My big fat greek wedding
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Dr. M. Connor. From a rabbi’s sermon.

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From a rabbi s sermon
From a rabbi’s sermon

  • “A statement of what the modern family should expect to be in America, meaning that there’s some compromise between tradition and religious values and the need to progress. And somehow, in the final analysis, is everyone is willing to negotiate, you can come up with a bigger, better family.”

Joel Zwiek in the cap, directing a film

Importance of family
Importance of family

  • “that’s why it’s so important at the end that Ian’s family dances. And they’re involved. They’ve now become enveloped into this big loving family, and I think that’s a statement that just struck home with an enormous number of people. … We all have family.”


  • Xeno is Greek for foreigner. It’s what Greeks call people who aren’t Greek.

  • Nia Vardalos says she thinks it’s pretty ironic when Greeks living in America or Canada (where she grew up) call the others xenos, when it’s the GREEKS who are actually the foreigners.

One of the commandments
One of the commandments

  • “Give honour to your father and to your mother, so that your life may be long in the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

  • This is one of the reasons that many Americans still do what their parents tell them.

  • There is a lot of parental pressure in the US.

A greek orthodox church
A Greek Orthodox Church

The orthodox church bans statues, so instead the church is decorated with icons and mosaics, making it look very different.

Some greek foods
Some Greek foods

Ouzo, that makes the Millers sick at first


This is what Toula was eating when the blonde girls made fun of her. They called it “moose ca ca” (a child’s term for feces). She wanted to each Wonder Bread sandwiches (bland white food) like them. Later, at college, she is eating a Wonder Bread sandwich.

Families and weddings
Families and weddings

Toula pleases her family for the wedding. She becomes their doll.

After the ceremony
After the ceremony

When she’s in the car with Ian, she reclaims herself, wiping off the makeup and pulling much of the flounce off the dress.

Importance of family1
Importance of family

  • This shot of cousins dancing shows the joy of family life.

  • Although the family yells and fights, and the bottom is a deep love and joy.