your friendly neighborhood pharmacist
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist!

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Pharmacist!. By Al. What good is a Pharmacist?.

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what good is a pharmacist
What good is a Pharmacist?
  • Pharmacists are responsible for doling out portions of drugs to people in need. While this might appear simple, pharmacists are responsible for understanding thousands of drugs, counseling patients and planning drug therapy programs. In some cases, pharmacists may catch potentially deadly drug interactions among. patients, as well
where can i get deez drugz
Where can I get deez drugz?
  • Usually they prescribe drugz in hospitals, they deal out drugz with prescriptions from medical professionals, *doctors, and are expected to be responsible. You probably have noticed that they can also be in pharmacies in retail stores, like Wal-mart, and target, Safeway and k-mart, CVS things like that.
where exactly do they operate
Where EXACTLY do they operate?
  • Usually behind the counter…
is it a clean place to work
Is it a clean place to work?
  • Yeah, they have to keep it sanitary because they are dealing around medicine, and bio-hazardous materials.
very good demand
Very good demand
  • Excellent job opportunities are expected.
  • Earnings are relatively high, but some pharmacists are required to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Pharmacists are becoming more involved in counseling patients and planning drug therapy programs.
  • Pharmacists must graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy and pass a series of examinations to be licensed.
can i get promotions
Can I get promotions?
  • Yeah I guess, just work hard. Otherwise…
how much will i make
How much will I make?
  • About 60 grand a year
  • After 10 years, about 75 grand a year.
how do i interact
How do I interact?
  • You should probably be good at writing and speaking because you'll need to communicate with your clients about their drug history, drug dependence, etc.
  • Pharmacist technician is where it’s at!