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Committee Working Session. June 14, 2011. Today’s Agenda. Welcome Dennis Blunt, CEE Co-Chair, Community Volunteer Review Bold Goal draft Rudy Gomez, SSA Consultants and Karen Profita , United Way

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Committee working session

Committee Working Session

June 14, 2011

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

  • Welcome

    Dennis Blunt, CEE Co-Chair, Community Volunteer

  • Review Bold Goal draft

    Rudy Gomez, SSA Consultants and Karen Profita, United Way

  • Recap CEE work-to-date that identifies potential topics for development of strategic plan objectives

    Yvette Marsh, MBA, Facilitator, SSA Consultants

  • Open discussion about potential topics

    Yvette Marsh and Rudy Gomez, SSA Consultants

Today s agenda continued
Today’s Agenda continued

  • “Dots” exercise to finalize topics for development of strategic plan objectives

    Yvette Marsh and Rudy Gomez, SSA Consultants

  • Review subcommittee basics: organization and operation

    Rudy Gomez

  • Next steps and wrap-up

Bold goal draft
Bold Goal Draft

  • Ad hoc group met on Friday, June 3rd

    • Reviewed Bold Goal input received from individual CEE members and group input from CEE May 31st meeting

    • Reviewed different statement types/designs (from other school districts) for our Bold Goal statements

    • Developed a draft statement for the CEE to consider

Cee input education received
CEE Input: Education Received

  • nationally competitive preK-12 education

  • guarantee that every student in our system and in our community receives a world-class education

  • globally-competitive

  • comprehensive education that enables students to compete in a global environment

  • an education that propels their children towards their dreams and prepares them and our community for a bright and prosperous future

  • an excellent education to all students that prepares them for future success in college and/or in the workplace of the future

Cee input school system descriptors
CEE Input: School System Descriptors

  • school system of choice for all families in our parish

  • a viable alternative to the private schools in our area

  • high-performing: a top 10 school district in Louisiana by 2015

  • will attract new students and meet/accelerate the trajectories of all existing students

  • achieving district-wide success with high-poverty schools

  • within five years the assessment scores for this system will be among the top 15 in the State

  • in 10 years we will be ranked in the top 10

  • educating a student body that reflects the demographics of EBRP, e.g., race, wealth, gender

Cee input priority hows to achieve goal vision
CEE InputPriority “Hows” to Achieve Goal/Vision

  • Staff

  • Performance Accountability

  • Choice/Options

  • Partnerships

  • Other Resources

Cee input how staff
CEE Input: How – Staff

  • hiring the most highly-skilled educators, attract and retain the best teachers

  • attract, develop, and retain human talent

  • attract top talent in education

  • employ only the most competent and committed teachers and principals

Cee input how performance accountability
CEE Input: How – Performance Accountability

  • set goals that are only related to student achievement outcomes

  • actively monitoring and assessing student and school performance

  • setting high expectations for all students, based in the belief that all students can learn and can be effectively led to learn

    • set high expectations for students, faculty, and staff

  • all decisions affecting student outcomes will place the interest of students first

    • increase academic achievement across the board...when we discuss achievement gaps, always include “while raising the bar for all groups”

    • competent and informed governance structures

Cee input how choice options
CEE Input: How – Choice/Options

  • multiple magnets and neighborhood schools

  • provide the appropriate choice of educational opportunities

  • array of effective educational options for magnet, charter, virtual, home, etc. (“choice”)

Cee input how partnerships
CEE Input: How – Partnerships

  • building close community partnerships between students, teachers, families, and community

Cee input priority challenges
CEE Input: Priority Challenges

  • capacity issues; RSD schools holding unfilled space as don't have full enrollments; having to use dollars to add on to existing schools making them too large and creating too long of distances from the communities the families live...

  • capacity issue then leads to transportation issues

  • dis-engaged citizens (especially middle class) who feel they were pushed out of our system through many years of across-town busing

  • lack of neighborhood schools which limits cohesiveness within the student body and limits parent involvement, limits awareness of schools strengths and weaknesses

Cee input priority challenges continued
CEE Input: Priority Challenges continued

  • inability to compete with private schools except in few cases

  • poor performance and graduation rates

  • students unprepared to go to work or on to further education

  • high level of poverty – students in poverty are just as capable as those with more resources, however, we must acknowledge and plan for their real needs which typically are more costly

  • we may need to have lower class sizes district-wide to provide for more individualized attention, may need more remedial services, may need more mentors, etc. than a school district without this demographic profile

  • poor communication

Cee input how other resources
CEE Input: How – Other Resources

  • providing appropriate resources to students and staff

  • financial

  • challenging and developmentally-appropriate curricula

  • innovation

  • outside-the-box thinking

  • active experience-based curriculum that utilizes our unique qualities as a state (culturally, linguistically, and geographically)

  • appropriate learning environment

Three bold goal statement types
Three Bold Goal Statement Types

  • Type I: Headline

  • Type II: Mission

  • Type III: Hybrid/Bullet Points

Type i headline samples
Type I: Headline samples

  • The Zachary Community School System is recognized as a model of excellence serving all citizens.

  • The Cambridge Public Schools will be a diverse urban school system that works with families and the community to successfully educate all of its students at high levels.

Type ii mission sample
Type II: Mission sample

  • Pueblo City Schools – a unique educational community strengthened by its diversity, culture, and traditions – is to guarantee a world-class education that prepares graduates to succeed in a global society. This will be accomplished through innovative state-of-the-art technologies, superior curricula, and highly-skilled educators driven by active partnerships with students, families, and communities.

Type ii mission sample1
Type II: Mission sample

  • The mission of the Little Rock School District is to equip all students with the skills and knowledge to realize their aspirations, think critically and independently, learn continuously, and face the future as productive contributing citizens. This mission is accomplished through open access to a diverse, innovative, and challenging curriculum in a secure environment with a staff dedicated to excellence and empowered with the trust and support of our community.

Type ii mission the bold goal sample
Type II: Mission (the Bold Goal sample)

  • The EBR School District’s goal is to ensure that it provides the resources necessary for each student to have access and the opportunity to successfully complete a nationally-competitive preK-12 education, by offering a nationally-competitive education system strengthened by diversity, culture, and tradition.  It guarantees a quality education that prepares students to succeed in a global economy and society via superior curricula, highly-skilled educators, active monitoring and assessment of the system’s and student’s performance, and close partnership between students, teachers, families, and the community.

Type iii hybrid bullet points sample
Type III: Hybrid/Bullet Points sample

  • In the relentless pursuit of excellence, the West Feliciana Parish Schools will partner with parents and community members to create a dynamic learning community preparing students for a brighter future in an ever-changing world. It is our vision that:

    • Students will have a safe, physically comfortable, healthy, engaging, and challenging environment in an inclusive and diverse learning community.

    • Students will become creative, independent, responsible, and resilient students who will make valuable contributions to our global society.

    • Students will have the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success now and in the future.

    • Students will exhibit courage, integrity, compassion, and honesty.

    • Students will have families and homes where literacy is valued.

    • Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members will invest in our schools with the expectation that all will put forth their best efforts to make our schools successful.

    • Teachers and administrators will be dedicated to high expectations for themselves and their students.

Type iii hybrid bullet points sample1
Type III: Hybrid/Bullet Points sample

To be a model school district in which:

  • Students

    • Exhibit high standards of achievement, civic responsibility, and become accountable learners

    • Comprehend the interconnectedness of world cultures, are productive global citizens who are technologically proficient, problem solving critical thinkers

  • Staff

    • Imbeds mastery of BCSD 21st Century Student Performance Indicators in all subjects

    • Perform at the highest level by engaging all students with challenging, inspiring, and relevant instruction

  • Community Collaboration

    • Fosters community partnerships and support through transparency and accountability

    • Responsibly addresses financial needs of the school system and maximize utilization of resources

    • Continues strategic planning to achieve district goals

Draft bold goal developed 6 3 11
Draft Bold Goal (developed 6.3.11)

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System will be a top 10 Louisiana district by 2020, building an innovative and globally-competitive educational choice for all families.

Draft bold goal developed 6 3 111
Draft Bold Goal (developed 6.3.11)

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System will be a top 10 Louisiana district by 2020, building an innovative and globally-competitive educational choice for all families.

  • Comments and questions

  • Committee adoption …or back to the drawing board?

Topics for development of objectives
Topics for Development of Objectives

  • CEE Work-to-Date Includes:

    • SWOT Exercise (April)

    • APQC Spreadsheet: Summary of Facilitated Session (May)

    • CEE Input for Development of Bold Goal (May and June)

  • Our Task Tonight:

    • Review List of Potential Topics Developed through CEE Work

    • Massage the List

    • Finalize Short List of Priority Topics for Development of Strategic Plan Objectives by CEE Subcommittees

Work to date topics for objectives
Work-to-Date: Topics for Objectives

  • Community and parental involvement

  • Culture and Safety/School Climate

  • Governance/Financial Efficiency/Accountability

  • Culture and Safety/School Climate and Human Capital

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Public Perception /Communications

  • Neighborhood Schooling/School Choice/parental involvement

  • Career and/or college readiness

  • Truancy

  • Academic Expectations

Cee subcommittees
CEE Subcommittees

  • Organization and Operations

    • One subcommittee for each objectives topic

    • Led by Chairs or Co-chairs

    • CEE members will identify (by email) their top three subcommittee preferences

    • Subcommittee assignments made

    • Orientation session for Subcommittee Chairs: work process, engagement, work product, calendar, support

    • Subcommittees begin to meet and work

    • Subcommittee work product presentations to CEE

Wrap up

  • Much thanks to all of you!

  • Next steps

    • Look for email tomorrow requesting your subcommittee assignment priorities. Respond by close of business Thursday!

    • Orientation meeting with Subcommittee Chairs