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Seller Release 13.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Seller Release 13.1

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Seller Release 13.1
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Seller Release 13.1

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  1. Seller Release 13.1

  2. AGENDA ETRS 2.0 in EU Picture Policy Seller Protection Simplified fee plan Business Policy Unpaid item case protection Listing analytic tool

  3. ETRS 2.0 IN EU

  4. eTRS 2.0 in EU Autumn 2013 Account Level Listing Level UK Site • Return Policy • Offer 14 days or above return option in UK / IE • Offer 30 days or above return option in DE / AT / CH • Handling Time • 1-day or same-day handling time service • Shipping service option • Offer Free shipping option • Express delivery option – offering delivery within 1 day (only EU warehouse sellers will have this shipping option.) DE Site • Other Changes: • Min sales of £1,000 in the past 12 months with UK/IE buyers • No longer a requirement to maintain a min average detailed seller rating. eTRS 2.0 in EU

  5. StructuredReturns Autumn 2013 eTRS 2.0 in EU Sellers will need to add values for two STRUCTUREDreturns fields • ‘who pays return postage costs’ • ‘how many days a buyer has to return an item (there now will be a 14 day minimum).

  6. Best practice Autumn 2013 EU Warehouse Seller CBT Seller Offer delivery within 1 day for your listings choose “Services from outside UK” X √ √ X eTRS 2.0 in EU

  7. eTRS2.0 in EU Autumn 2013 eTRS 2.0 in EU eTRS 2.0 Seller Benefits: • Improved search standing in Best Match search results. • The new eBay Top-rated seller badge on the item page. • 15% discount on final value fees on UK/IE site • 20% discount on FVF on DE/AT/CH sites * Discounts are based on Item Price excluding postage

  8. Picture PolicyPhoto mandate US, CA – 1st July EU– Autumn 2013

  9. PHOTO MANDATE July 1 Starting July 1 2013 [EU site, from autumn 2013], eBay will start enforcing these picture quality requirements on all new, revised, and relisted items. (except those in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories and Tickets categories.) X • All photos must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side of the picture. • cannot use the eBay catalog stock photo in the primary photo position. You must upload your own photo. • Photos cannot have borders. • Photos cannot have seller-added text or seller-added artwork. • You must upload at least one photo per listing. • except those in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories and Tickets categories PHOTO MANDATE

  10. PHOTO MANDATE July 1 Follow these guidelines going forward when • Creating new listings • Revising existing listings • Relisting • Selling similar listings • The picture quality requirements apply only to pictures that are uploaded to eBay picture services. • Photo in description are exempted from this requirement. PHOTO MANDATE

  11. Size, Pixel requirement July 1 For the best possible display of your listing on all eBay pages, take pictures with a 1600-pixel dimension on the longest side. PHOTO MANDATE

  12. Photos cannot have borders, seller-added text or seller-added artwork. July 1 Photos cannot have bordersThe picture quality requirements do not allow borders added to the picture after it was taken. Photos cannot have seller-added text or seller-added artwork.No seller-added text or artworks,including such as “Free Shipping” sales information Below Galleryphoto is not qualified X X X PHOTO MANDATE

  13. Watermarks are allowed July 1 • Watermarks are allowed for the purpose of establishing picture ownership to protect your intellectual property. Watermarks are only permitted for ownership and attribution and need to meet the following guidelines. • May not be used for marketing. • May not obscure the image in the photo. • May only show an eBay user ID or company name. • May not contain specific information about your product or customer service. • Must be no bigger than 5% of your photo and at a transparency level of no more than 50%. X X PHOTO MANDATE

  14. Ebay seller protection Simplified protection case workflow Feedback protection when win a case

  15. Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case May 1 Opened Case (INR/SNAD) Removed Removed RESOLVED Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case All buyer feedback (positive, negative, or neutral) will be removed promptly from transactions in which an eBay Buyer Protection case is resolved in seller’s favor by eBay. Any related comments and detailed seller ratings left on that transaction will also be AUTOMATICALLY removed.

  16. These removals are also shown on the report buyer hub: Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case May 1 Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case

  17. Feedback Protection when Seller Wins a Case May 1 Action Items • Describe your item accurately, use lots of pictures • Specify 1-day handling, free shipping, and a generous return policy • Ship within 1 business day after your buyer pays • Upload tracking no. to eBay on all of your packages • Use signature confirmation for items US$250 or more • Respond promptly to buyer questions • Respond immediately if you have a Buyer Protection case • Maintain a fair and safe marketplace by reporting buyers Simplified ebay Buyer Protection workflow

  18. Simplified eBay Buyer Protection Workflow US: April 9 UK: March 12 DE: March 26 Simplified open case workflow started on: US: 9 April UK: 12 March DE: 26 March Buyer Open case US- 3 days UK- 8days DE- 10 days Escalate to ebay support Simplified ebay Buyer Protection workflow

  19. Simplified eBay Buyer Protection workflow Now 3 2 1 4 Simplified ebay Buyer Protection workflow

  20. Seller Dashboard update April 1 UK / US site “Opened case” will be removed in the Seller Dashboard DE site will evaluate “Close case without seller resolution” in April Seller Dashboard update

  21. Change in timeframe to open a case Jul 1 Buyer can open case within 45 days (INR/SNAD) Payment Time EDD = Estimated Delivery Date Present Buyer can open SNAD case on the second day after paid date, until EED + 45 days Starting from 1st July Buyer can open INR case during this period Minimum Estimated Delivery Date [EDD] Handling Time *If EDD is not available then from 10 days after payment. Change in timeframe to open a case

  22. everydaySimplified Rate Plan New store subscription format Simplified final value fee plan Free listing scheduler Fast N’ Free logo

  23. SIMPIFIED RATE PLAN OVERVIEW Apr 16 Simplified Final Value Fee(Flat rate FVF calculation) Fast N’ Free Logo Free $0Listing Scheduler New Store subscription format ZERO RISK to list items (50 or more free insertion fee listings) Auction with Buy It Now Diff. 30% or above SIMPIFIED RATE PLAN OVERVIEW

  24. Price – compare with Amazon

  25. ebay Store Subscription Fee Apr 16 Free Listing offer checker Early termination fee will be applied for early store subscription cancellation • Free listings* can be either fixed price or Auction-style • Get up to 12 pictures per listing FREE (Motors Vehicles excluded) ebay Store Subscription Fee

  26. Find your best store for your business Find your best store for your business

  27. Store Subscription New Portal Apr 16 Require manually upgrade subscription after April 16 Store Subscription New Portal

  28. Ebay store Auction Insertion Fee May 1 Current: By tier Price $1 or below insertion fee will be increased Basic: $0.25 Premium: $0.15 Anchor: $0.1 Current Coming ebay Store Auction Insertion Fee

  29. Ebay store Buy It Now Insertion Fee May 1 Non-store: $0.5 Current / Future Basic: $0.2 Premium: $0.1 Anchor: $0.05 Current Coming ebay Store Auction Insertion Fee

  30. Consumer Electronics FVF Simplified Rate May 1 Tech Accessories Tech Device Computer & VG console Consumer Electronics FVF change

  31. CSA and P&A FVF Simplified Rate May 1 CSA P&A CSA and P&A everydaySimplified Rate

  32. Collectible & Others FVF Simplified Rate May 1 Media & Other Coins, Musical instrument Collectible & Others FVF Simplified Rate

  33. Fee Calculator Use your sales data with the Fee Calculatorto pay the lowest fees possible Fee Calculator

  34. Fast ‘N Free Logo May 1 Fast ‘N Free Logo eBay Fast ‘N Free logo - appear on the View Item page for qualified listings  can increase your sales by up to 11%* item location is in US  1-day handling time with tracking uploading offers free expedited shipping delivered within 4 business days or less based on the item location and buyer's location Auction-style listings with Buy It Now: To keep the unique eBay Auction-style listings a great attraction for buyers, starting May 1, when you add Buy It Now to any Auction-style listing, it must be at least (10%) -> 30% over your listing’s start price.

  35. AU Store Subscription Changes May 1 Technology categories for items sold for $200 or more include Cameras; Computers; Electronics; Home Entertainment; Phones; Video Games PRESENTATION TITLE GOES HERE

  36. EU Store Subscription Changes June 13 EU Store Subscription Changes

  37. FVF Changes in Tech Category June 13 • From May on, we will disburden high ASP listings by • capping FVF by max. 150€/9€ and • increase basic FVF by 1point up to 6%. FVF Changes in Tech Category

  38. Featured First Fee Increase June 13 Notes: please be aware that featured first is only available for DE Top-rated sellers Featured First Fee Increase The new Featured First fees

  39. Business policies

  40. Business Policy Mar - Jul • Between Mar and July you'll be invited to opt in to use business policies to manage your own custom settings • Postage • Returns • Payment information Price update

  41. Business Policy Mar - Jul • Review the custom set of business policies for postage, returns and payment information automatically created by eBay. These are based on your current active, scheduled and ended listings. Price update

  42. Payment Policy Mar - Jul • Payment policies • Additional check out policies Price update

  43. Return Policy Mar - Jul Price update

  44. Shipping Policy Mar - Jul • US, international shipping • Handling time • Combine shipment discount [account level] • Shipping rate table [account level] • Exclude location

  45. Best practice Mar - Jul • we encourage you to periodically review your existing policies and consolidate them whenever possible, to keep listing quick and easy. • review your current listings to make sure that they don’t contain any potentially conflicting information around postage, payment and returns within the item description. • You may bulk edit business policies PRESENTATION TITLE GOES HERE

  46. Unpaid item case protection

  47. Many fixed price and auction-style items purchased with Buy It Now not sold until the buyer pays Until end of 2013 Seller tool Eligibility • [US site] Less than $1,000, / [UK] Less than £650 • paid with PayPal or a merchant credit card(US only) • shipping cost is specified for the buyer. • Quantity will be available for sale unless the buyer pays right away

  48. Best Offer items not “sold” until a buyer commits to buy or pays May 1 PRESENTATION TITLE GOES HERE • Beginning in May, in the Computers & Tablets, Jewelry & Watches, and Art categories, when you accept a buyer’s Best Offer, the item will remain for sale until the buyer commits to buy, and in most cases, pays. Seller Could • able to accept multiple offers • the first buyer commit to buy or pay will trigger the sale. • US/UK sites- eligible for “immediate payment” item need to be paid. Others, buyer must commit to buy • DE site – buyer agreed to pay *set up automatic responses so you can speed up the offer process for buyers and save yourself time.


  50. File unpaid item cases 2 days sooner April Sellers are required to wait at least 4 days, so total 6 days to close UPI case. PRESENTATION TITLE GOES HERE