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Intro. « the African Continent can and should host the Olympic Games ». accueil. the Olympic Games the Foundations the African Continent the Challenge. A F R I C A 2 0 2 0 /4. The Olympic Games. Pierre De Coubertin – (Paris, 1863 – Geneva, 1937)

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« the African Continent canand should host the Olympic Games »


the Olympic Games the Foundations the African Continent the Challenge

AFRICA 2020/4

The Olympic Games

Pierre De Coubertin – (Paris, 1863 – Geneva, 1937)

The first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens in 1896. Pierre de Coubertin headed the International Olympic Committee from its creation in 1894 to 1925. Perceiving them to be central to any individual's development, he fostered sports and physical activity as a way to strengthen the mind.

The Rings

« The Olympic flag is completely white, with five intertwined rings: blue, yellow, black, green and red. As such, it symbolizes the five parts of the world united by the Olympic sprit and its six colours summarize those of all the national flags currently floating around the world. »

Pierre de Coubertin 1931

The motto: « Citius - Altius – Fortius” Faster - Higher - Stronger

Those three Latin words became the motto of the Olympic spirit in 1894. They were suggested by Pierre De Coubertin, who himself borrowed them from his friend Henri Didon, a Dominican priest who taught sports to his pupils. To give the best of oneself. To consider this elevation as a victory. To demand the best of oneself. Being first should not necessarily be the priority. “The important thing is not winning but taking part.”

The flame

A precise ritual follows the flame from its lighting to its extinction. The flame is lit in Olympia, Greece and then relayed all the way to the hosting city. Every participant carries the Olympic torch over a short distance and entrusts it to another. The relaying ends at the opening ceremony of the games. The last carrier – who is generally a champion from the hosting nation – lights the Olympic flame with his torch. The Olympic flame in turn burns throughout the games and is extinguished at their conclusion.


The Olympic Games

Jacques Rogge - Born 1942, Belgium -

Elected on July 16, 2001 as the eight president of the IOC.

The non-governmental International Olympics Committee (IOC) is the founder and supreme authority of the Olympic movement. As such, the IOC holds the rights to the symbol, flag, motto, anthem and Olympic Games. It main responsibility lies in the supervision and organization of the summer and winter Olympic Games. The official languages of the IOC are English and French.

The IOC is made-up of a maximum of 115 members.

"Olympism is a philosophy of life, one that promotes and combines in a balanced manner the qualities of the body, of the will and of the mind. By associating sports, culture and education, the Olympic spirit promotes a lifestyle built on joy through effort, educating by example and respect for universal ehtical principles.” – as stated in the Olympic Chart 2004, Fundamental Principles 1 »

Candidacies for the 2020/24 Olympic Games…

September 15, 2007 is the deadline for cities to turn in their application to host the 2016 Olympic Games, as decided by the IOC in Kuwait City.The ICO will announce its final selection in 2009, during its general assembly in Copenhagen. Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid have already announced their intention to run, as well as the United States. In the case of the USA, the candidate could be either Chicago or Los Angeles. Other cities, such as Rome, Doha, Baku and Prague have expressed interest.

Pays org
Pays Org

The Olympic Games

1896 Athens

1900 Paris

1904 Saint-Louis

1908 London

1912 Stockholm

1920 Antwerp

1924 Paris

1928 Amsterdam

1932 Los Angeles

1936 Berlin

1948 London

1952 Helsinki

1956 Melbourne

1960 Rome

1964 Tokyo

1968 Mexico

1972 Munich

1976 Montreal

1980 Moscow

1984 Los Angeles

1988 Seoul

1992 Barcelona

1996 Atlanta

2000 Sydney

2004 Athens

2008 Beijing

2012 London

Athens 1896 : 14 Nations, 43 competitions, 241 athletes, 241 men

Athens2004 : 201 Nations, 301 competitions, 10 892 Athletes, 4 433 women

L ambition

The Foundations: our ambitions

  • Help bring the Olympics to Africa

  • Bring the « Dream of the Africa 2020/24 Olympic Games » to Africa’s youth

  • Encourage media coverage and global support for this Dream

  • Support African independence, in the very spirit of the Olympics

  • Use our non-partisan status to help Africa realize several realistic territorial projects linked to the Olympics

  • Organize a global fund raiser directed by our international honour committee, with 100% of the funds in the form of contractual promises

  • Create business opportunities that are compatible with fair trade.


The Foundations: our objectives

  • Founders, Ambassadors, Counsellors or Partners, all the human resources of the NewSporAfrica Foundation are working hard to make a worthy dream come true….

  • To send a very big message of Peace

  • To offer recognition for African athletes

  • To support the credibility of African candidacies

  • To help the African economy

  • To foster the creation of many jobs

  • To structure assistance for Africa’s sporty youth

  • To converts the Olympic Games sites into Sports Academies

  • To promote multi cultural and multi sector exchanges

Le continent a
Le continent A

The African Continent

Youth :

400 millions Africans

Are under 20

Whether it be in sports, the arts, business, generosity, natural resources, diversity, history, spirituality, personality, Africa influences the world …

So we may not all be African, yet a part of Africa is in all of us …

57 nations

Land : 30 065 000 Km²

Population : 950 000 000 Hab.

Imagine the Olympic Games in Africa:

A moment of peace, joy and sharing!

Africa 2016

The challenge

AFRICA 2020/4

Le d fi
Le Défi

The Challenge

  • Africa and all Africans must take an active part in meeting this challenge.

  • To this end:

  • They will support a positive dynamic for African Olympics around the world.

  • They will support the legitimacy of this claim.

  • They will come forward with projects for hosting the Olympic Games.

  • They will bring together the youth, as well as men and women around this event. They will express their best creativity in making this event a unique one

  • They will federate their political, economic and social forces to reach the goal.

  • They will encourage and support the participation of African athletes.

Miracle Africa &NewSporAfrica wants to help Africa bring the Olympic Games to Africa.

To this end:

We aim to enlist the active support of men and women in the world. We aim to help African nations present ambitious yet realistic applications.We aim to drive a global fund raising drive.We aim to support attribution of the Olympic Games on a rotating basis.

The International Olympic Committee will receive an African application to host the Olympic Games.

This is a challenge:

Because the IOC has not granted the Games to Africa since 1896.

Because granting the Games to Africa would give the 5 rings all their meaning.Because it fits the values of Universality and Peace dear to Pierre De Coubertin

Because it meets a just need for rotation between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Because it places Human Values first, ahead of economic interests.

Le r ve
Le Rêve

a Call, a Dream and a Hope

  • Imagine…an athlete competing in the Olympics, making a victory sign, covering his or her shoulders in national colours while performing one last stadium run, an athlete who receives gold under the Olympic flame, while the anthems plays in the back, with the media in frenzy…

  • What could be more magical, universal and exceptional?

  • Millions of people have witnessed such scenes since the creation of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. A great long list of athletes, of hosting nations, all engaged in the competition, in the suffering and joy, all for the magic of the Olympics.

  • Indeed, universality, excellence, peace and openness to others are paramount values of Olympism.Why then should Africa not host the Olympic Games?

  • Africa 2020/24 is a Call … for the Olympic Games to be hosted in Africa.

  • Africa 2020/24 is a Dream … for Africa’s youth and the continent’s 920 million inhabitants

  • Africa 2020/24 is a Hope … for peace in Africa.

  • Africa’s natural resources are associated to the Olympics…

  • Yellow gold around athlete’s necks, black gold illuminating the world with the Olympic flame…

  • Africa 2020/24 is a call for the Northern Hemisphere accept a fair rotation of the Olympic Games, one that has been long in the coming since 1896.

Les valeurs
Les Valeurs

Values and mindset

 For African athletes who have never competed at home soil since the founding of the modern Olympics


 An economic project that stays clear of crippling debt in favour of sustainable investment


 So that the games come to symbolize global fairness


 Africa 2020/24 is a dream that can only come through via solid projects backed by true experts


 Africa 2020/24 will mesmerize all 5 continents and prove to be inspiration for the future.


Les fem hom
Les Fem & Hom

Women and Youths

Staying true to our ambitions for peace, the Olympic project for Africa puts women and youths at the forefront.

During the application phase and up to the Olympic Games, all communication events linked to Africa 2020/24 will include women and their children.

400 million Africans are aged under 20! Africa 2020/24 will do all it can to have them enjoy a dream that is as unforgettable as it is historic.

Just like in an African legend, the youths will be able to relive the event all their life.

The fundamental principles of Sports, such as respect for others and the rules, team spirit and fair play coincide with the principles listed in the United Nations Charter

Sports and Peace

Communication & Strategy others and the rules, team spirit and fair play coincide with the principles listed in the

A true Communication plan for the Olympic Games in Africa in 2029/24

  • Communicate the Africa 2020/24 challenge worldwide

  • Foster international support for Africa 2020/24

  • Send a message of Peace

  • Insure the involvement of partners


  • Countries in the Northern and Southern hemisphere

  • Youths and women

  • Athletes


  • An official launch with high media coverage and the participation of international key figures

  • A marketing plan built on 3 pillars: The Human Being, Sports and Peace


  • Events on Land and Sea

  • Massive youth campaigns for direct contacts between North and South

  • The creation of sports events essentially conceived

    for Africa 2020/24


  • Partnerships that are economically and socially just, as well as durable

  • An ethical charter for each partner

  • A support for the Foundation after the Olympics


The Africa 2020/24 Club others and the rules, team spirit and fair play coincide with the principles listed in the

The Africa 2020/24 Club must receive official endorsement from the Youth and Sports Ministry in its given nation.

Our objective is to spread the message and the dream using national support for future media events.

We look forward to receiving your comments and hopefully also your Africa 2020/24 Club creation documents.

Our email contact:[email protected]