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Max Foundation (Stichting Max)

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Max Foundation (Stichting Max)

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Max Foundation (Stichting Max)

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  1. Max Foundation (Stichting Max)

  2. Max Foundation prevents child mortality in Bangladesh in a transparent and efficient fashion Summary • Prevents child mortality through the combination of • Wells • Latrines • Information • In a transparent fashion • Invests scarce resources where the result is largest • No overhead charges: all operational costs are reimbursed by board • Feedback on donation through fotographs

  3. Child mortality in Bangladesh is 9%, almost 20 times more than in the Netherlands Health comparison Bangladesh and Netherlands More than half driven by diarrea and water related infection

  4. The foundation is named after Max and stands also for other children who passed away But also:RomyMeikeKasper Victor Sophia

  5. The Max foundation chose Bangladesh because there it can achieve most with the least Why sanitation in Bangladesh? • High impact because of relatively high preventable child mortality • Low cost because of soft ground and extreme poverty • Many users per well because of high population density • Robustness of result because of social stability

  6. Aungkur Aloshikha SLOPB Max Foundation operates in the relatively poor south with three partner organisations Activities in Bangladesh

  7. People wash themselves in extremely dirty rivers …

  8. …and live near shallow, polluted ponds from which they often drink

  9. The digging of the wells is completely done by hand

  10. The result is a clean water well without arsenic contamination €450 Total cost €100 Local contribution €350 Max Foundation Village provides: -200 signatures -Maintenance committee -Village responsible -Local contribution (€100)

  11. The improvement in water quality is enormous 15 randomly visited villages claimed: “Since we have the wells and latrines are children have virtually no more diarrea” “no more scabies since we wash ourselves in clean water” In some villages not a single child had died since the sanitation was provided

  12. The possibility to ‘sponsor’ a well proved very popular

  13. So far more than 500 villages received sanitation

  14. Also air-sealed latrines are less glamorous but just as important Because of the air-seal, flies can not access the faeces and transfer diseases The foot rests minimize the amount of faeces carried back into the households Handwash water: the first sept to hygiene

  15. Besides the hardware (wells and latrines), the software is crucial

  16. Publicity has been very valuable fo the foundation Publicity Max Foundation

  17. Especially the newspapers and television Publicity Max Foundation

  18. Stichtingen Cordaid Simavi Stichting Porticus Oxfam Novib Bradshaw foundation NCDO Aqua for all Stichting Janssenfonds Stichting van Kampen Rabobank Foundation Stichting Imelda Willem van Nus Stichting Havenzicht Stichting Teja Verenigingen Club Escape Voorthuizen – Barneveld Harvard Business School Ronde Tafel Santpoort Ronde Tafel Kennemerland Ladies Circle Utrechtse Heuvelrug Vereeniging Oud Leeden Oranje Plantage Groep Golfers ‘’De Nok” Bedrijven Achmea Zorg Bowls & Dishes Snoozebaby H20+ Metaglas Hevo den Bosch, afdeling P&O ING Private Banking Rabobank Tilburg Stal Jaspers Johnson & Johnson The Lion King NCRV: Praatjesmakers & Willeke Alberti Het PR-bureau Kinderchreche UK de Zon Green Park Hotel keten Heineken Henst & Lunsen Assurantie Adviseurs BV Becurious Lostgirl Publicworks Vagro Pecuniae Societae Bongers Media, Kelpen Europesche Verzekeringen, Hevo VNU-Intermediair Obvion Hypotheken Tias Opleidingen Van den Hoven Assurantiën Potosi BV Console The foundation receives support from many foundations, service clubs and companies Publicity Max Foundation

  19. So far the foundation made progress but the need still is huge • The foundation proved the micro-sanitation approach… • Simple • Scalable • Robust • …And showed results • 500 deep tube wells • 100.000 people provided with sanitation • But the number of people without access to clean water still is huge • 40+ million in Bangladesh alone • 200+ million in India • 1+ Billion in the world

  20. Max Foundation won the best ‘do-er’ award at the KPA-Wildeganzendag

  21. You can help in various ways • Sponsor a well for €350 (the local population provides remaining €100) • For special events such as weddings, jubilee’s, births, ask for donations to the foundation instead of gifts • Make a direct donation • Promote the Max Foundation

  22. Contact details Actually, Account:, Bloemendaal, NL Donations are tax deductible From abroad Paypal is easiest (via site) IBAN: NL36ABNA0505107333 BIC (SWIFT): ABNANL2A. Zuider Stationsweg 5NL-2061 HC, Bloemendaal+31-23-5263317