Inference vs prediction
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INFERENCE VS PREDICTION. Inference : drawing a conclusion about something in the text using the text evidence, your own background knowledge and common sense. INFERENCE VS PREDICTION.

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Inference vs prediction


Inference: drawing a conclusion about something in the text using the text evidence, your own background knowledge and common sense.

Inference vs prediction1

Prediction: using the text evidence, background knowledge an common sense to make a guess as to what will happen in the future.

Inference prediction what they have in common
INFERENCE & PREDICTIONWhat they have in common…

  • You make a logical guess using evidence from the text, your own knowledge, and common sense.

  • Developing skills in making inferences and making predictions is a critical aspect of becoming a master of words and of literature.

What is the difference
What is the Difference?

  • Inferences are made about what happened in the past or what is currently happening.

  • Predictions are an attempt to guess what WILL happen in the future. (Hint: predictions usually have the words will or going to in them)

  • Inferences are RARELY confirmed. You most likely will NOT find out if you were right or wrong.

  • Predictions are almost ALWAYS confirmed! You will find out if you were right or wrong!

Inferences how to make them
INFERENCES-how to make them

  • Read the text carefully.

  • Think about the types of inferences readers make/ask yourself a question to find the answer to

  • Look for clues such as pictures, the title, vocabulary and the text. Act like you're a detective!

  • Use background knowledge and what you already know about a topic.

  • Make sure your inference is logical and well-reasoned.

As i finish reading jared today

AS I finish reading “Jared” today…

Identify whether I make an inference or prediction each time I stop.