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Layout of the Dual Toroidal Electrostatic Analyser. PowerPoint Presentation
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Layout of the Dual Toroidal Electrostatic Analyser.

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Layout of the Dual Toroidal Electrostatic Analyser. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Atomic and Molecular Science at the Canadian Light Source Michael A. MacDonald and Lucia Zuin Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon, Canada.

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Atomic and Molecular Science at the Canadian Light SourceMichael A. MacDonald and Lucia ZuinCanadian Light Source, Saskatoon, Canada

The VLS-PGM (Variable Line Spacing – Plane Grating Monochromator) beamline at the CLS (Canadian Light Source) covers the photon energy range from 5 eV to 250 eV with a resolving power in excess of 10,000 throughout this range and a spot size less than 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm.

Toroidal Analyser – the dual toroidal electrostatic particle energy analyser that can be operated in co-incidence mode and has recently been used for angle resolved photoion and angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. It is also suitable as a sensitive threshold electron spectrometer.

Electron Energy / eV

Layout of the Dual Toroidal

Electrostatic Analyser.

Electron Asymmetry Parameter Spectrum following photodissociative excitation of H2 [2]

Photoelectron Spectrum of 2-Bromo-pyrimidine [1]

Time-of-Flight – a Wiley-McLaren type time-of-flight mass spectrometer equipped with multi-hit electronics to allow photoelectron-photoion-photoion coincidences to be recorded is available.

  • Layout of the Wiley McLaren, Time-of Flight Mass Spectrometer

2D-TOF Spectrum from para- Nitroaniline [3]

It is also possible to accommodate user’s own apparatus to the beamline as in the case of the Coulomb Explosion Triple Coincidence apparatus from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

  • Dalitz plot from the 90eV data used to fragment OCS into the (1,1,1) channeland KER for the same channel compared to ionizing using Ar4+ impact [4]
  • Layout of the Waterloo Coulomb Explosion Apparatus

[1] Dr. N.J. Mason, Open University, UK & Dr. M. Smialek-Telega, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland.

[2] Dr. T.J. Reddish, University of Windsor, Canada. Phys. Rev. Letts. 108, 023004 (2012).

[3] Dr. C.C. Turci & Dr. A. Guerra , Instituto de Química, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 21941-909, Brazil

[4] Dr. J. Sanderson & B. Wales, University of Waterloo, Canada