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review Meeting Brussels, 22 April 2008

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WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review Meeting Brussels, 22 April 2008
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WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review Meeting Brussels, 22 April 2008

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  1. WP-VD-C Optical Core Networks Final Review MeetingBrussels, 22 April 2008 Franco Callegati DEIS-UNIBO

  2. WP-VDC • Integrate and promote the research activity in the broad area of core network design and analysis • Leader and Advisory Board • Franco Callegati – franco.callegati@unibo.it • Javier Aracil (JP-B) – javier.aracil@unavarra.es • Josep Solè Pareta – pareta@ac.upc.es • Dimitra Simeonidou (JP-G) – dsimeo@essex.ac.uk • Luca Valcarenghi – valcarenghi@sssup.it • Lena Wosinska – lena@it.kth.se • Partners involved • 114 members on Directory Server from 40 partners • 20 partners + 4 collaborating instit. contributing to joint activities

  3. Technical Scope • Core Networks = big traffic flows • Reliability and network survivability • Traffic engineering and congestion resolution • Control plane for fast resource allocation according to the user needs • Part of these topics fall into • JP-B the internal project on Optical Burst Switching • JP-G the internal project on Grids and service aware opitcal networks • As a consequence VD-C mainly collects research in • OPS • OTN (ASON, GMPLS, …)

  4. Joint Activities

  5. Main Achievements • 3 plenary meetings • 1 workshop on Optical Core Networks: Technology trends for the long/medium term implementation • 52 participation to conferences (30 Y2) • 22 Joint papers (14 Y2) • 2 review papers (Infocom 2006, ICTON 2007) • 3 Journal papers • 18 Conferences • More journals in preparation or submitted • 6 joint project proposals • 3 national • 3 UE • 4 mobility actions (7 months in total)

  6. Joint papers Y1 • G. Sousa Pavani (UniCamp), H. Waldman (UniCamp), F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), A. Campi (DEIS-UNIBO), W. Cerroni (DEIS-UNIBO), Adaptive Routing in Optical Packet Switching Networks using Ant Colony Optimization, Proc. of ICT 2006, Funchal, Madeira island, Portugal, May 2006. • F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO) et al., Research on Optical Core Networks in the e-Photon/ONe Network of Excellence, IEEE INFOCOM HSN Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, April 2006. • E. Bonada (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), D. Careglio (UPC), W. Cerroni (DEIS-UNIBO), M. Klinkowski (UPC), G. Muretto (DEIS-UNIBO), C. Raffaelli (DEIS-UNIBO), J. Solé-Pareta (UPC), SCWS technique for QoS support in connection-oriented optical packet switching network, ICTON 2006, Nottingham, UK, June 2006. • T. Cinkler (BME), J. Szigeti (BME), D. Larrabeiti (UC3M), Towards Optimal Routing in Heterogeneous Optical Networks, ICTON 2006, Nottingham, UK, June 2006. • J. Aracil (UAM), J. Alberto Hernandez (UAM), K. Vlachos (CTI), E. Varvarigos (CTI), Jitter-based analysis and discussion of burst assembly algorithms, Workshop on Optical Burst Switching, San Jose, CA, October 2006. • F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), W. Cerroni (DEIS-UNIBO), L. H. Bonani (UniCamp), F. R. Barbosa (UniCamp), E. Moschim (UniCamp), G. Pavani (UniCamp), Congestion Resolution in Optical Burst/Packet Switching with Limited Wavelength Conversion, Proc. of IEEE Globecom 2006, San Francisco, CA, USA, November 2006. • S. Gunreben (UST-IKR), S. Spadaro (UPC), S. P. Josep (UPC), A Unified Model for Bandwidth Adaptation in Next Generation Transport Networks, Proceedings of the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Bandwidth on Demand, San Francisco, CA, November 2006. • R. Martínez (CTTC), C. Pinart (CTTC), N. Andriolli (SSSUP), L. Valcarenghi (SSSUP), P. Castoldi (SSSUP), L. Wosinska (KTH), J. Comellas (UPC), G. Junyent (UPC), Challenges and Requirements for Introducing Impairment-Awareness into the Management and Control Planes of ASON/GMPLS WDM Networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 44, No. 12, pp. 76 - 85, December 2006.

  7. Joint papers Y2 • M. Perényi (BME), P. Soproni (BME), T. Cinkler (BME), D. Larrabeiti (UC3M), Regular Reconfiguration of Light-Trees in Multilayer Optical Networks, ONDM 2008, Vilanova, March 2008. • P. Reviriego (UC3M), J. A. Hernandez (UAM), J. Aracil (UAM), Analysis of average burst-assembly delay and applications in proportional service differentiation, Photonic Network Communications, Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 183-197, October 2007. • F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), W. Cerroni (DEIS-UNIBO), G. Pavani (UniCamp), Key Parameters for Contention Resolution in Multi-Fiber Optical Burst/Packet Switching Nodes (Invited Paper), IEEE Broadnets 2007, Raleigh, NC, USA, September 2007. • J. Finochietto (PoliTO), J. Aracil (UAM), A. Ferreiro (TID), J. P. Fernandez-Palacios (TID), O. Gonzalez de Dios (TID), Migration Strategies Toward All Optical Metropolitan Access Rings, Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 25, No. 8, pp. 1918 - 1930, August 2007. • C. Raffaelli (DEIS-UNIBO), L. Wosinska (KTH), N. Andriolli (SSSUP), F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), P. Castoldi (SSSUP), W. Kabacinski (PUT), G. Maier (PoliMI), A. Pattavina (PoliMI), L. Valcarenghi (SSSUP), Photonics in Switching in NoE e-Photon/One+, Proc. of ICTON 2007, Rome, Italy, July 2007. • L. Rea (FUB), C. Zema (FUB), S. Pompei (FUB), F. Matera (FUB), V. Martini (SSSUP), P. Castoldi (SSSUP), F. Baroncelli (SSSUP), B. Martini (SSSUP), Reti private virtuali automatizzate in reti di trasporto multi-vendor, Fotonica 2007, May 2007. • P. Castoldi (SSSUP), F. Cugini (SSSUP), L. Valcarenghi (SSSUP), N. Sambo (SSSUP), E. Le Rouzic (FT), J. Poirrier (FT), N. Andriolli (SSSUP), F. Paolucci (SSSUP), A. Giorgetti (SSSUP), Centralized vs. Distributed Approaches for Encompassing Physical Impairments in Transparent Optical Networks, ONDM, Athens, May 2007. • F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), L. Wosinska (KTH), M. Tornatore (PoliMI), F. Cugini (SSSUP), Research in Optical Transport Networks: the e-Photon/ONe+ experience, Proc. of ICTON 2007, Rome, July 2007. • C. Raffaelli (DEIS-UNIBO), L. Wosinska (KTH), N. Andriolli (SSSUP), F. Callegati (DEIS-UNIBO), P. Castoldi (SSSUP), W. Kabacinski (PUT), G. Maier (PoliMI), A. Pattavina (PoliMI), L. Valcarenghi (SSSUP), Photonics in Switching in NoE e-Photon/One+, Proc. of ICTON 2007, Rome, Italy, July 2007. • L. Valcarenghi (SSSUP), R. Inkret (TELFER), B. Mikac (TELFER), A. Pattavina (PoliMI), M. Tornatore (PoliMI), M. Pickavet (IBBT), K. Wajda (AGH), L. Wosinska (KTH), Which resilience for optical internet? An e-Photon/ONe+ outlook, ICTON2007, Rome, July 2007. • N. Skorin-Kapov (TELFER), N. Puech (GET), A Self-Organizing Control Plane for Failure Management in Transparent Optical Networks, Proceedings of IWSOS2007, pp. 131-145, September 2007. • N. Sengezer (BILKENT), B. Puype (IBBT), E. Karasan (BILKENT), M. Pickavet (IBBT), A Comparative Study of Single-Layer and Multi-Layer Traffic Engineering Approaches on Transparent Optical Networks, 9th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, ICTON '07, Rome, Italy, July 2007. • N. Skorin-Kapov (TELFER), N. Puech (GET), O. Tonguz (Carnegie Mellon University), Self-Organization in Transparent Optical Networks: A New Approach to Security, Proceedings of ConTEL 2007, pp. 7-14, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2007. • R. Romeral (UC3M), D. Staessens (IBBT), D. Larrabeiti (UC3M), M. Pickavet (IBBT), P. Demeester (IBBT), End-to-end Survivable Connections in Multi-Domain GMPLS Networks, VI Workshop in G/MPLS networks, Girona, April 2007.

  8. Mobility Actions • UC3M -> IBBT • Ricardo Romeral (from 06/11/2006 to 08/12/2006) • SSSUP -> FT • Nicola Sambo (from 27/01/2007 to 27/03/2007) • SSSUP -> KTH • Valerio Martini (from 19/04/07 to 19/07/07) • AGH -> FT • Jacek Rzasa-Rafał Watza (from 27/09/2007 to 14/10/2007) • Several mobility actions in JP-B and JP-G are also related to VD-C topics

  9. Educational Activities • Support to collecting material for the common curriculum • Optical Core Networks • Photonics in Switching • OBS book • First draft with summary of content in 5 chapters collecting contributions from 16 partners • Available on the e1+ web site under VD-C Working Area • Proposal submitted to Cambridge University Press • Request for more “educational style” book, with exercises, case studies etc. • Considered rather difficult to achieve in this topic • Slightly adjust and resubmit • Currently under review Springer • First comments from Catherine Brett, senior editorial assistant • “… we have received some very positive review feedback for your book proposal and from the series editor for our ‘Computer Communications and Network’ (CCN) series …”

  10. Role and Contribution of Partners • Point system to check partners involvement • Participation to meetings (either plenary or between partners) : 1 point per meeting • Presentation at project plenary meetings: 1 point per meeting • Joint paper contribution: • long credited journal paper: 3 points • letter paper, major conferences, e1+ sponsored conferences: 2 points • other conferences not sponsored by e1+ : 1 point • Mobility: 1 point per week, 2 for a month, 4 for two months and over. • Teaching material • in English (ca 25-30 slides): 2 points • In other language: 0.5 point • Contribution to deliverables (some pages): • 1 points per technical deliverable (general single partner contribution) • 2 points per technical deliverable (if preparing ad hoc material) • Bonus to advisory board and more active members: 1 point

  11. JAs OPS • Effectiveness of congestion resolution schemes • Time VS wavelength scheduling • Very little “engineering” suggestions on congestion resolution in OPS • Congestion resolution in the wavelength or time domain alone is always worst than a combined approach • Just one delay provides a great performance improvement • Non trivial: with smart wavelength conversion techniques (VB), limited range conversion may perform better than full conversion • Maintain packet order in OPS networks with a fixed packet size • Evaluate the performance benefits vs. cost of using synchronization stages to align packets at the switch inputs • Sequence can be enforced with little complexity and good effectiveness if a synch stages is added at the switches

  12. JAs : Resilience and multi-layer TE • Resilience • Effect of outdated information on call blocking in a WDM network with shared backup resources • Intra-domain protection: design p-cycles spanning between more domain • Multi-domain resilience issue • Multy-layer • Multi-Layer MultiCast (MLMC) • A Comparative Study of Single-layer and Multi-layer Traffic Engineering with Dynamic Logical Topology Construction • Multilayer Switching Algorithm for an All-Optical Router • Implementation and experimental verification of a multi-layer integrated routing scheme for traffic engineering

  13. JAs : control plane • Extend control plane and traffic engineering to consider multi-layer information • Advanced connectivity service provisioning in GMPLS networks • QoT-aware control plane • Dynamic optical circuit-switched transport networks: study of the efficiency in IP transport and technical implementation of network solution

  14. Final Comments • VD-C achieved durable integration by • Promoting joint research activities (JAs) • Identify new key research topics • Create common expertise and methodology • Joint Research Activities (JAs) are key to “integration” • Quality and quantity of research improved • Several outputs would not be achievable without collaboration • Strengthened mutual knowledge • Favour mobility • Learn to delegate problems to others • Share tools and instruments • Re-focusing of research is a longer term effect of integration • See further together than the isolated groups can see isolated