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The Frog Prince PowerPoint Presentation
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The Frog Prince

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The Frog Prince - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Frog Prince
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Presentation Transcript

  1. The Frog Prince Mrs. J. Cardona

  2. Once upon a time there was a kind king who lived in a huge palace.

  3. Near the palace there was a cruel witch who lived in a tiny cottage.

  4. The king had a handsome prince and he loved him very much.

  5. The witch hated the prince and turned him into an ugly frog.

  6. The frog lived in a small pond in the middle of a big forest.

  7. One day a young girl sat down in the shade of the old tree next to the pond.

  8. The ugly frog saw the pretty girl.

  9. So the frog jumped from the bottom of the pond on top of a stone.

  10. The frog told the girl his interesting story and about the boring life he had now.

  11. The girl kissed the sad frog and he became a happy prince again.

  12. Look at some words in the story. kind cruel huge tiny handsome ugly loved hated small big

  13. young old ugly pretty bottom top interesting boring sad happy

  14. These are all Opposites

  15. Let’s see more Opposites.

  16. Mark is thin but his father is very fat. Opposites thin fat

  17. Jane is tall for her age but her brother is short. Opposites tall short

  18. Grandpa is an old man but baby Luke is very young. Opposites old young

  19. Dad had an old car but now he bought a new one. Opposites old new

  20. The lion is a wild animal but the cat is tame. Opposites wild tame

  21. Try to find more yourselves! There are many more opposites.