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Leslie Saunders Insurance & Marketing International PowerPoint Presentation
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Leslie Saunders Insurance & Marketing International

Leslie Saunders Insurance & Marketing International

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Leslie Saunders Insurance & Marketing International

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  1. Leslie SaundersInsurance & Marketing International1535 North Dale MabryLutz, FL 33548800-523-0146813-949-8964813-949-9655 (fax)Email :

  2. Leslie Saunders Insurance & Marketing International We are Licensed Insurance Brokers placing Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, 401k Plans, Property, Liability, and Workers' Compensation for WBE Companies in all 50 states. Our agency is woman owned and staffed, WBENC certified, and among the top 1% in premium size of all independent agencies in the U.S.

  3. Leslie SaundersInsurance & Marketing International • We fulfill the Supplier Diversity goals of all our clients – small or large – • Woman-Owned Businesses • Prime Contractors • Corporate Buyers

  4. Leslie SaundersInsurance & Marketing International With over twenty-five years experience, LSIMI provides innovative Employee Benefit and Property & Casualty Solutions for WBE, MBE, DBE businesses, government agencies and corporations.

  5. MEMBERSHIPS & CERTIFICATIONS • A certified Women-owned/Minority/ Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (WBE/MBE/DBE) with clients throughout the United States, LSIMI is certified by more than 50 certifying and/or government agencies and corporations. Corporations include: • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and its corporate members, including: -Avis Car Rental -American Airlines -Sears -JC Penney

  6. MEMBERSHIPS & CERTIFICATIONS • Leslie Saunders, president & CEO, is on the Board of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council • LSIMI is a Member of the Airport Minority Advisory Council and Airport Council International (ACI)

  7. Why are we certified? We use our certification to reach customers on two levels:

  8. Second Level– The hidden jewel in the crown: otherwoman-ownedbusinesses. Through WBENC, and other organizations like WPO and Airport Minority Advisory Council, we meet peers who would otherwise not be known to us. Because we have commonneeds and commoninterests, we are buying from each other, building a good old girl network. Of course one must possess a good product, ability to deliver at a competitive price, and good follow up on service.

  9. First Level (and hardest to achieve)– That desired contract with a Fortune 1000 company. Yes, it is great but– • Can you deliver on a national basis? • Can you carry the financial burden of waiting for payment? • Will it be profitable?

  10. Even experienced companies like mine can get so excited by the call to write the contract that one can lose sight of the costs and margins.

  11. How many loss leaders can you afford? Sometimes it is worthwhile because it can lead to other things, but usually it is not prudent.

  12. You must remember – most corporate buyers are reluctant to change even a badvendor. It is human nature. They are fearful of a “small company.” They are in a comfort zone. It is important to build a network around these people.

  13. Learn to play GOLF.

  14. And remember: “NO” does not mean “NEVER” – it just means not today.

  15. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. Certification is not a guarantee of business – it is not for everyone.

  16. For us, it is more than a marketing tool. It is a way of life. We help others become certified, mentor other woman-owned businesses, form joint ventures looking for more of the 3% corporate spend.