wearable wireless body area networks wwban presented by jingjing he n.
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Wearable Wireless Body Area Networks (WWBAN) Presented by Jingjing He. 788.11J Presentation. Motivation. Statistics suggest that health care needs a major shift toward more scalable and more affordable solutions.

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  • Statistics suggest that health care needs a major shift toward more scalable and more affordable solutions.
  • Wearable systems for continuous health monitoring are a key technology in helping the transition to more proactive and affordable healthcare
the main idea
The Main Idea
  • Seamlessly integrate sensor nodes into wireless personal or body networks (WPANs or WBANs) for inexpensive, non-invasive, continuous, ambulatory health monitoring with almost real-time updates of medical records via Internet.
the main achievements
The Main Achievements
  • prototype sensor network for health monitoring,

including system architecture, hardware and

software organization

  • solutions for time synchronization, power

management and on-chip signal processing

the challenges
The Challenges
  • synchronized time stamps for proper correlation of data coming from different sensors and for efficient sharing of communication channel
  • reduced total power consumption: wearable sensors means size of sensor small enough, so does the battery size

Multiple ActiS sensor nodes;

Each sensor node utilizes a

commercially available wireless sensor platform Telos and a custom intelligent signal processing daughter card attached to the Telos platform

  • The idea to use WWBAN to enable continual, unobtrusive, ambulatory heath monitoring itself is cool
  • In this paper, authors gave a prototype WWBAN based on off-the-shelf wireless sensor platforms and custom-designed ECG and motion sensors, which makes the idea more exciting.