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Henna Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers, India- NMP Udhyog offers organic and very effective mehandi which is totally for consumer use without any harm.

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Henna powder manufacturers



Henna powder manufacturers

  • About HeenaMehandi----

  • Mehandi has been a part of Indian culture and tradition for nearly 50 centuries. Legend has it that the Mughals introduced mehandi to India, but many believe it originated in India itself. Mehandi, also called henna, is present in many cultures. It is made using the leaves of the cypress flower, also called henna. It derives its name from Latin name in Arabic LawsoniaInermis, pronounced as "hinna."

  • The henna used for mehndi comes from a bush called LawsoniaInermis which is part of the loose strife family and is grown in the Sudan, Egypt, India, most of the North African counties, The Middle East and other hot and dry places. The bush is also grown in Florida and California for his ornamental appearance and often grows to be quite large, ranging from six to twenty feet in some cases. The lance- shaped leaves from the bush are harvested, dried and then crushed to make the henna powder. Henna is used for hair dye, as a skin conditioner and as a reliever for rashes. The art of Mehendi is referred to as henna, mehndi or mehandi depending on where you are and which name you feel came first (or are most comfortable using). No matter what you call it though -- the art form remains essentially the same as it was centuries ago. It is beautiful the way it stains the skin!

Henna powder manufacturers

*As the use of Mehandi spread, its application methods and designs became more sophisticated, modern and more contemporary to suit today`s lifestyles and occasions. Mehandi Can be applied such as

Henna powder manufacturers

Body Art----

Body art is very broad term which includes ear piercing to a funky tattoo, painting or you can say everything related to skin decoration. Natural Black Heena for Body Art Manufacturers

We can use heena powder in Making of Body art without affecting the skin.

Henna powder manufacturers

MehandiTatoo on Hands----

The art of Mehandi has now been existing for centuries. The exact place of its origin is difficult to track because of centuries of people in different cultures moving through the continents and taking their art forms with them and therefore sharing their art with everyone along the way.

it can be applied in a plethora of designs.

Henna powder manufacturers

The Indian Design---The traditional Indian design of mehandi is like a story running from the arm to the finger tips. They range from simple to complex designs. They vary from a dot in the centre of the palm, to a figure at the back of the hand, to even the figures of a bride and a groom.

The Arabian Design---The Arabian design is bold and spacious because it doesn't fill the whole hand. It distinguishes itself from other designs in that it has only outlines. It has intrepid floral patterns with vines and leaves. This style only uses a small amount of mehandi and dries quickly.

Henna powder manufacturers

The African Design---

The African style of mehandi truly represents its rustic culture of wildlife with bold and intricate patterns of geometrical shapes. At times, it also contains holy animals and symbols significant to different tribes of people. The distance between the lines is not as spacious as the Arabic style, and looks a lot like mesh on the hands and feet.

Henna powder manufacturers


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