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Junior Leadership Corps (JLC)

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Junior Leadership Corps (JLC). North Middle School Radcliff, Kentucky. Established. - The JLC program was established in January 2011 within the Hardin County School (HCS) system. - On March 11, 2011 the HCS hosted the national launch of the JLC program. JLC Leaders.

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junior leadership corps jlc

Junior Leadership Corps (JLC)

North Middle School

Radcliff, Kentucky


- The JLC program was established in January 2011 within the Hardin County School (HCS) system.

- On March 11, 2011 the HCS hosted the national launch of the JLC program.

jlc leaders
JLC Leaders

- Rudy Garcia (JLC Community Coordinator)

(270) 832-7235


- Neal Gibbs (JLC Teacher )

(270) 352-3340


what is jlc
What is JLC?

- The JLC program is a sequence of middle school courses coupled together with a supplemental after-school program that prepares our young students for a secondary and a post-secondary pathway to success.

mission statement
Mission Statement

- The mission of JLC is to influence students to be self-inspired and motivated to complete their education, explore potential careers, and be successful, productive citizens. In short, to inspire our young people to set a course for success.

jlc benefits
JLC Benefits

JLC Academic Benefits:

-Learning in a structured environment

-In & out of class discipline

-A fun curriculum

-Broader range of electives offered to JLC students

-Challenging activities in & out of the classroom

-Academic growth

jlc benefits continued
JLC Benefits Continued

JLC Overall Benefits:

-Enhanced leadership skills

-Building of character

-Learning professionalism

-Learning personal responsibility

-Emotional growth

jlc curriculum
JLC Curriculum

-The JLC curriculum consists of four overall courses and each class will build on the previous class.


1. Personal Success & Leadership

2. Student Leadership

3. Community Service and Leadership

4. Leadership in a Diverse World

jlc objectives
JLC Objectives

Program Objectives:

-Increase student engagement and academic achievement

-Improve students’ overall well-being

-Decrease dropout rate

-Improve students’ sense of citizenship

-Increase parental and community engagement

extra curricular activities
Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities:

-Community Service

-Summer Camps

-Physical Fitness Training

-Color Guard

-Ceremonial Drill

jlc creed
JLC Creed

I am a student of the Junior Leadership Corps.

I am respectful at all times.

I maintain a high standard of behavior & do what is right.

I never lie, cheat, or steal.

I wear my uniform with pride.

I respect others in my school and community.

I strive to do my best and help others achieve success.

The future of my country depends on me.

I step up to the challenge!

*Each JLC student must be able to recite the JLC Creed by memory.

jlc uniforms
JLC Uniforms

-Each student within the JLC program must wear their uniform to school once a week and to any extra-curricular activity. The specific school day (Wednesday) is designated by the JLC teacher, Mr. Gibbs.

-The cost of the uniform is a one time fee of $20 dollars, but we do work with any family that is experiencing financial difficulties.

jlc award
JLC Award

-In September 2013, the JLC program instituted a new award for its students:

“TheStudent of the MonthAward”

-It isgiven to the students that best display their leadership abilities within the classroom, display high academic achievement in their school work, and demonstrate positive peer interaction skills in and out of school.

jlc present status
JLC Present Status

-The JLC program is thriving at NMS.

-Our current class enrollment exceeds120 students.

-Our JLC Summer Camp for at-risk kids in (summer 2013) had an enrollment of over 100 students.

-We have 1 community coordinator, 1 teacher, 2 interns, and numerous volunteers.

jlc guest speakers
JLC Guest Speakers

-Each year the JLC students are exposed to a wide array of high esteemed guest speakers. Guest speakers in the past have included court judges, medical physicians, police officers, and members of the city council.

jlc as an organization
JLC as an Organization

-The JLC program is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

-Any donation given to the JLC program istax deductible.

-Any company/organization donating to the JLC program will receive signage recognition (name will be displayed in certain JLC events and mentioned to the media).

jlc wrap up
JLC Wrap Up

-More information about the JLC program can be garnered from the HCS website and the North Middle School JLC Facebook page.

-If you would like more information or have any questions about our program please feel free to contact Rudy Garcia or Neal Gibbs.