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Life in a Desert PowerPoint Presentation
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Life in a Desert

Life in a Desert

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Life in a Desert

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  1. Life in a Desert Find Out What You Know!

  2. You know what life is like for where you live and go to school.

  3. You could probably answer many questions about the habitats for many of the plants and animals that live around you.

  4. But what do you know about the desert? Let’s see how well you can answer these true and false questions.

  5. True or False It never rains in a desert.

  6. False It may rain in the desert but usually not more than 10 inches in a year.

  7. True or False It is always hot in the desert.

  8. False Some deserts are hot during the day and cool to forty or fifty degrees at night. Some deserts are cold all year long. The main precipitation in a cold desert is snow.

  9. True or False Wildflowers may bloom and cover the desert floor.

  10. True Although carpets of wildflowers are rare in the desert, it does happen.

  11. The amount of rainfall varies in the desert from year to year. This makes it hard to predict when and where wildflowers will bloom.

  12. True or False Lush rainforests can lie alongside some deserts.

  13. True Some deserts are called rain shadow deserts. These occur where large mountains block the path of rain-bearing wind.

  14. True or False All animals in the desert must drinkto survive.

  15. False This cactus wren gets its water from the seeds that it eats.

  16. Desert Life I hope some of these facts will be useful as you begin to study life in the desert.