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A Quick Review of ACOPEB PowerPoint Presentation
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A Quick Review of ACOPEB

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A Quick Review of ACOPEB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Quick Review of ACOPEB.

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A Quick Review of ACOPEB

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Presentation Transcript

This walk through shows you the online pages that will be used to gather and input information for the ACOPEB calculation. It then provides an example of the report that is produced as a PDF file containing the information you need to meet the requirement of GASB 45 or to review your retiree healthcare obligation and expense.


This is the ACOPEB homepage. You will click on the “click here to download” to find out more about the ACOPEB software


Once you have contacted us, you will receive a call or e-mail from Mark Abrahams or Jay Fountain with a full description of the service and rates.

If you decide to use ACOPEB, you will receive a letter outlining the terms of the ACOPEB lease and an invoice. Your login will be enabled upon payment.


You can then login from the ACOPEB homepage.

You will want to remember to save your username and password.

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive


Upon login you will be taken to the page where you will enter data for your retiree healthcare calculation.

You will probably want to start by downloading the data gathering spreadsheets as a way to start organizing your infromation.


The Welcome web page contains three tabs. The first “Economic Assumptions”, the second is “Edit Member Records”, and the third is to “Create Report”.

This is where you will enter the data from the spreadsheets


The “Economic Assumptions” is for entering data about your broad assumptions such as future healthcare premium increases.

The ? provides you with information about the data entry item next to the ?. Just click on the ?.


The “Economic Assumptions” is also for entering data about your discount rate, contribution for OPEB, and Medicare eligible age.


The second tab “Employee Data” is for entering and updating data about the members of your retiree healthcare plan.

When you click on “Add Employee” you will be taken to the screen for adding an employee


Your list may be rather long. You will be entering active employee/spouse data, as well as data for retirees and their spouses. If you need to change the information about a member, just click on Update.


Now that you have entered both the economic assumptions and the data about members, you can create the report to review.


The report provides you with the Annual Required Contribution (ARC), the annual OPEB expense, and the net OPEB obligation at the beginning and end of the year.



The report also provides the actuarial accrued liability, the unfunded actuarial accrued liability (UAAL), the funded ratio, and the UAAL as a percent of covered payroll.


The report also provides information about the calculation of the amortization amount for the UAAL.


Description of ACOPEB Methodology

Continues for several pages in the report


An appendix to the report gives you a copy of the spreadsheets with the details of the calculations. This provides a trail for you, or your auditor, to use to review the results reported.


This section of the appendix calculates the total benefits to be paid and the present value of future retiree healthcare benefits for each plan member.


This section of the appendix takes the present value calculations and using the entry age cost method calculates the normal cost and actuarial accrued liability (AAL).

The calculated actuarial accrued liability

The normal cost for thecurrent fiscal year



We hope this presentation has be informative for you. If you would like more information about ACOPEB please contact us at: