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TEAM BLEU BULLET. Robot: Violet B eauregarde. Fall 2013. TEAM MEMBERS Stephanie Voight Dalton Wainwright Rachel Shelikoff. PRESENTATION SUMMARY. Member biographies Robot Story Team Conclusions. BIO of Stephanie VOight. Freshman Mechanical Engineering Major

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Presentation Transcript
team bleu bullet


Robot: Violet Beauregarde

Fall 2013


Stephanie Voight

Dalton Wainwright

Rachel Shelikoff

presentation summary
  • Member biographies
  • Robot Story
  • Team Conclusions
bio of stephanie voight
BIO of Stephanie VOight
  • Freshman
  • Mechanical Engineering Major
  • Also interested in Electrical and Computer Science
  • EGN1935 opened my eyes to how to use available technology to make a robot “smart”
  • I now feel confident enough to take up learning how to program
  • I plan to graduate with at least my Bachelor’s degree and to be an entrepreneur/inventor
  • I will combine art and engineering in my career
  • A word of advice: take notes, it helped me retain the material my TA (Mason) covered. Also, don’t self-doubt yourself. You are your limits.
bio of dalton wainwright
BIO of dalton wainwright
  • Freshman
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • This course taught me that just about anyone can jump right into making robots
  • I now have a general understanding of the electrical and programming sides of creation
  • I plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering.
  • I want to land a job at a large company somewhere along the coast, working on the design of military aircrafts.
  • Pay attention, all of life's teachings are precious
bio of rachel shelikoff
Bio of rachelshelikoff
  • Freshman
  • Undecided Engineering major
  • This course showed me how to give life to technology.
  • I now want to look more into the ECE department at UF.
  • UF Goals: Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and try to become a Cicerone.
  • Career plans: Find a job, change the world.
  • Words of advice: Find someone that you love doing and work at it until you become the best.
robot story
  • Violet Beauregarde received her golden ticket that would grant her access to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. When she entered the factory, she walked straight until she came upon the Chocolate Waterfall. She took a right at the Waterfall and kept walking straight. She then met an OompaLoompa who told her to turn left. Before he left, the OompaLoompa gave Violet a piece of gum that supposedly contained flavors that changed progressively through the contents of a four-course meal. However, as she was walking further into the factory, the dessert portion of the gum flavor (blueberry pie) caused her to fill with blueberry juice and balloon into a blueberry.
team conclusions
Team Conclusions
  • EGN 1935 opened our eyes to the different aspects associated with technology, robots and computer programming.
  • Technology is unavoidable in modern society so everyone needs to be educated about it.
  • This course did just that for us.
  • Words of wisdom: do all that you can to learn about the technology that is all around you.