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Purchasing Department ADMTC/Building 2 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 Jim Warren, VCO PowerPoint Presentation
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Purchasing Department ADMTC/Building 2 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 Jim Warren, VCO

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Purchasing Department ADMTC/Building 2 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 Jim Warren, VCO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Doing Business with Eastern State Hospital. Purchasing Department ADMTC/Building 2 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 Jim Warren, VCO Director of Purchasing & Contracts TO ADVANCE USE THE PAGE DOWN KEY. PURCHASING DEPARTMENT.

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Purchasing Department ADMTC/Building 2 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 Jim Warren, VCO

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    1. Doing BusinesswithEastern State Hospital • Purchasing Department • ADMTC/Building 2 • 4601 Ironbound Road • Williamsburg, VA 23188 • Jim Warren, VCO • Director of Purchasing & Contracts • TO ADVANCE USE THE PAGE DOWN KEY

    2. PURCHASING DEPARTMENT • Overview- Public purchasing embraces a fundamental obligation to the general public to ensure that procurements are accomplished in accordance with the intent of the laws enacted by the legislative body. Eastern State Hospital is considered a “public body” and thereby bound by the Code of Virginia , Chapter 43, Title 2.2, Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA). Simply put we operate in a fish bowl. • -For all contracts between a state agency and a non-governmental vendor, the VPPA and the regulations set forth by the Division of Purchases & Supply, to include the Vendors Manual, apply regardless of the source of funds. These rules apply whether the consideration is monetary or non-monetary • - Vendors are highly encouraged to review the complete Commonwealth of Virginia’s Vendor Manual available by calling 804-786-3842 or on the web

    3. Structure- The Purchasing Department is staffed by professionals with that are members of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing (VAGP). The following individuals comprise the purchasing staff: • Jim Warren, VCO, Director of Purchasing & Contracts • 757-208-2951 (email: • Laura Gibbons, VCA, Purchasing Agent • 757-208-7950 (email: • Linda DeLauder, VCA, Purchasing Agent • 757-208-2949 (email: • Tammy Griffin, Purchasing Clerk • 757-208-7948 (email:

    4. Typical Goods & Services Purchased - Eastern State Hospital purchases a wide variety of goods and services similar to those of a private hospital. The driving factor in all purchases it to acquire those goods and services to best meet the needs of the patients we serve. Listed below is a sampling of the most common categories we purchase: • - automotive repair & replacement parts • - bakery items • - bio-medical/dental equipment & repair • - building maintenance and supplies to include HVAC • - clothing • - computers, accessories & supplies • - electrical equipment, supplies, accessories & parts • - foods, all categories • - hospital medical supplies • - janitorial supplies • - office supplies (all types) • - plumbing fixtures, equipment, materials and supplies • - police equipment & supplies • - professional and non-professional medical services • - vending services • - waste collection services

    5. Vendor Visits - We request that all vendors and company representatives contact the Purchasing Department prior to any visit or contact with Hospital Staff. To schedule a visit you may call 757-208-7948. When vendors visit ESH they must sign in at the Information Center to obtain a temporary Vendor ID Badge allowing access. The badges must be returned to Purchasing upon departure. • Gifts From Vendors - It is understood that in the private sector it may be common practice for some vendors to offer incentives in appreciation to their customers. It is advised that vendors do not offer any gift, gratuity, favor, or advantage to any state employee who exercises official procurement responsibility, develops procurement requirements, or otherwise influences procurement decisions. State employees may attend vendor-sponsored seminars or trade shows where purchasing staff will benefit from receiving product information and learn of new techniques and trends. • Preferences - ESH does not normally recognize preferences except in the event of a tie bid. Preference may then be given to Virginia persons, firms or corporations. Whenever any bidder is a resident of any other state and that state under its laws allows a resident contractor of that state a preference, a like preference may be allowed to the lowest responsible bidder who is a resident of Virginia.

    6. Mandatory Sources-As a state agency our facility is obligated to purchase goods or services from designated mandatory sources as listed by the Code. When available we must purchase from these sources: • - State Term Contracts • - Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) • - Division of Blind & Visually Impaired (DBVI) • - Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) • - Virginia Distribution Center (VDC) • - DGS/DPS Office of Graphic Communications (OGC) • - Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) • - DGS/Office of Fleet Management. • Goods or services not available from these sources may be purchased from other sources. • Public Posting - Solicitations and awards requiring public posting as prescribed by the Agency Procurement & Surplus Property Manual (APSPM) are posted on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s official internet procurement site called “eVA” ( There is a link on that web site to Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO).

    7. Small, Woman-Owned and Minority Businesses (SWaM). • The goal of the Commonwealth is that 40% of its purchases be made from small businesses. Small businesses shall include businesses that have received the DMBE small business certification, which shall not exclude women-owned and minority-owned businesses when they have received DMBE small business certification. Procurements up to $50,000 shall be set-aside exclusively for DMBE-certified small businesses. However, the procurement is exempted from the set-aside requirement if exempted from competitive requirements as stated in 1.5 b and d and e; or in 14.9 b items 1-4, 6-16, and 18-28; or is available from mandatory sources or non-mandatory sources in 2.1 and 2.2, stated in the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM) available on the web @ • Eastern State Hospital is committed to the spirit SWaM Program. Increasing competition makes good sense. It is extremely important to us that no vendor be excluded from fair and impartial participation in the purchasing process.

    8. Application and Registration- Vendors desiring to do business with Eastern State Hospital are encouraged to register with the Commonwealth’s electronic procurement system called “eVA” which can also increase their opportunities to do business with other state entities. • The Office of the Governor, Executive Order 65 (00), implemented electronic government in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In response the Division of Purchases & Supply establish by contract the official web site “eVA” to be the portal for all business with the Commonwealth. The system is Virginia’s business-to-government web site that is intended to open the door to increased business possibilities for vendors. It provides a round-the-clock venue for buyers and vendors and is where Virginia expects to spend more than $5 billion a year to deliver goods and services to support a variety of citizen programs. Specific details on registration are available on the internet @ • “eVA” is our first choice for vendor selection unless the purchase is an authorized exemption. Purchases from vendors not registered in “eVA” may only be made at the discretion of the Agency when all “eVA” sources have been exhausted to include mandatory sources.

    9. Application and Registration (continued) • In the event a vendor has difficulty registering with ‘eVA” vendors may provide information stating the goods and or services they can provide directly to ESH. Include your complete business name, address, payment address, phone number, fax number, Federal Identification Number (FIN) (usually the same as your tax ID), your DUNS # if available, company web-site (if available), and e-mail address. Forward the information to the address shown on page 1 or via email to any of the staff shown on page 5 of this presentation.