completing middlebury courses successfully student orientation n.
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Completing Middlebury Courses Successfully Student Orientation

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Completing Middlebury Courses Successfully Student Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Completing Middlebury Courses Successfully Student Orientation. 2013-2014. The Language Learning Experience. Benefits of Learning a World Language. The Language Learning Experience. How does a person learn another language?. The Language Learning Experience.

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the language learning experience
The Language Learning Experience

Benefits of Learning a World Language

the language learning experience1
The Language Learning Experience

How does a person learn another language?

the language learning experience2
The Language Learning Experience

What is it like to learn another language using Middlebury online courses?

It is fun.

It offers real-world experiences in the language that you are learning.

It provides many opportunities for practice and allows you to monitor your progress.

setting language learning goals
Setting Language Learning goals

Effective language learning starts with clear goals.

Your goal statement should have realistic milestones that you hope to realize. A good way to start a goal statement might be like this:

“ After taking this course, I will be able to _______________.”

Make sure you set goals that are realistic…and aim high.

success step 1
Success Step #1

Know due dates and work expectations.

Important course dates:

  • Start date
  • Assignment due dates
  • Midterm date
  • Final date
success step 2
Success Step #2

Complete activities in order and on time.

Make sure that you

do activities in the order your teacher assigns them.

Use the calendar to stay aware of assignment due dates.

success step 2 cont
Success Step #2 (cont.)

Complete activities in order and on time.

Always Read Announcements

  • Your teacher will post important information.
  • Sometimes announcements will include links to documents you need to read.
  • Start your day by reading announcements.
success step 3
Success Step #3

Take notes and keep a journal.

  • The Middlebury course journal feature
  • Yourown personal journal
  • Traditional note taking

These are all great ways to help apply and review concepts that you learned.

success step 4
Success Step #4

Repeat practice activities. Take advantage of the Reset option.

success step 4 cont
Success Step #4 (cont.)

Remember the difference between practice and graded activities.

Auto checked practice activities

E.g., Vocabulary Matching

Open ended practice activities.

E.g., Speaking Lab

Computer graded activities

E.g., Unit Quiz and Unit Test

Teacher graded activities

E.g., Writing Test and Speaking Test

success step 5
Success Step #5

Monitor your course progress.

In your calendar, checkmarks show lessons and assignments you have completed.

success step 5 cont
Success Step #5 (cont.)

Monitor your course progress.

In your gradebook, you can check your assignment scores.

success step 5 cont1
Success Step # 5 (cont.)

Monitor your course progress.

You can also see feedback and comments from your teacher;

Use these options to help to stay on top of your course progress and reach your goals.

success step 6
Success Step #6

Ask for help when you need it.

Go to your Teacher or Mentor first when you need help.

Remember that asking questions is a part of learning.

success step 6 cont
Success Step #6 (cont.)

Ask for help when you need it.

Use system messaging to communicate with your online teacher.

Your teacher will explain how to use the messaging system .

success step 6 cont1
Success Step #6 (cont.)

Ask for help when you need it.

Contact Middlebury support when working at home.

  • Remember to include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Name of your school
  • Internet browser you are using
  • Name of your course
  • Name of the lesson and the activity where you need help
  • Describe the problem

Middlebury Interactive Client Support


Mon-Fri 7am-9pm EST

success step 7
Success Step #7

Follow Academic Integrity policies.

No use of



success step 8
Success Step #8

Practice with others whenever you have the chance.

Practicing with friends allows you to share ideas and to help each other. It allows you to use the language. Plus, it lets you have fun…while learning!

achieve your goal
Achieve your Goal!

Learning and achievement take place when there is a combination of effort, interest, and motivation


Je parlefrançais.




What are the eight steps to success?

#1 Know due dates and work expectations.

#2 Complete activities in order and on time.



#3 Take Notes and keep a journal.

#4 Repeat practice activities.

#5 Monitor your course progress.

#6 Ask for help when you need it.

#7 Follow academic integrity policies.

#8 Practice with others.

thank you

Thank you!

Professional Services Team