chapter 45
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Chapter 45

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Chapter 45. The Medical Assistant as Office Manager. The Medical Assistant as Office Manager. Vast and diverse responsibilities Make travel arrangements Arrange and maintain practice insurance Supervise office personnel Approve financial transactions

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chapter 45

Chapter 45

The Medical Assistantas Office Manager

the medical assistant as office manager
The Medical Assistant as Office Manager
  • Vast and diverse responsibilities
    • Make travel arrangements
    • Arrange and maintain practice insurance
    • Supervise office personnel
    • Approve financial transactions
    • Supervise purchase and storage of office supplies
the medical assistant as office manager1
The Medical Assistant as Office Manager
  • Vast and diverse responsibilities
    • Staff meeting agenda, conduct meeting, record minutes
    • Purchase, repair, maintenance of office equipment
    • Assist in improving work flow
    • Create and update office procedure manual
    • Prepare patient education materials
qualities of a manager
Qualities of a Manager
  • Get the job done
  • Make process enjoyable
  • Leader versus manager
  • Effective communication skills
  • Fair-mindedness
  • Objectivity
qualities of a manager1
Qualities of a Manager
  • Organizational skills
  • People skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical expertise
  • Truthfulness
qualities of a manager2
Qualities of a Manager
  • Office manager attitude
    • Be wary of your mindset, it can derail you and your job as a manager
  • Professionalism
    • Exhibit professional behavior at all times
    • Office manager serves as liaison between provider, patient, other professionals
management styles
Management Styles
  • Authoritarian style
    • Try to control work to maximum extent possible
  • Participatory style
    • Use of teams to do work tasks
  • Management by walking around (MBWA)
    • Technique for keeping manager informed
risk management
Risk Management
  • Assesses risks and takes steps to develop contingencies that minimize risks
    • Loss of critical employee
    • Failure of supplier or contractor
    • Accidental disclosure of confidential information
    • Computer failure
    • Injury to staff member or nonemployee
    • Managerial position change
importance of teamwork
Importance of Teamwork
  • Improved efficiency of the office
  • Builds morale
  • Results in team member ownership
  • Builds self esteem
  • “Work smarter”
importance of teamwork1
Importance of Teamwork
  • Getting the team started
    • Results of clear vision, specific goals, well-planned strategy of team leader
    • Team members must understand and support specifics
importance of teamwork2
Importance of Teamwork
  • Getting the team started
    • Team should create own work statement
      • Ownership
      • Outlines specific tasks and sequential order
      • Ensures everyone works toward team goals and objectives
importance of teamwork3
Importance of Teamwork
  • Getting the team started
    • Pitfalls
    • Establish timetable for achieving results
    • Identify standards that must be maintained
importance of teamwork4
Importance of Teamwork
  • Using a team to solve a problem
    • Brainstorming
    • Prioritization of solutions
    • Benchmark your facility
importance of teamwork5
Importance of Teamwork
  • Planning and implementing a solution
    • Schedule and make assignments
    • Define resources of equipment and funds available
    • Assign problems to subteams
    • Continue to meet as subteams and discuss progress
  • Recognition
    • Develops team spirit
    • Sense of self-actualization
supervising personnel
Supervising Personnel
  • Office manager initiates staff and team meetings and officiates
supervising personnel1
Supervising Personnel
  • Staff and team meetings
    • Use of basic parliamentary procedure
    • Announce well in advance
    • Provide agenda
    • End with nonagenda items
    • Fixed time to end
    • Minutes of the meeting
supervising personnel2
Supervising Personnel
  • Conflict resolution
    • Solving problems between any two parties
    • Often caused by poor communication or misunderstandings
    • Effective communication goal for any manager
    • List of guidelines
harassment in the workplace
Harassment in the Workplace
  • Verbal or physical behavior/conduct:
    • Unwelcome
    • Based on protected class (e.g., race, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation)
    • Severe or pervasive
    • Has negative impact or creates hostile environment
harassment in the workplace1
Harassment in the Workplace
  • As manager, you are legally responsible for ensuring nondiscrimination and preventing harassment
  • Immediately contact your Human Resources Equal Opportunity Office (EOO)
  • Evaluate facts surrounding incident
  • Employer needs comprehensive policy that prohibits all types of harassment
supervising personnel3
Supervising Personnel
  • Assimilating new personnel
    • Goal is to make it happen as seamlessly as possible
    • Office manager and HR representative work together
supervising personnel4
Supervising Personnel
  • New personnel orientation
    • Orienting and training new employees to protocols and procedures unique to the practice
    • Procedure manual guide for new employees
    • Assign mentor to respond to questions new employees may raise
supervising personnel5
Supervising Personnel
  • Probation and evaluation
    • Probation period usually 60–90 days
    • Evaluation process
supervising personnel6
Supervising Personnel
  • Student practicums
    • Opportunity for student to apply theory learned in classroom to practical, hands-on experience
    • Externship or internship
    • Office manager should schedule information interview with student before practicum starts
    • Discuss expectations
    • Tour of facility
supervising personnel7
Supervising Personnel
  • Student practicums
    • Pretesting
    • Shadowing supervisor
    • Supervise and evaluate student’s progress
    • Explain each step and provide rationales
    • Demonstrate techniques
supervising personnel8
Supervising Personnel
  • Employees with chemical dependencies or emotional problems
    • Should be treated as ill
    • Approach constructively
    • Help employee to find support and counseling
    • Plan and create work environment that reduces stress
supervising personnel9
Supervising Personnel
  • Evaluating employees and salary review
    • Performance evaluation
      • No less than once per year
      • Formal or informal
      • One or more people
      • Self-evaluation
supervising personnel10
Supervising Personnel
  • Evaluating employees and salary review
    • Performance evaluation
      • Employee uses same form
      • Climate of evaluation
      • Handling negative performance
      • Closing
supervising personnel11
Supervising Personnel
  • Evaluating employees and salary review
    • Salary review
      • Separate from performance evaluation
      • May have to be raised by employee
      • Collect data prior to review by networking
      • Factors determining salary increases
        • Shortage of health care workers
        • Salary should match education, experience, training
supervising personnel12
Supervising Personnel
  • Dismissing employees
    • Involuntary dismissal
      • Poor performance
      • Serious violation of office policies or job descriptions
      • Should be brought up in review first
      • Verbal and written warnings
      • Dismissal should be made in privacy
      • Explain terms of dismissal
supervising personnel13
Supervising Personnel
  • Dismissing employees
    • Voluntary dismissal
      • Relocation
      • Seeking advancement
      • Personal reasons
      • Give proper notice
procedure manual
Procedure Manual
  • Provides detailed information relative to performance of tasks
  • Designed for a specific office
  • Serves as employee guide
  • Useful in evaluating employee performance
  • Accessible to all managers
procedure manual1
Procedure Manual
  • Organization of the procedure manual
    • Loose-leaf binder
    • Separator pages denoting each procedure
    • Consistent format
    • Step-by-step procedures
    • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) required
procedure manual2
Procedure Manual
  • Updating and reviewing procedure manual
    • Add new procedures
    • Annual page-by-page review
    • Date revisions
    • Separate HIPAA manual
travel arrangements
Travel Arrangements
  • Office manager may make travel arrangements for provider for conventions/seminars
  • Carefully complete registration forms
  • Make hotel arrangements
travel arrangements1
Travel Arrangements
  • General information regarding provider’s preferences kept on record
  • Contact travel agent to coordinate travel arrangements
  • Acquire confirmation numbers for hotel and car rental
travel arrangements2
Travel Arrangements
  • May use Internet to search for lowest fares and reservations
  • Itinerary
    • Detailed plan for proposed trip
    • Include all-important information, i.e., air travel, car rental, hotel/motel, meeting location
time management
Time Management
  • Handle items once
  • Develop a to-do list
  • Guard your time
  • Delegate work
marketing functions
Marketing Functions
  • Social media site
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Special events
social media in the medical office
Social Media in the Medical Office
  • Webinar
  • Social networking
  • Blogs
  • Social photo and video sharing
  • Wikis
records and financial management
Records and Financial Management
  • Daily payments
  • Office expenses
  • Employee requirements
  • Total Practice Management System (TPMS)
records and financial management1
Records and Financial Management
  • Payroll processing
    • Various forms
      • W-2 and W-4
    • Preparing payroll checks
    • Figuring employee taxes
    • Managing benefits and other responsibilities
facility and equipment management
Facility and Equipment Management
  • Safety factors
  • Ancillary services
    • Must not have access to confidential material
  • Magazine subscriptions and health-related literature for reception area
facility and equipment management1
Facility and Equipment Management
  • Building repairs and decorating
  • Administrative and clinical inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Cost containment considerations
  • Unpacking an order procedure
  • Warranty processing
facility and equipment management2
Facility and Equipment Management
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
    • Administrative and clinical equipment cleaned, calibrated, maintained on regular basis
    • Office storage areas well maintained
    • Medication storage requires special attention
liability coverage and bonding
Liability Coverage and Bonding
  • Negligence
  • Liability
  • Malpractice
  • “Going bare”
liability coverage and bonding1
Liability Coverage and Bonding
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Bonding
  • Legal Issues