enterprise software systems research assembly and deployment of enterprise visualisation solutions n.
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Dr Rudi Vernik Software Systems Engineering Email: Rudi.Vernik@dsto.defence.au PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr Rudi Vernik Software Systems Engineering Email: Rudi.Vernik@dsto.defence.au

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Dr Rudi Vernik Software Systems Engineering Email: Rudi.Vernik@dsto.defence.au - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enterprise Software Systems Research: Assembly and Deployment of Enterprise Visualisation Solutions. Dr Rudi Vernik Software Systems Engineering Email: Rudi.Vernik@dsto.defence.gov.au Ph: +61 8 82595905. Overview. Background and research context

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enterprise software systems research assembly and deployment of enterprise visualisation solutions

Enterprise Software Systems Research:Assembly and Deployment of Enterprise Visualisation Solutions

Dr Rudi Vernik

Software Systems Engineering

Email: Rudi.Vernik@dsto.defence.gov.au

Ph: +61 8 82595905

  • Background and research context
  • InVision: a component-based visualisation approach
  • User perspective and examples
  • Domain Case Studies
  • Key Research Areas
  • Current Status
  • Opportunities for Collaboration
issues and problems
Issues and Problems
  • Wide potential for applying Computer-based visualisation in C3I
  • Variety of Off-the-shelf and custom tools, components and approaches are available. We need to be able effectively share, apply and evaluate these in terms of specific requirements.
  • Need more than just pretty pictures - need visualisation solutions that are tailored to the needs of individuals. Need total domain solutions.
  • Issues such as the cost of deployment and use need to be considered. (ie human issues as well as issues related to the customisation of tools, reuse, information management, information accessibiltiy and update, information integration etc).
research issues
Research Issues
  • Related to Use Process
    • Customisation and adaptation of visual representations
    • User interaction (eg Direct Manipulation interfaces)
    • Representational and viewpoint integration
    • Human cognition and perception
    • Intelligent support approaches (eg to support attention direction)
  • Related to Provision Process
    • Mapping of information spaces
    • Identification of information sources
    • Information integration and update
    • Information filtering
    • Tool implementation (architectures, reuse, cost effective deployment)
invision key concepts
InVision - Key Concepts
  • InVision is a new approach for computer-based visualisation resulting from research being conducted by DSTO.
  • Key concepts include:
      • Integrated component-based visualisation approach:allows assembly and deployment of a wide range of visualisation solutions from a set of component assets which include infrastructure frameworks and plugable components.
      • Model-Based Visualisation: allows a variety of information, representations and views to be integrated, customised and adapted to to user needs.
      • Knowledge-based deployment components:support total domain solutions by providing support for information access and modelling, process-based visualisation, reporting, and user understanding.

InVision Approach

Capability Development





CSS Projects
























invision user perspective
InVision: User Perspective
  • Component approach provides rich visualisation environment by supporting the integration of innovative visualisation techniques and Off-The-Shelf components (eg graphs, charts)
  • DSTO’s Topographic View component provides a highly flexible way of tailoring information to specific viewpoints and domains. -uses scalable layouts and feature overlays.
  • Workspace support allows various views and representations to be combined and tailored to user roles/needs.
  • Process/Workflow support allows customised visualisations to be generated for particular process steps.
  • Intelligent assistants support user understanding.
  • Monitoring features aid reporting and process improvement.
status and directions
Status and Directions
  • Underlying research to define/validate concepts and approach has been undertaken.
  • Functional and storyboard prototypes have/are been developed.
  • Component assets and engineering approach are being developed for a family of experimental environments.
  • A Co-operative R&D approach is being established based on Open Software principles ( CRC-EDST, Univ of Newcastle, Flinders University, DSTO groups, industry)
  • Case studies are/ will be conducted in several Defence domains to help evaluate and provide for incremental delivery of research results.