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A Balanced Approach to Community Tennis

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A Balanced Approach to Community Tennis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Balanced Approach to Community Tennis. Maintaining Community Impact AND Fiscal Stability. What’s at Stake. Most of us believe that tennis is a vehicle for something more… Examples? What do our mission statements say?. THEORY OF CHANGE.

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A Balanced Approach to Community Tennis

Maintaining Community Impact


Fiscal Stability

What’s at Stake

Most of us believe that tennis is a vehicle for something more…

Examples?What do our mission statements say?


If you start with “A”and you add “B”your result will be “C”

“C” is the ‘societal need’ you and your stakeholders want to address.

What’s at Stake

Financial Health – an example

  • Sufficient income to ensure stable programming
  • Internal source of cash or ready access to cash in times of shortfall
  • Engage in income-based, rather than budget-based spending
  • At the end of each year, retain a positive cash fund balance (surplus)
  • In years where a deficit does occur, have accumulated surplus sufficient to cover the current year's deficit
  • Established (or has plans to establish) an operating reserve to finance growth and cash shortfalls
  • The board and management hold themselves responsible for the financial stability of the organization.
What’s Hanging in the Balance?

Today’s Question:

How is our community impactincreased or reduced

by our fiscal strength?

The Importance of a Plan

Our Strategic Plan is our Roadmap

Where are we now,

where do we want to go,

& how do we get there?

Community needs/occurrences help form or impact the plan
  • Tennis is cut or not offered in schools/community;
  • Physical Education is cut from local schools;
  • Inactive kids are finding trouble

Where do we find the resources to respond?

  • 30% High School Dropout Rate
  • Many schools have no phys ed
  • Juvenile obesity, diabetes
  • Juvenile crime
The Sportsmen’s Story
  • Fiscal Year: 2008
  • $200,000 in debt
  • $600,000 budget
  • Leaking roof, heat off
  • Working with less than 400 kids annually
  • Inside our 4 walls
Chapter 2
  • Fiscal Year 2011
  • No Debt
  • $1.3M Budget
  • Significant Facility Enhancements
  • 4,500 children annually
  • 15 school partnerships
How Did We Get Here

Strategic Plan in 2010

Identified our intendedbeneficiaries?

Determined the impact we want to have on those beneficiaries?

Determining Resource Needs
  • Often Overlooked
  • Many non-profit organizations don’t understand their operating costs
  • Understand the true cost of delivering every program in a sustainable and quality manner
Elements of our Turnaround
  • Tripled Fee-for-Service Revenue
  • Expanded hours
  • Creative adult tennis
  • Giving away memberships
Turnaround of Funding
  • < $50,000 in Grant Revenue to over $400,000
  • Multi-year grants
  • Branding
Facility Improvement Grants
  • Repaired roof
  • Factored utility costs into every program
  • STEC Pride Days
Successful Events: Evolution of ICIC

Industry & Community Investing in Children

Sportsmen’s Annual Event

Our Community Response

The Learning Center at Sportsmen’s

Match Point Community Partnership

the learning center
The Learning Center
  • K-12 Academic programs (up from K-5)
  • SAT Prep
  • GED Program
  • School-to-Sportsmen’s
match point community partnership
Match Point Community Partnership
  • Partnership Model of Community Impact
  • Boston Public Schools, Boston Police, Local Health Centers
  • Funding for the desired impact(not the process)