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Sing a New Song

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Sing a New Song - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sing a New Song. Minnetonka Lutheran Church Vision and Mission Feb. 5, 2011. Agenda: 9:00 Welcome/Devotions/Bible Study 9:15 Why are we here? 9:30 Faith Journey 10:00 Trend Report 10:30 Break 10:45 Celebrating our Strengths

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Sing a New Song

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    1. Sing a New Song Minnetonka Lutheran Church Vision and Mission Feb. 5, 2011

    2. Agenda: • 9:00 Welcome/Devotions/Bible Study • 9:15 Why are we here? • 9:30 Faith Journey • 10:00 Trend Report • 10:30 Break • 10:45 Celebrating our Strengths • 11:15 Exploring our Challenges • 11:45 Ministry Area Study • 12:15 Insights/Lunch • 12:30 Where is God calling us in Ministry? • 12:45 Next Steps • 12:55 Sending Prayers

    3. Why are we here? • To listen and discern the guidance of the Spirit • To remember and celebrate our journey in faith • To honestly and candidly look at our strengths and challenges • To look out into our community context • To trust God and move forward

    4. Our Journey in Faith • David Ringstad • A brief history of Minnetonka Lutheran Church

    5. TREND REPORT Report On Your Tables

    6. Celebrating our Strengths • Identify MLC unique strengths and blessings. • What do we do exceptionally well? Where is there joy? What do we tell others about our church?

    7. Exploring our Challenges • Where is MLC currently facing challenges? • What barriers must we overcome to move forward? • Which challenges are should we address first?

    8. Understanding Our Community Study Area Hwy 12/I-394 Shady Oak Road Vinehill Road Excelsior Blvd

    9. Population Size / Projected Growth 29,000 persons reside in this area, growing 4.3% since 1990. During the same period, U.S. pop grew 23.3%. Between 2010 and 2015, area pop is projected to remain stable. During the same period, the U.S. pop projected to grow by 5.1%.

    10. Generational Groups Represented The largest age group is Boomers(age 50 to 67), comprising 28.9% of the total pop in the area. Compared to a national average of 20.6%, Boomers are also the most over-represented group in the area.

    11. Family Structures The area can be described as extremely traditionaldue to the above average presence of married persons and two-parent families.

    12. Education The overall education level in the area is very high. College graduates account for 56.9% of those over age 25 in the area versus 24.4% in the U.S.

    13. Average HH Income The average household income in the study area is $133,833 a year as compared to the U.S. average of $69,376.

    14. Racial / Ethnic Diversity • Anglos represent 94.3% of the population. • All other racial/ethnic groups make up just 5.7%, well below the national average of 35%. • Hispanics/Latinos are projected to be the fastest growing group increasing by 18.4% between 2010 and 2015

    15. Lifestyle Diversity The lifestyle diversity in this area is somewhat low. Lifestyle Segments • Wealthiest households in U.S. • Faith involvement same as nat’l average • Belief in God / God active in world much below nat’l average • Embrace increased ethnicity of U.S. population • Rely more on self / less on leader • #1 contributors to religious orgs. • Preferred church pgms & char. • Cultural Programs • Active Retirement Programs • Adult Theological Discussion Groups • Intellectual Worship • Emphasis on Global Mission

    16. Lifestyle Diversity Lifestyle Segments • Well above average household income • Faith involvement close to nat’lavg • Slightly less believe in God / God active in the world than nat’lavg • Well above average in contributions to religious organizations • Preferred church pgms/char. • Sports/Camping • Daycare Services • Cultural Programs • Intellectual Worship • Music Performed by Others • Contemporary Architecture

    17. Household concerns unusually high in the area as compared to national average: • Social Injustice • Time for Recreation/Leisure • Finding a Satisfying Job/Career • Finding Retirement Opportunities • Aging Parent Care • Achieving a Fulfilling Marriage

    18. Understanding Our Spiritual Community

    19. Faith Receptivity • Preference for historic Christian religious affiliations is somewhat high when compared to national averages Study Area U.S. Avg

    20. Faith Involvement Level • Similar to national averages

    21. Preferred Worship Style • Above U.S. average in preference for: • Intellectually Challenging Worship Style • Traditional Worship Style

    22. Preferred Music Style • Above U.S. average in preference for: • Traditional & Contemporary Style • Music performed by others & participatory music

    23. Church Program Preferences • Above U.S. average in preference for: • Recreation Programs

    24. Church Leadership Preference • About 80% prefer leadership who works with them on deciding what to do and helps them do it.

    25. Insights • What is the Spirit revealing to us? • What surprises you about this information? • What questions come to mind from our conversation? • What trends or threads do you see?

    26. Where is God calling MLC? • What should stay the same? • What should change? • Where do you see MLC ministry in the next year, two years, three years? • List three ministry priorities for MLC.

    27. Next Steps • Between now and our March 5 meeting, the Visioning Team will: • Summarize and report the proceedings of this meeting to the entire congregation. • Reach out to the community to further understand their needs & preferences. • Reach back to those who did not attend today’s meeting to understand their perceptions of MLC’s strengths & challenges. • Join us at the next All Congregation Meeting Looking Out March 5—9:00 am • Who is our neighbor? • How has our community changed? • What are the needs?

    28. Interview the un-churched. a) What are the greatest needs of people in this area? b) Why do you think people don’t attend church? c) If you decided to attend church, what would you look for? d) What advice would you give our church to better serve this community?