netc n7 status update to aim frb roy hoyt netc n74 leslie lucas slc lso jake aplanalp aim pgm mgr
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15-17 Feb 11

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NETC N7 Status Update to AIM FRB Roy Hoyt, NETC N74 Leslie Lucas, SLC LSO Jake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr. 15-17 Feb 11. Overview. NAVEDTRA 130B, 131B, 135C, NAVEDTRA drafts - 132, 137, 139 NAVEDTRA 136 (ILE) re-write status & effect on AIM/CPM

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netc n7 status update to aim frb roy hoyt netc n74 leslie lucas slc lso jake aplanalp aim pgm mgr
NETC N7 Status Update to AIM FRBRoy Hoyt, NETC N74Leslie Lucas, SLC LSOJake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr

15-17 Feb 11

  • NAVEDTRA 130B, 131B, 135C,
  • NAVEDTRA drafts - 132, 137, 139
  • NAVEDTRA 136 (ILE) re-write status & effect on AIM/CPM
  • AIM/CPM status support of JDTA w/ participating Center updates
  • AIM/CPM status support of OCCSTD capture/validation
  • NETC/OPNAV N15 integration of NETC domain/acquisition community business processes
  • AIM/CPM integration status w/ Perception
  • FEA/BCA capability plans for CPM
  • PPP Repository status
  • SLC e-library project overview
NAVEDTRA 130B, 131B, and 135C Status
  • 130B
  • 131B (signed Nov 10)
  • 135C
NAVEDTRA 132, 137, 139 Status
  • 132 (Assessment)
  • 137 (JDTA)
  • 139 (FEA)
NAVEDTRA 136 (ILE) Re-write
  • Current status
    • Promulgated by NETC in Nov 10
    • 136A in work to address user community feedback and extend/refine ILE learning content business rules
  • AIM/CPM impact
    • JDTA Tab - Rename “Skills Hierarchy” Report “Job Duty Task Analysis” Report
    • Project Tab - Rename “Performance Requirements” branch of Projects to “CTTL”
    • Project Tab – Rename “COI with ISD Considerations” report to “IMDP”
    • Projects Tab- Rename “ISD Considerations” link on C/M/L/S to “IMDP/Learning Strategy Elements”
AIM/CPM Support of JDTA and Participating Center Updates
  • CPM Rel 4.0 operational Jan 10 / Rel 5.0 to be delivered Mar 11 – (Numerous minor updates have been made since Rel 4.0)
  • JDTA NETCINST 1510.4 promulgated 24 Feb 10 / NAVEDTRA 137 in development
  • Center projects:
    • CPPD/CSFE: Curriculum Developer
    • SLC/CSCS: IT Rating
    • CID: Information Professional
    • NETC N72/Carley: ‘A’ School re-engineering
    • PMS 420/NAWCTSD: LCS mission pkg JDTA
AIM/CPM Support of OCCSTD Capture/Validation
  • NETC N74 coordination with NAVMAC
  • CPM JDTA tab being adapted for OCCSTDS tab specific requirements
    • Part of CPM Rel 5.0
  • AIM team working with NAVMAC and NETPDTC on OCCSTDS data interface with Perception LAS for fleet validation of preliminary OCCSTDS
Integration of NETC Domain/Acquisition Community Business Processes
  • SPAWAR and NAVSSES Philadelphia working JDTA projects in CPM
  • Other?
AIM Interface with Perception LAS
  • Support for NETC N51 assessment program as well as for NAVMAC OCCSTDS fleet validation process
  • Working with NETC, NAVMAC, and QuestionMark for implementation via Perception API
  • Participants:
    • NAVMAC and NETC N51 as SMEs
    • NETPDTC as Navy technical agent for Perception
    • AIM team on Web service data output from AIM I, AIM II, and LO Module
FEA/BCA Capability Plans for CPM
  • FEA – NETCINST 1500.6 (NAVEDTRA 139)
  • BCA – NETCINST 1510.3
  • Business processes integrated into NAVEDTRA 136
  • AIM team supporting business process definition
    • initial design of CPM support for FEA/BCA as part of Rel 5.0 development
    • implementation in future release
PPP Repository Status
  • AIM team supporting NETC N74 (Leslie Desenburg) in operation of the PPP repository hosted on fedsun at NAWCTSD
  • Coordinating with NETPDTC for eventual transition to NETC enterprise data center
SLC e-Library Project Overview
  • Goal: Provide site access to electronic library
    • Validated mission, functions, tasks of Librarians
    • Developed business rules for access, inventory control , and user requests
    • Identified publications available electronically to support CINs
    • Defined functional requirements for e-library layout
    • Planned for hosting and deployment
  • Project lead: Beth Wigfield (SLC N6)
NAVEDTRA 132 Navy School Testing Program Management Manual
  • Current re-write status
    • NETC N74 staff finalizing draft update
  • AIM/CPM impact
AIM/CPM impact continued
    • Proposed condensing skill and knowledge proficiency levels to three levels each. This differs from KSATRs. Skill proficiency is based on Alexander Romiszowski’s taxonomy of Imitation, Practice, and Habit. Knowledge is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy (Cognitive Domain)(1) knowledge and comprehension; (2) application and analysis; and (3) synthesis and evaluation.
    • CPM data to be utilized in test design/recommendations (performance, frequency, criticality, etc.)
    • “ . . . establishes the requirement that curriculum developers use the empirical data gathered in NETC’s Course Development and Revision End-to-End Process, so that they are fully informed about the nature of the work, the relationship of the learning objectives to the work, and the Navy’s training expectations based upon validated Fleet requirements” – NAVEDTRA 132
  • Current status
    • NETC N74 staff finalizing draft
  • Intended application
  • AIM/CPM impact