march 14 2013 q 2 pg n.
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March 14, 2013 Q-2 Pg. PowerPoint Presentation
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March 14, 2013 Q-2 Pg.

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March 14, 2013 Q-2 Pg. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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March 14, 2013 Q-2 Pg. Science Starter : What does the Law of Conservation of Matter tell us? What are at least 2 processes that illustrate the Law of Conservation of Matter. List two ways that carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere. List two organisms that contain carbon as a solid. .

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march 14 2013 q 2 pg

March 14, 2013 Q-2 Pg.

  • Science Starter:
  • What does the Law of Conservation of Matter tell us?
  • What are at least 2processes that illustrate the Law of Conservation of Matter.
  • List two ways that carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere.
  • List two organisms that contain carbon as a solid.

Daily Goal:We will be able to explain why we never run out of carbon.

Homework: Complete your daily carbon cycle log

the nitrogen cycle
The Nitrogen Cycle
  • The Nitrogen Cycle – the series of processes which shows how nitrogen is recycled throughout the environment
why is the nitrogen important
Why is the nitrogen important?


  • Nitrogen is important because it makes
    • amino acids and
    • nucleic acids.

Scholarly Word Alert!

DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid

why is nitrogen important
Why is nitrogen important?
  • 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen gas (N2), but plants and animals can’t use it!
the nitrogen cycle1
The Nitrogen Cycle
  • Nitrogen gas (N2) must be broken down by lightning, fire, or bacteria before plants & animals can use it.
the nitrogen cycle2
The Nitrogen Cycle
  • There are four forms of Nitrogen.
    • Nitrogen gas (N2)
    • Nitrite (NO2-)
    • Nitrate (NO3- )
    • Ammonium ion (NH4+ )
  • Plants and animals can only take in nitrate(NO3- ) and ammonia (NH4+ ).
  • Nitrogen Fixation–when bacteria“fix” nitrogen from the air so the plants can use it
table group points
Table Group Points!
  • What forms of nitrogen can plants and animals use?

Nitrate and Ammonia

how does nitrogen fixation occur
How does nitrogen fixation occur?
  • Bacteria, that live on the roots of some plants, change nitrogen into ammonia, a form of nitrogen plants can use.
  • Denitrification – is when bacteria recycle nitrogen back to the atmosphere.
    • Ammoniain the soil is converted back into nitrogen gas (N2)
the nitrogen cycle3
The Nitrogen Cycle
  • Animals (including humans) get nitrogen by eating plants.
  • Allnitrogen obtained by animals can be traced back to the eating of plants.
  • Ammonification - When plants and animals die, their bodies decompose and release ammonia back into the soil for plants to use.
table group point
Table Group Point!
  • What else happens when living things decompose? Hint: Think of another cycle that we know.
human impact
Human Impact
  • Burning fossil fuels and wood contributes to a large amount of nitric oxide in the atmosphere. 
  • Nitric oxide can combine with oxygen gas to form acid rain.  The acid can damage trees and kill fish. 
table group point1
Table Group Point!
  • Acid rain speeds up another process that we learned about that is part of another cycle. What process does acid rain speed up?

Understand? Take a stand!

  • I will read a question.
  • When you know the answer, stand up!
  • I will call on students who are standing. If you answer correctly, you will get a point. If you answer incorrectly, sit down.

Where do animals get nitrogen?

By eating plants which have nitrogen!


What 3 ways can nitrogen gas be breakdown so that plants can use it?

By lightning, bacteria and fire!



  • Choose and answer 3 of the questions on the following slide. Be sure to write the QUESTION and the answer.

Explain two waysthat nitrogen gas in the atmosphere is changed into nitrogen compounds that plants can use.

  • Compare and contrast the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle. List at least one way that they are similar AND one way that they are different.
  • List at least two ways in which nitrogen can get into the ground.
  • Does the nitrogen cycle ever end? Explain your answer in at least two complete sentences.
  • Without bacteria, what would happen to the nitrogen cycle? Explain why.