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Warm-ups. PHS 2013-2014. WARM UP DAY 1. What does your dream classroom look like? What is the teacher like? What are the students like?. WARM- UP DAY 2. What conclusions can you make about someone’s personality just by looking at them?. WARM-UP DAY 3.

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  1. Warm-ups PHS 2013-2014

  2. WARM UP DAY 1 • What does your dream classroom look like? What is the teacher like? What are the students like?

  3. WARM- UP DAY 2 What conclusions can you make about someone’s personality just by looking at them?

  4. WARM-UP DAY 3 • Do you think identical twins have identical personalities? Why or why not?

  5. WARM-UP DAY 4 • Look at the before and after pictures of Lady Gaga. What parts of her environment do you think played a role in this change? • www.insite.info.com

  6. WARM-UP DAY 5 • List 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages to having siblings (sisters and brothers).

  7. WARM-UP DAY 6 • List the factors you consider when making a decision. • www.webpages.scu.edu

  8. WARM-UP DAY 7 • What do you think the word RIVALRY means? • www.conflictdynamics.com

  9. WARM-UP DAY 8 • List the top three causes for fights with your parents, siblings or friends. Draw from your own personal experience. • www.conflictdynamics.com

  10. WARM-UP DAY 9 • What is the most important factor in conflict resolution? • www.kcts9.org

  11. WARM-UP DAY 10 • Which of the following conflict resolutions styles are effective ALL of the time? • Avoidance, Accommodating to Requirements, Compromise, Problem Solving, and Separation.

  12. WARM UP DAY 11 Define the following terms: Feedback Mixed Messages Communication Prejudice

  13. WARM UP DAY 12 • List the members of your family and use one adjective to describe each member.

  14. WARM UP DAY 13 • Can a nuclear family become a step family? What has to happen? • Can a step family become a nuclear family?

  15. WARM UP DAY 14 • What do you think of when you see the word CULTURE?

  16. WARM UP DAY 15 • What family structure used to be the norm twenty years ago? (nuclear, step, extended…) • Why is it different today? What changes have occurred? VS.

  17. WARM UP DAY 16 • What is it about a family that makes it successful? List some attributes that healthy families have.

  18. WARM UP DAY 17 • In your own words, have you been closer to your immediate or extended family? Why?

  19. WARM UP DAY 18 • Describe what you think you’ll be like in 20 years: • How will you look? Act? Work? Live?

  20. WARM UP DAY 19 • Think about your ultimate goal. List 3 obstacles that you might encounter while attempting to reach this goal.

  21. WARM UP DAY 20 • What industry (area of work) do you think these pictures are displaying?

  22. WARM UP DAY 21 • How do you determine what type of job you would enjoy? • Write down some of your hobbies and brainstorm occupations that include those skills. (ex. If you love football you might become a sports broadcaster)

  23. WARM UP DAY 22 • How does substance abuse affect: • Your job? • Your finances? • Your friends and family?

  24. WARM UP DAY 23 • Is this a professional outfit for a teacher? Why or why not?

  25. WARM UP DAY 25 • List four items of clothing appropriate for the following jobs: • Architect • Mechanic • Graphic Designer

  26. WARM UP DAY 26 • Describe what the word appropriate means when it comes to professional dress.

  27. WARM UP DAY 27 • Brainstorm sources of stress. Think about the amount of stress from each source and write down the top three.

  28. WARM UP DAY 28 Some questions are illegal during an interview. Brainstorm topics that should be off limits.

  29. WARM UP DAY 29 • Write your answer to the interview question: • “What is your greatest mistake? What did you learn from it?"

  30. WARM UP DAY 30 • What do you think are some reasons people get into conflicts at work? List four.

  31. WARM UP DAY 31 • What does the word Finance mean to you? • How do you decide how to spend your money?

  32. WARM UP DAY 32 • How do you determine what type of housing you should live in? List 4 factors you should consider.

  33. WARM UP DAY 33 • Refer to your warm-up from yesterday. What additional factors did you consider before choosing your housing? • Find the budget allowance for housing for the following monthly salaries: • $1,000 • $2,000 • $5,000

  34. WARM UP DAY 34 • What does the word UTILITIES mean? • How can you change the amount of money you spend on utilities?

  35. WARM UP DAY 35 • List 2 advantages and disadvantages of driving an SUV.

  36. WARM UP DAY 36 • Imagine I just gave you $10,000. Write an informal budget on how you plan to spend this money.

  37. WARM UP DAY 37 • What do you think the word CRISIS means?

  38. WARM UP DAY 38 • Refer to your chosen family crisis- how would you react to this crisis: • Financially? • Emotionally? • Physically (think back to the unit on stress)

  39. WARM UP DAY 39 • Think of what your dream fundraiser would look like. Imagine that you had to bring in money for a charity- what would your fundraiser look like?

  40. WARM UP DAY 40 • List out your two resources and the people that they serve. • List out some times when you would use this resource.

  41. WARM UP DAY 41 • What do you think the terms SPECIAL NEEDS means?

  42. WARM UP DAY 42 • What is the difference between physical and mental disabilities? • List two examples for each.

  43. WARM UP DAY 42 • What is the greatest risk factor for having a child with down syndrome? • Is down syndrome a physical or mental disability?

  44. WARM UP DAY 43 • What causes autism? • List three types of Autism

  45. WARM UP DAY 44 • Did you like the Todd Parr book It’s Okay to be Different? • Think of a time when you were younger where you felt different

  46. WARM UP DAY 45 • Define special needs. • Compare the definition you knew before last week to what you know now. What has changed?

  47. WARM UP DAY 46 • Brainstorm topics that would be easily portrayed through children’s books. What subjects would you use in children’s books to help them understand tough topics?

  48. WARM UP DAY 47 • What is the appropriate way to hold an infant?

  49. WARM UP DAY 48 • What is the nursery? When can I put my flour baby in the nursery?

  50. WARM UP 49 • What do you assume would be the hardest part of caring for an infant?

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