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PBS in the Louisiana Backroads

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PBS in the Louisiana Backroads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PBS in the Louisiana Backroads. Presented by Barbara McGuffee & Evelyn Wilkerson Catahoula Parish. Objectives. Why have PBS? Review History of Catahoula PBS District Leadership Team and Plan PBS Facilitator’s Role What worked and what did not work in Catahoula.

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pbs in the louisiana backroads

PBS in the Louisiana Backroads

Presented by Barbara McGuffee & Evelyn Wilkerson

Catahoula Parish

  • Why have PBS?
  • Review History of Catahoula PBS
  • District Leadership Team and Plan
  • PBS Facilitator’s Role
  • What worked and what did not work in Catahoula

I once heard a lady say that when she died she wanted to be in a staff development because she wanted an easy transition.

turnip turn a negative into a positive
TurnipTurn a negative into a positive
  • Each of you will have a turnip.
  • Throughout the presentation, we will give you chances to share a turnip.
  • If you share with the group, your turnip will be entered into the turnip patch for the door prize drawing at the end.
juvenile justice reform act 1225
  • 79 of the 143 legislators co-authored this bill that was unanimously passed

“The legislature hereby finds and declares that:

  • the good behavior and discipline of students are essential prerequisites to academic learning, the development of student character, and the general, as well as educational, socialization of children and youth.
  • Bad behavior and lack of discipline in many schools of the state are impairing the quality of teaching, learning, character development, and, in some schools, are creating real and potential threats to school and public safety.
jjra 1225 continued
  • Subpart C-1 The Education/Juvenile Justice Partnership Act legislated that:
      • BESE would formulate, develop and recommend a Model Master Plan for improving behavior and discipline within schools that includes the utilization of positive behavioral supports and other effective disciplinary tools
      • each city, parish, and other local public school board should be responsible for the develop of school master plans for supporting student behavior and discipline based upon the model master plan developed and approved by BESE
what is it
What is it?
  • It's the thing most likely to drive a new teacher from the classroom. It's been known to sabotage well-planned lessons and turn teachable moments into a complete waste of time. It's also fingered as a root cause of low test scores, academic underachievement, poor school morale, and violence.
  • Surveys in recent years have consistently reported that large numbers of young teachers who abandon the field cite classroom management as one of the top reasons for leaving.
  • The Christian Science Monitor, 10/8/02
  • http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1008/p14s01-lecl.html
catahoula parish data
Catahoula Parish Data


  • Enrollment 1702 students
  • District Performance Score– 94.5
  • Ranked 18th in the State
  • 72% District-wide Free and Reduced Lunch
history of catahoula pbs
History of Catahoula PBS
  • 2000-2001 Jonesville Junior High and Block High School PBS Pilot Schools
  • 2001-2002 JJH & BHS Implemented PBS
  • 2002-2003 JJH & BHS became demonstration sites
  • 2003-2004 Trained 4 other schools through LaSIG Jonesville Elementary, Sicily Island High School, Sicily Island Elementary, and Martin Junior High
  • 2004-2005 Four new school implementing and two demonstrations sites
history of catahoula pbs cont
History of Catahoula PBS (cont)
  • 2005-2006 Superintendent signed Assurance, SMMP, Implemented Systemically all nine schools
  • 2006-2007 All nine schools implementing
  • 2007-2008 All schools implementint, Four more demonstration sites identified for Catahoula Parish
  • 2008-2009 All schools implementing, Four schools trained in Secondary PBS
catahoula parish out of school suspension general education and special education students
Catahoula ParishOut of School Suspension General Education and Special Education Students

2008-2009 312

2007-2008 317

2006-2007 364

2005-2006 494

2004-2005 385

catahoula parish out of school suspension special education students
Catahoula ParishOut of School Suspension Special Education Students

2008-2009 36

2007-2008 28

2006-2007 36

2005-2006 47

2004-2005 27

catahoula parish expulsions general education special education students
Catahoula ParishExpulsionsGeneral Education & Special Education Students

2008-2009 0

2007-2008 0

2006-2007 1

2005-2006 1

2004-2005 2

2003-2004 2

catahoula parish office discipline referrals
Catahoula ParishOffice Discipline Referrals

2005-2006 2048

2006-2007 1758

2007-2008 1146

2008-2009 1037


District PBS Plan




district planning pieces packet
District Planning Pieces Packet
  • Information on District Level PBS
  • District Readiness Checklist
  • District Planning Worksheet
  • PBS Implementation and Planning Self Assessment
role of parish wide pbs facilitator
Role of Parish-wide PBS Facilitator
  • Attend all PBS meetings (create calendar)
  • Create regular meeting agendas
  • Print and compare data for regular meetings
  • Schedule Benchmark of Qualities for each team
  • Perform SET on each team or schedule SET
  • Review data from needs assessment and follow up on data
  • Report to district team, principal meetings, supervisors, and school board
  • Report positive information to media
  • Monitor each teams Book of Products
book of products
Book of Products
  • Description of SWPBS
  • Mission Statement, PBS Team Members
  • Referral Process (flow chart)
  • Referral Forms (Major & Minor)
  • Definition of Problem Behaviors
  • Expectations & Rules
book of products cont
Book of Products (cont)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Suggestions for Effective Consequences
  • Description of Reward System
  • Data Printouts
  • Monthly Agenda and Sign-in Sheets
  • PBS Memos and Surveys
biggest key to a successful swpbs
Biggest Key to a Successful SWPBS
  • Complete a SWPBS Plan
  • Implement the SWPBS Plan
  • Keep an up to date

Book of Products

  • Document, Document, Document
  • Brag on your successes and the successes of others