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Nurse. By: Teage Kolar Historical Career Exploration- Grandmother. Nature of Work. Nurses try to fix health problems, promote diseases, and help people deal with their injury or pain Nurses work and care for any type of person from babies to the elderly.

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By: TeageKolar

Historical Career Exploration- Grandmother

nature of work
Nature of Work
  • Nurses try to fix health problems, promote diseases, and help people deal with their injury or pain
  • Nurses work and care for any type of person from babies to the elderly.
  • They observe the patients health and growth of recovery. Treat people with needed medications.
  • Nurses work at hospitals, homes, offices, and at schools.
  • Nurses are needed to work on all occasions due to the some patients 24 hour needed care.
education and training needed
Education and Training Needed
  • Nurses need an associates degree to become registered which usually takes about 3 years
  • Nurses need a masters degree if looking to become in advanced nursing practice.
  • Nurses can also collect a bachelors degree which is a 4 year program in order to extend your options.
  • Courses that are taken by nurses are physiology, first aid, anatomy, and nutrition.
  • In order to become licensed you need to take the National Council Licensure Examination
other qualifications needed
Other Qualifications Needed
  • Certification is needed to show that you have the ability to work with certain groups of people.
  • Some nurses to further there education need an additional certification in advanced practices.
  • LPN/LVN programs have hands on and lecture classes that nurses can take a year before registering.
  • Continued education is needed for a nurse that is looking to renew their license.
  • Students are required to answer questions about the different types of people they would work with and the situations they could encounter.
job outlook and future prospects
Job Outlook and Future Prospects
  • Nursing is looking to grow at a rate of 27% from now till 2020.
  • The growth of nurses is becoming quick because of the increases in patients with disease and injury.
  • Growth of nurses in hospitals are expected to grow the quickest due to growth in population.
  • Nurses with a bachelors degree will have a better chance at a job in the future than nurses without one.
  • Registered nurses will be looking to increase by a lot in inner cities and rural areas.
potential earnings now and in the future
Potential Earnings now and in the Future
  • The average salary for a Nurse today is about $55,100
  • The average salary for a Nurse in the year of 2020 is projected to be $59,000.
related occupations
Related Occupations
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Massage Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist