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Brewood A Village Comparison PowerPoint Presentation
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Brewood A Village Comparison

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Brewood A Village Comparison - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brewood A Village Comparison
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  1. Brewood A Village Comparison

  2. Brewood Canals In Brewood the main water way is a canal called The Shropshire Union canal. It runs through Brewood, near the centre. Lots of boats run along this canal and sometimes some of the people that live on the barges stop at Brewood and have a short holiday there. It is sixty-six miles long! The canal is man-made. The canal is surrounded by trees! But there is one side of the canal that you can walk along. Because the canal is surrounded by trees it is usually quiet and peaceful. Apart from other walkers and the occasional passing boat. The path on the side of the canal is called the towpath. It was built because in the past the boats didn’t have engines, so they tied the front of the boat to a horse, that would walk along the toe path. And pull the boat!

  3. Perton Lakes There are several different types of birds on the lakes, such as: swans, ducks, Canada geese, herons, moorhens and occasionally more! Above is one of the Perton lakes. It is the upper lake. This lake has an island in the middle and is located near a small area of shops and park. The lower lake is situated by a main road, near a pub. The lower lake does not have an island in the middle. To the right is the lower lake. Both lakes are man made. They were made because before the houses on Perton were built, Perton was just a big air field. But it was very wet in this area, so people built this lake to hold all the water. After a while, no one used the air field, so they built the houses. But they never got rid of the lakes.

  4. Brewood Church Brewood church is nine hundred years old! It is made of stone and has a tall steeple. It has a large graveyard and inside the church it has several tombs. This church is called St Chads and St Mary's. The church in Brewood has huge stained glass windows. Like all churches, St Chads and St Mary's church faces the east, to remind us were Jesus was born. Unlike all other churches Brewood church has two fonts, because some one stole the one font they had at first so they bought another one. But about a year later someone discovered the font in their back garden, it was been used as a bird bath! Any way, the person that had found the font in their garden brought it back to the church. So now they have two fonts. In Brewood church there is an organ, Which is played every week in services. You play it with your hands and feet!

  5. Perton Church Perton Church is in the small area of shops. It does not have an organ like Brewood church, it does have services every week like Brewood church though. Perton church does not have stain glass windows. Perton church has a kitchen, unlike St Chads and St Marys Perton church does not have a grave yard. Perton church is not nearly as big as Brewood church. Perton church does not have a steeple. Perton church has a bell like St Chads and St Marys that rings every time a service is held. The church in Perton is right by this lake. (Left.) The lake to the left is the Upper lake. In Perton church there are no pews to sit on, they have chairs instead.(In St Marys and St Chads there are pews). Perton church is less than thirty years old. Perton Church is situated near a park. Back to Brewood church.

  6. Perton Shops And Services There are two other shops too. Like the fish and chip shop, and the estate agents where they show houses for sale. As well as a supermarket in Perton there are a few separate shops and services, such as: the news paper shop (Martins), the pet shop, Premier, Flamingo restaurant , the hair dressers, Ellie Louise, Home and Motor save, The Bank, Lloyds Pharmacy and the charity shop. There is actually another shop called Martins too! In Perton there are lots of shops, including a supermarket called Sainsbury’s. It sells mainly food and drink…but it also sells some children's toys, pet food magazines, flowers and more! Back to Brewood shops. In the paper shop (Martins) there is a a post office.

  7. Brewood Shops And Services The shops in Brewood are all separate. The sort of shops that you will find there include: Grocery's, bakers, butchers, flower arranging shops and of course Coopers. In Brewood there is not a large super market, just a small Spar and lots of separate shops. There are also services such as: Police station, hairdressers, places to pick up brochures for holidays and even places to getyour nails painted, and don’t forget the tea room, The Mess! There is another service…the two hotels! One is called The Lion Hotel the other is called The Swan Hotel. How do these compare to Perton shops?

  8. Brewood War Memorial The Brewood war memorial is there so people can remember all the people that died in the war. It is situated in the church grave yard. (top left.) The Brewood war memorial is different to the Perton war memorial because it is carved, whereas the Perton memorial has a plate on the side of a very large rock. How does the Brewood war memorial compare to the Perton Memorial?

  9. Perton War Memorial The Perton RAF Memorial is just a plate on the side of a very big rock. It is by the back of the supermarket Sainsbury’s. It is also located next to the car park. It is about 1.0m tall, 1.25m long and its width at the most it is one metre. Each year on the closest Sunday to the 11th of November some people from the church have a service and that is when they put the poppies round the war memorial. The Brownies, Guides and Scouts groups join in a service every year. Back to Brewood war memorial.

  10. Brewood Houses In Brewood there are quite a few cottages. In Brewood most of the houses are old fashioned. There are a lot of the houses that are made of different materials. Such as timber, brick and stone. In Brewood there is a large detached pink house called The Beeches. It is called The Beeches because in the garden surrounding the house are lots of Beech trees. Speedwell castle(above) is in the centre of Brewood, it is a fairly tall building, and has beautiful window frames. It is used nowadays as flats. How does these compare to Perton houses?

  11. Perton Houses In Perton there are several different types of houses, including:detached, semi-detached, flats and more. There are even a few cottages! Pretty much all the houses are modern, most of them are less than thirty five years old! Whereas in Brewood most of the houses are very old because Brewood is an old village. Hardly any of the houses in Perton are not made of brick.That is because… of course, almost every house in Perton is modern, and brick is probably the most modern house building material. Most of the houses in Perton have gardens, but of course, there are those houses that don’t have gardens such as flats.

  12. Brewood Street Furniture The red box below is an old fashioned phone box. There are not many red phone boxes round any more because mobile phones have been invented…and most people have them, so people don’t use them any more. And even if some one who doesn’t have a mobile, there are more modern phone boxes to use. But because Brewood is an old village, there are a few red phone boxes left. The street furniture in Brewood is old fashioned. They are old fashioned because Brewood is an old village. On the right is a Victorian streetlamp, this type of street lamp is now electric. Every night someone used to go round with a ladder (in Victorian times) and something to light the lamps with, they would rest the top of the ladder on the two small poles sticking out either side of the lamp, then they would climb up the ladder and open the little window and then they would light it, job done! (Above)This used to be a trough for horses. It has a water pump and a trough underneath for the water to flow into. The horses would walk past and have a drink. Nowadays it is used as a flowerpot. How do these compare to Perton’s modern street furniture?

  13. Perton Street Furniture In Perton all the bins are made of metal and the colour of them is blue. In Perton there are several different types of streetlamps. There are the streetlamps on car parks, like the one on the bottom right, streetlamps for lighting up the shopping area like the one on the left and the ones on the side of roads, which is on the right. If you look on the left side of the screen you will notice a modern telephone box. The post boxes in Perton are red with a black band painted round the bottom.