sexual related problems n.
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Sexual related Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Sexual related Problems

Sexual related Problems

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Sexual related Problems

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  1. SexualrelatedProblems Team Finland Emma, Maria and Katja

  2. Sexualrelatedproblems Tertiary prevention Youth with problems Secondary prevention Youth at risk Promotion and primary prevention Targetingallyoungpeople STEPS OF SEXUALITY bythe Family Federation of Finland

  3. Forewords • Professional meeting with clientdemands: - thatworkerhave to facehis/hersownsexuality: ( history, education, attitude, value) - goodcondition for to dowork: workingcommunity, organisation, rules, space, knowledge - knowledge of how to meetclient , how to faceclientssexuality , meeting, contact , verbal and non-verballanguage

  4. Forewords • Sexualdevelopment is cognitive, emotional, biological and psychosocial. • Cognitive: Toughts , decisions, choices, action • Emotional: includeschallengingemotionthatpassby • Biological : Changes in body, fecundity • Psychosocial: Relationsshipsand friendships, secedefromparents, ownidentity..

  5. STEPS OF SEXUALITY bythe Family Federation of Finland 1. step: in earlychildhood - curioustime mother/ father-man/ woman Firstfeeling of being in love. Usually to ownparents. ” I`mgonnamarrymom/ dad” – time Development mission at thisstep is to learn to fall in love and copethatdissapointmentthat i cannotmarrymam/dad Adultsneed to make the safelinebetweennormalcuriosity of sexuality and what is betweenadultsonly

  6. Steps 2- 8 in Puberty / time to sensitite Step 2: IdolloveAim to thatlove is a idol: popstar, athletic and so on. Itcanbe big fan culture orrealfalling in love to an idol. Verysafebased on fantasyworld. (Risk is if the idolhavebadmannersthatyoungstarts to imitate. ) Step 3: SecretAdmirerAim is someoneclose , oneyouknow. Teatcher, friendssisterorbrother, coach, Secretthatonedoesntshare with anyone. Step 4: FamiliarOne crush for familiar person. Itcanbe at sameage. Clasmate . One sherethatcrush with bestfriend. Step 5: I likeyou One crush for someone and want to tellabout it. Sendloveletteroethingslikethat

  7. Stepscontinue • Step 6 : Hand in hand: onelovessomebody and recievelove. Earlydatingthatdoesn´tincludeanysexualactivity. MOST IMPORTANT STEP BECAUSE THIS HAVE EFFECT TO ALL FUTURE DATING AND RELATIONSHIP • Step 7: Kiss me : Includeskissing and gettingexcitedabout it. Dontincludesanyothersexualactivity. • Step 8: Whatfeelsgood: Touching and learningotherpersonsbody. A want to feelgood and makeotherfeelgood.

  8. STEP 9 EARLY ADULT time of dare • STEP 9: daresexualintercourse • Firstsexualintercourse • Real relationship • Dare to makeownchoices and bearresponsibility for ones action. • ANY DISTRACTION ON ANY STEP CAN CAUSE RISK BEHAVIOR OR PROBLEMS TO CREATE HEALTY RELATONSHIP

  9. Firstlevel: Prevention and promotion • Sexualeducation in Finland - starts in earlychildhoodeducation - is given in schoolssubjecthealtheducationseparate for boys and girls ( fromages 13-16) - Aim is to giveknowledge, attitude, practise, supportspace and presence - According School healtsurvey ”Firsttime” to girls in Finland is age of 16.8 and boys 17.4 ( 2010-2011)

  10. Intervention 1 in earlychildhoodeducation • The child's sexual health support to ensure the child's well-being and basic safety. • spend time together and to live, another consideration and respect and admiration for adoption. • Collected in childhood building blocks of adulthood sexuality for • a positive self-image, self-esteem, knowledge and skills of interaction between people.

  11. Continue.. • Sexuality is an integral part of humanity and that’s why it is always part of life. Sex education is an integral part in every stage of development • Talking with the child about sexuality: chatting to the boy and the girl's body, man and woman in the role, and the development of growing up. And also respecting others. • Adult must participate responsibly in a child's maturation process. • Speaking in the current issue of sexuality as early as when the child is in play-age.

  12. Examples: • Safetyskillsto children Safety skills- guide is a Finnish violence prevention program which is focused on children. Its purpose is to prevent children from falling into the physical, psychological and sexual violence. In 2003-2005, children safety skills has been a part of the Stakes child sexual abuse prevention and treatment project.

  13. Intervention 2 : the Family Federation of Finland • Social and Healtprofessionalskeepupthiswebsite and clinicthatgivesinformation and tools to youngsterbutalso for adults and peoplewhoworkamongsexualeducation. • The purpose of the Family Federation’s Sexual Health Clinic is to promote sexual health. • Sexual health and well-being are components of a good quality of life. The clinic’s activities are aimed at supporting the positive and responsible sexual development and growth of the individual. The Sexual Health Clinic develops and provides services related to sexual health. It also conducts research, educates the public and participates in international cooperation.

  14. IDEOLOGY • The Right to Self-Determination Safety skills to young people: Guide is intended to pre-perhaps it is experienced by young people dating violence and sexual harassment. The aim is to strengthen young people's ability to defend itself and to respect other people's limits. • Trust and Education • Declaration of sexualrights • www.

  15. Intervention 3 Onlinenversions • Dategame. • Save the children Finland • (GROOMING -video aboutwhatcoulditreallybewhenyoumeet a niceboy on line ) • ( Rub oneself- video about is therereally just two of us here)

  16. 2. Level youth at risk • Riskbehavior: • Behaviorthatdoesn´treply to normalageordevelopmentbehavior • Causeharmorrisk to oneselforother • Usuallyconectet to intoxicant • One donttakecare of (sexual)prevention

  17. Level 2. Intervention 1 RiskIndecator • Toolthathelpsworker to starttalkaboutsexuality and riskbehavior with young. Usuallyschoolnursedothisorschoolcurator. • A blankthat is given to youngincludes 12 question. Young fillitup and thenworker and younggoittroughtogetherallquestions. • Workeshasranditionblankthathelps to readifthere is riskbehavior with thatyoung.

  18. Level 2. Intervention 2 Man to man • MAN-TO-MAN – SAFELY WORK • The Man-to-Man – Safely work is targeted at men who have sex with men. The work was initiated because the number of HIV infections acquired in sexual contacts between men has risen clearly in Finland in recent years. There were 62 such infections diagnosed in 2006, and 72 infections in 2007 which is a record-high figure. In year 2008 there were 42 infections between man to man sex. • The purpose of the work is to reduce the number of new HIV infections acquired in sexual contacts between men and to promote the sexual health of the target group in general. By providing reliable, readily available information about sex and promoting a positive attitude toward condoms, the members of the target group are encouraged to contemplate their sexual behavior and to take up safer sex habits. • Nowadays two full-time employees, and few volunteers are involved in the Man-to-Man -Safely work. The Finnish Slot Machine Association (RAY) finances the work.

  19. Man to man • Materials • Outreach work • Outreach work in Internet • Internet pages and eCounseling • Testing

  20. Level 2 Intervention 3 SETA •Human rights advocacy organisation •Founded in 1974 •21 member organisations •Activities all over the country •The activities also include social work and youth work •Runs the Transgender Support Center •Works in partnership with other non-governmental organizations and authorities in Finland and internationally

  21. Seta continue • Dontassume-guide for teachers : Teachhow to understandthatnot a youngareautomatically hetero and how to help ” diffrentyoung ” to fit in. • Diversity is in us -video to sexualeducation and education : Role play ( teachaboutdiscrimination) and Fourcorner ( what is gender).

  22. Level 3 Intervention 1 RAP • Acute help for onewhohasbeenraped. • A portfolio ( 39 pages) thatgivesallinformationhow to behave in case onehasbeenraped. • What to ask , what to observe , how to startjusticeprosess, how to help rightaway and how to help the client in the future • A blanket to give for the victim • A blancet to give for victimsnearrelative

  23. Level 3 Intervention 2 Transgender Support Center • Seta’s Trans Support Center offers services to all trans and intersex persons, to those pondering their gender and to their close ones. • It provides support and advice by email, telephone and in the office • It organizes several peer support groups for transsexual people and their close ones all over the country and also other communal events • There is a dressing space at the Transgender Support Center where it is possible to change and do your make up

  24. Transgender Support Center continue • Private counseling: 1-20 sessions in support periods • Support in relationships: 1-20 sessions in support periods for couples and people in polyamorous relationships • Family meetings: support periods consisting of 1-10 sessions • Support for parenting in different situations • Path of Opportunities – service for young people under 18 years • Peer support for youth • Coffee Nights • Transvestite association DreamWearClub´s Coffee Night • Groups • Other services: • Empowerment camps (Voimavaraleiri) • Events (Pride, TransHelsinki) • Educational and consultation services for professionals • A small library with literature on diversity of gender is available during opening hours.

  25. Level 3 Intervention 3 The Exit -project • The Exit –project aims to prevent from occurring sexual harassment, seduction, the attempt of buying sex and buying sex directed to young people by informing young people of their own rights, the viewpoint of the law and of the adult mistreaters practices • Free of charge and confidental • The project meets young people in different physical grounds for example in the town or school • Detective work on internet and lacking on mistreat that is noticed there

  26. The Exit –project continue • My rights –quiz: 7 questions that deals with sexual mistreat • Directions to young people how to protect themselves on internet and on ”real life” • Directions to adults, parents and professionals • Infofile to teachers and to youth work • A short film about young people and sex for consideration: • Group chat and dyadic chat, private counseling, police on the internet